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7 best apps that can help your startup improve sales

With fierce competition around, survival can be tough if your sales graph is declining. Just hiring a few sales reps wouldn’t help. You need to arm them with the latest technologies for helping them manage their sales and various activities related to it effectively.

You need to do all that it takes to improve the sales performance of your team if you want to increase your startup revenue.

You’ve sown the startup seed now you need to put in more effort to see it grow. Speak to your sales team, find out where they are facing problems and which sales apps they will need to increase their sales. To help you and your sales team I have compiled a list of the best sales apps used by sales professionals from varied industries. 

Best sales apps to achieve success 

Converting a deal into sales isn’t an easy task. There are a lot of activities that need to be performed for closing a deal successfully. Without the right apps, sales reps waste a lot of time which affects their sales performance.

Here are the few best sales apps of 2020 that can help your sales reps in their journey to close the deals. 

1. Salesmate – Sales CRM

In sales, everything from the contact information of the prospect to the deals should be managed effectively for increasing the conversion rate. Salesmate is an advanced CRM for startups that helps your sales reps in gaining full control over various aspects of their sales. 

Salesmate CRM, with its pipeline view, provides clear visibility into various stages of the sales process. Sales reps can see where the prospects are in the buying process and accordingly take the necessary step. 

It is easy to use and has a clear dashboard. With its workflow automation, sales reps can save a lot of time and through its insightful report, they can find out where they are investing their precious hours. Besides, sales reps can put their follow-up on autopilot to increase their chances of getting a response from their potential prospect. 

Sales reps can even integrate Salesmate CRM with most of the apps they are already using. It is one of the best sales apps that help in improving efficiency and productivity. 

2. Zoom – Video Conferencing

Communicating with prospects from different cities and countries becomes easier with a high-end sales app like Zoom. Sales reps can effortlessly have virtual meetings with their prospect regardless of their location to understand their requirements and explain the product benefits. 

Besides, if you have a team that’s frequently traveling for meetings and trade fairs in different cities then you can use this sales app for communicating with them. If you have sales reps working remotely then you can even provide training using this collaborative sales app. 

Zoom provides easy collaboration and participant control as well as works seamlessly across all the operating systems like PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Zoom also gives the flexibility to record the videos, so that you and your sales reps can easily replay and view the videos when required. 

3. Basecamp –  Project Management

As a startup, you and your sales reps cannot afford to miss any opportunity. Basecamp makes it easier to manage projects and meet deadlines. With this user-friendly sales app, you can effortlessly assign tasks, keep a tab on your sales team, and track the progress right to the end. 

Basecamp provides status updates of the tasks assigned and even notifies when the task is overdue. You and your team can discuss any project by sending and receiving messages in a single thread. 

Basecamp also has a mobile app, so you get a complete overview of your project wherever you are. Basecamp can handle large files, so your team can easily share images, PDFs, or any documents for the project they are working on. 

The calendar of this advanced sales app is quite comprehensive; one can see projects, events, and deadlines in a single view. Basecamp even integrates with various third-party tools for backup and synchronization. 

4. Calendly – Appointment scheduler

If the sales appointments are not organized in one place, then there are chances your sales reps might miss a few appointments. This might create a very bad impression on potential prospects. So, encourage your sales teams to schedule and manage their appointment inside Calendly.  

Calendly simplifies the task of scheduling appointments. Your sales reps can easily select their preferred time slots and share the calendly link with their prospects. 

The prospects can click on the time that works best for them, and an event is added to the calendar. To avoid no-show, Calendly allows you to send reminders automatically to the prospects days, hours, or minutes before the event starts. 

Calendly even allows you to embed a link on your website so that the potential buyers can choose a convenient time directly from your website for meeting your sales reps. 

5. Piktochart – Designing and Infographic Solution 

Sales presentation plays a vital role in conversion. It can help in capturing the interest of the prospect. So, your sales reps should ensure their presentations are impactful. To create an impressive presentation, they can take the help of Piktochart

Using this cutting-edge technology, your sales reps can make each slide of the presentation compelling. They can edit images and create charts as well as infographics for adding to their sales presentations. 

Pictochart also provides templates to make the work of your sales reps easier. In Piktochart all projects can be stored for future reference and editing. The project can even be exported in different formats including PNG, PDF, and JPEG. 

6. Bidsketch – proposal software

Creating proposals is a tedious task for most of the sales reps. Ease the work of your sales team by acquainting them to a high-end technology like Bidsketch. This advanced sales app helps in creating attractive proposals in minutes. 

It offers a wide array of templates that are well designed and easy to customize. Your sales reps can even track their proposals and follow-up on their prospects using this helpful app. 

7. DocuSign – e-signature 

The signing of the contract or proposal is a very important part of sales. Sadly it is often delayed due to lengthy procedures. Avoid this unnecessary delay and speed up the process of getting a signature with a smart app like DocuSign. It is one of the best sales apps for getting e-signature. 

With DocuSign, your sales reps can send any kind of document to the prospects and get it signed quickly. However, the corresponding mobile apps must be downloaded so that the prospects can easily sign the deals from anywhere and send it to you to proceed with the closure. 

Wrapping Up

These sales apps can be very beneficial for your sales team. They can stay organized and get their work done faster. It helps them in different phases of their sales journey to increase their conversion rate.

Sales reps can easily streamline their sales process, create attractive proposals, schedule meetings, and do a lot more with these intuitive technologies. Even you can track your sales reps’ performances and give them proper feedback to work on improvement areas. So, coordinate with your sales reps, analyze their needs, and determine the tools they will need to manage their sales effectively. 


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