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Introducing Chat Journeys A master tool that helps sales, marketing, and support teams

Chat Journeys: Automate Chat for sales, marketing, and support teams! 

Salesmate’s Chat Journeys can help sales, marketing, and customer service teams drive communications and collect customer information, all using automation

That means your lead generation is always in motion. You can provide 24X7 customer support. You can generate high-quality leads and close more deals effortlessly. 

Your engine is always working even when you’re sleeping! 

So, what are Chat Journeys exactly? 

What are Chat Journey?

A Chat Journey is essentially a chatbot that helps you establish a step-by-step conversation with website visitors or customers when your support team is not present.  

But that’s just one application of chatbots (and the most popular one). 

Chat Journeys have a lot of potential and so many use cases for all three teams. 

How Chat Journeys help your marketing, sales, and customer service teams? 

Let’s understand how Chat Journeys can help your business in various use cases.  

Lead capturing and qualification 

Chat Journeys Lead capturing and qualification

Create a simple lead capturing and qualification mechanism using question-based conversation.  

You can start the lead generation process the very moment a visitor lands on your website.  

You can create a simple journey to ask for basic information that’ll be useful for the sales team later. 

Besides basic contact details like email address, phone numbers, company name, you can ask for the following information and qualify your leads

  • Company size 
  • Location 
  • Industry 
  • Website 

And much more. 

For sales teams, this additional data can be a goldmine. 

Lead Assignment 

Naturally, you don’t want to assign leads manually as the whole thing is automated. 

With Chat Journeys, you can assign leads to the right sales rep.  

Here is a scenario. Someone visits your pricing page, and the visitor is already present in your contacts. That’s a hot lead for you! 

You can show a targeted message on screen and assign the lead to the right sales rep. 

Salesmate’s Live Chat data also shows you the recent pages visited by that particular prospect. The sales rep can quickly look at this data and choose the right sales approach. 

Book more demos and meetings automatically 

Chat Journeys can help sales teams design automation that works 24X7. 

You can create a separate journey for your pricing page (or any specific page) and ask your prospects to book demos by sharing your calendar link.  

You can even set up a journey that guides your prospects in choosing the right pricing plan through a series of carefully crafted questions. 

That means salespeople can save tons of hours and can still successfully help their future customers pick the right plan! 

Drive targeted marketing campaigns 

Chat Journeys allow you to choose specific pages considering UTM sources and mediums. That means you can show personalized offers and discounts for visitors landing from partner platforms or affiliates. 

A highly personalized offer for a specific audience is possible now! 

You can also perform an A/B test in Chat Journeys to see which marketing message is performing well for you! 

Every Chat Journey comes with useful insights so you’re always backed by realistic data (more on that later). 

Build a more substantial subscriber base 

Not every reader on your blog is your subscriber. But they should! 

Here’s a simple Chat Journey that can directly improve your subscriber base. 

Ask your readers if they enjoy reading the blog? If yes, invite them to subscribe to your weekly newsletter by asking for their email address.  

Always be there for your customers 

Chat Journeys Customer Support

There’s no such thing as enough customer support. 

You always have to be there for your customers, but naturally, you can’t. 

And that’s what Chat Journeys is going to solve for you. The Chatbot can take over when your support team is offline.  

You can provide a bunch of options and learn about customer queries. Every option can take customers to a specific message providing a solution or a resource.  

If the customer is still not satisfied, you can offer to book a 1:1 session using a calendar link. 

Moreover, these conversations will reflect in your Live Chat Messenger, so the right agent can push the conversation forward if required. 

The bottom line is, you always have to be there for your customers, and now you can! 

Take surveys and feedback  

A simple question like “How much do you like our services?” can change the way your customers see you. 

You can make the whole feedback process easier. 

Simply create a question and your customers show their level of satisfaction with emojis

That’s an NPS survey for you!

In fact, you can create beautiful banners in Chat Journeys and ask for customer feedback. It would look something like this:

Create Banners in Chat Journys

You can customize the text, banner color, and emojis in this option. These banners are extremely useful in sharing marketing messages, displaying important updates, or showing offers & discounts.

Surveys and feedback are not just for the customer success teams. They can be a powerful tool for marketing teams as well. 

You can simply take general polls on your blog and understand market psychology.  

A quick question like “Which tool do you use to book meetings?” with 3-4 options can do the job. Data collected from such polls can be a useful resource for your marketing materials. 

Track performance of your Chat Journeys 

You can get insights on every touchpoint of the entire journey. 

Chat Journeys provide insights that’ll help you gain a deeper look into your customer psychology. These insights will also help you improve your journeys. 

You can clearly see how many people started the journey and how many finished. If people initiated the journeys, but very few completed them, that means you can shorten the overall length. 

Every Chat Journey also provides a live view where you can see statistics for every step. The live view helps you in identifying where customers are finding it hard to answer, or at what stage most of them are dropping. 

How to implement and create Chat Journeys? 

Chat Journeys is a part of Salesmate Messenger. You can simply install the code on your website and activate Messenger and Chat Journeys. You can learn more about the process from our support article here

Once you’re through, creating a Chat Journey is super easy. 

You’ll get a drag and drop journey builder with various Actions. You can simply create a combination of actions and create a journey of your choice. 

Want to learn more about how Chat Journeys work? Check out our support document on how to get started

Kashyap Trivedi

Kashyap Trivedi is working with an awesome marketing team at Salesmate CRM. He is deeply interested in learning digital marketing trends and try them out! When he’s not working, you’ll find him reading a good book or meditating.

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