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Top tools for assisting your best medical sales reps

The life of medical sales reps is like any other sales representative. You push yourself for achieving your quarterly medical sales goals.

Gadgets have been replacing our daily lives on all frontiers and so has been the case for reps who now cannot live without gadgets and tools.

Users open their social media apps on their Android and Apple smartphones alike.

Every one of us is dependent on technologically advanced tools for smoothening of daily life be it at the office or home.

And we know that really takes a toll on you both physically and mentally.

The weather, the traffic, the people, and the start of your day all of them contribute towards your daily routine.

As you tread through the city and the competition for achieving your sales quota.

But being in this field, you know that it is not an easy task and you will need to pull yourself together every day and give your 100 percent if you want to walk up the ladder and be successful.

The 2019 Medical Sales Salary Report by MedReps reveals that sales reps traveling around 50 percent of their working hours accrue $186,021 compensation annually.

Yes, to be part of the medical sales reps category is not an easy task and it asks a lot from you physically and mentally.

Challenging work reaps the most benefit for any individual.

Be dedicated in creating long-lasting relationships with your clients, bringing more income for your employer.

In this article we have enlisted tools for medical sales reps so that they can work more efficiently.

We hope that you will benefit a lot from these medical sales reps tools:



Time management is a major issue for sales reps.

So why it wouldn’t be an issue for medical device sales reps who have to cover a lot of distance for meeting customers and prospects.

With Mapview, a sales route planner that helps in planning the rep’s daily sales trips and staying productive without tiring yourself becomes really easy.

Mapping your appointments and drop-ins on a map with the best route plan helps in efficiently utilizing your daily task and lowering the cost of your expenses.

Apart from assisting medical sales reps perfect their route planning and sales call process, Mapview allows them to use various other features for a successful day.

Mapview, is a tool that helps medical device sales reps manage their territories for as low as $7.99/month.

You can download Mapview for your iOS enabled device from here.



Beaconstac offers a very simple and effective QR Code generator, where medical sales reps can create a custom QR Code and use it during their marketing journey.

For a medical sales rep, QR Codes can work as an effective substitute for a business card. vCard QR Codes, the digital version of a business card can work as a multi-functional tool. When the customer scans the QR Code, the contact information is saved automatically on their device. 

With vCards, it allows clients to contact the medical sales rep easier. The QR Code can also display the email address, name, display picture, or social handles of the sales rep. These QR Codes are dynamic in nature, which means the rep can update any information without discarding the business card.

With Beaconstac’s vCards, it is easier to scan, contact, and store information. This prompts more action compared to the printed version of the business card.

For smarter business cards and more, you can leverage Beaconstac’s QR Code solution for as low as $5/month

3.Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere allows users to dictate and edit documents by voice on iOS or Android mobile devices quickly and accurately.

This tool comes in handy for medical device sales people stay productive on-the-go.

Share your dictation with your other devices or colleagues once you’re ready.

Simply use your voice for emailing the document or saving it over the cloud.

The tool allows medical product sales reps to import existing documents for further editing on their mobile device, fulfilling their various documentation demands.

Dragon Anywhere is available on Android and iOS devices.



Expensify is a smart expense automation tool with which medical sales reps can automate the dull task of expense reporting and shorten the steps toward timely reimbursements.

With expense reporting, submitting, approval, and reimbursement, Expensify becomes useful to both reps and employers.

Expensify is available on iOS and Android devices.

You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.” – Zig Ziglar



EZOfficeInventory is a leading asset tracking tool that allows effective asset management.

As a medical device sales rep, this tool allows seamless cloud tracking of your assets.

With intuitive features like label designer, QR Code / Barcode you will never lose track of your medical equipment while working on-field.

Expensify is available on iOS and Android devices.



Salesmate, an intelligent business CRM tool that helps medical sales reps manage their sales funnels efficiently.

Salesmate helps in faster deal closure with its easy to use interface and automated workflows which enables medical sales reps to focus on the right deals at the right time.

Never miss a beat and start closing more deals.


  • Contact history
  • Simple data import and export
  • G-Suite (Google Apps) integration
  • Full customization
  • Goal setting and reporting

Salesmate is available on iOS & Android devices.



GoToMeeting, an extremely simple yet extraordinarily powerful web conferencing service allows medical sales reps to integrate Hi-Def video conferencing, screen sharing and audio conferencing.

It enables you in creating a natural face-to-face collaboration environment so that when you are feeling the blues you can still stay professional and do your duties of attending meetings.

With this tool, you can easily organize and attend online meetings, video-conference calls, online training’s, or presentations by enabling coworkers, customers and prospects to view any application running on your PC.

Download for your iOS and Android device.

Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them. – Steve Jobs



Hootsuite is the most widely used social media management platform.

With over 16+ million customers, Hootsuite allows medical sales reps in building human connections on a large scale.

Designed for organizations to execute social media strategies across multiple social media networks.

Sales team can collaborate within a secure environment across all devices and departments to manage social media profiles, connect with customers, and generate revenue.

Hootsuite is available on iOS and Android device.


We hope that this list of tools for medical sales representative comes in handy when your team is out in the market.

Hustling through the daily working process and from now will be able to double your productivity.

In case you are wondering how a smart sales intelligence software can come in handy for managing your entire sales process then you can get in touch with us.


A writer with an uncommon funny bone and a knack for perfection, Saptarshi loves to write about anything that can be of help to businesses, people, and dogs! A true human at heart, he likes to spend most of his time researching the internet to find ways technology is influencing our daily life (positively).

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