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Year In Review 2022

Year in Review 2022: Leveling up UX & productivity, one update at a time! 

It’s 2023, and Salesmate team is so excited! 

But before that, we should pause, look back, and evaluate what we did last year. 

For most of 2022, Salesmate improvements revolved around making user experiences better and taking your everyday productivity to the next level. 

Let’s take a quick recap of our product improvement journey in 2022. 

5 exciting new additions to Salesmate 

We had four powerful features in 2022, and all largely contributed to improving your everyday efficiency. 

1. Chat Journeys: One feature that serves 3 teams! 

What are Chat Journey?

Earlier last year, we came up with Chat Journeys, which is literally working as a 24 x 7 communication and lead-generation tool for our customers. 

Chat Journey is a smart chatbot that communicates with web visitors or customers when your agents are not around. 

It is a robust feature leveraged by marketing, sales, and customer service teams

Marketing teams can capture leads, qualify them, and assign them to reps, all using automation. 

Sales teams can book meetings, show sales collaterals on specific pages, and get more demos using automation.  

Meanwhile, CX teams can conduct surveys, take feedback, show outbound messages, and so much more! 

Explore Chat Journeys 

2. Drag & Drop Email Builder to create templates in minutes! 

Salesmate Email Builder

To capture your audience’s attention with powerful emails, here is the biggest update of the year – Drag & Drop Email Builder

You don’t need any coding skills to design visually appealing email templates

Plus, you can customize everything as per your brand requirements. 

3. Introducing Text Pilot 

Create New Text Pilot

Text Pilot, a new feature launched in 2022 Q2, is to help our customers power up their text messaging campaigns. 

Text Pilot intelligently distributes your bulk texts across the pool of phone numbers you own. This feature helps you: 

  • Appear local to your audience 
  • Stay consistent and build trust 
  • Achieve higher deliverability 

Learn more about Text Pilot 

4. Introducing Formula Fields in Salesmate 

We introduced Formula Fields in May last year. It’s basically a high-level upgrade to the Custom Fields that you are probably using already. 

The goal was to automate your everyday calculations like sales commission or partner share for a deal. 

Basically, you type in a formula, and Salesmate automatically calculates the required value for Contacts, Companies, Deals, and Activities. 

Learn more about Formula Fields 

5. Salesmate Chat SDKs

Now you can communicate and answer your customers’ queries from anywhere you are using Salesmate Chat Android and iOS SDKs.

The installation and configuration process is super simple. Just follow the steps from our support guide.

Learn more about Chat SDKs

Crucial updates that uplifted the UI/UX 

A big part of our 2022 plan was to improve the UI/UX for you. Let’s take a recap of what we did in this direction. 

A better feel to Deal board and card UI 

You must’ve noticed a few changes in how you look at deals daily. Now you can…  

  • See no. of qualified deals in a stage.
  • Add a deal to a specific stage.
  • Quick Activity status on the deal card.
  • And longer pipelines are much easy to access with a mouse.

Web Forms that blend in with your brand 

Webform CSS update

In September, we introduced custom CSS to Web Forms. This update impacts not only our customers but your customers too. 

We wanted to make sure our Web Forms become a part of your website and blend in like they’re your own. And with custom CSS, it’s absolutely possible to turn Web Forms as per your brand guidelines.

Learn more about Custom CSS 

Other notable UI/UX updates 

  • Pop-out your email composing box and roam around different screens freely! 
  • For a better experience, we moved “Insert Template” and “Meeting Scheduling” to the top of the Email Compose Box. 
  • You can copy & paste Automation Journey nodes for quick implementation. 

Making conversational productivity better! 

Salesmate Score On Profile

Many of our minor (but important) updates revolved around how you interact with customers or vice versa. Take a look at some updates on this path. 

  • The lead score is now visible on the Contact Profile picture. So you can spend time with the most relevant prospects. It’s an update to our existing feature, Salesmate Score
  • After the success of the native Power Dialer, we also extended this feature to our RingCentral or Dialpad user. We have heavily improved our integrations for both of these platforms.  
  • You can test your Microphone or headset before making calls inside Dialer Popup. 
  • Now you can send text messages to any number you want, even if the number is not linked to any contact in your Salesmate. 
  • Inbox and Team Inbox refresh automatically for new emails. 

Quick improvements on the Activity module 

  • When you schedule new activities, you can see a calendar view on the right side. This calendar view will not show completed activities now, so you’ll get a cleaner view while creating new ones.
  • Now you can customize your welcome greeting in Meeting Scheduler. Anybody visiting your meeting page can see the personalized message. 
  • Added two widgets, My Agenda and My Activities, to the Mobile CRM dashboard. 

“We don’t want data.” – Said no business ever! 

Chart-based Reports with Filters in Mobile

Data is important to you. And how you visualize your data is important to us. That’s one of our biggest goals, actually. 

Here’s a highlight of what we achieved in this direction: 

  • Your data analysis on mobile apps is much easier now! You get a landscape view of reports with various filters for an excellent analysis on the go! 
  • You can create reports using cross-relationships with Google Data Studio. Our GDS reports now support lookup fields. 
  • Now you can use JavaScript API functions for Meeting Scheduler to track submissions on your favorite analytics tools. 
  • Filter contacts within reports based on Lists. 

Moving upwards with Security 

With the growing amount of sensitive data, you’d want your CRM to be bullet-proof regarding security.  

See what’s new with Security this year! 

Access History
  • Keep a check on all the active devices and access all the history.
  • Access the history of all the devices through which Salesmate accounts logged in the last 60 days. 
  • Admins can have much control as they can disconnect any unknown, old or suspicious user accounts. 
  • Invisible reCAPTCHA in Web Forms to detect bot-like activities. 
  • As an Admin, you have much more control over which user can delete logs or call recordings now! 
  • We must’ve asked you to re-authorize your Microsoft Account because Microsoft upgraded their API. 

Q1 2023: What’s coming up? 

2023-Q1 will largely revolve around simplifying Sequences and Reports. However, we like to back our product development efforts with customer feedback.  

If you want Salesmate to improve or add any feature, you can make suggestions in our community. 

Visit Salesmate Community 

Happy 2023 to you all 🎉 

Kashyap Trivedi

Kashyap Trivedi is working with an awesome marketing team at Salesmate CRM. He is deeply interested in learning digital marketing trends and try them out! When he’s not working, you’ll find him reading a good book or meditating.

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