Top Sales Coaches in San Antonio Texas

Top sales coaches & trainers in San Antonio, Texas

Sruti Raizada

After the immense success of our previous list of top sales coaches in Charlotte, we are back with more information on sales training and sales coaches.

This time we will be covering sales coaches in San Antonio, TX.

1. Kirby Kaden

Principal, Kaden Solutions

Kirby Kaden has decades of experience as a turnaround specialist. He has been working with small to medium-sized businesses with three focus areas:

  • Sales,
  • Marketing and
  • Team Development.

Kirby has worked with business owners and executives in 32 different industries implementing systematic and measured accountability initiatives for consistently remarkable revenue growth.

He is also a consultant who brings non-linear and unexpected revenue opportunities, driving brand differentiation to leverage share.

Kirby Kaden’s consultancy provides an environment of accountability, disciplined decision-making, and innovative ways of thinking.

His organization Kaden Solutions is focused on delivering excellent results to all its stakeholders while continuing to re-engineer operations in a dynamic business environment.

Innovative and customized solutions that profoundly improve the trajectory of businesses.

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2. Becky Spieth

Founding Member John Maxwell Team

Becky specializes in her industry as an

  • Engaging Keynote Speaker,
  • Powerful Executive Coach,
  • Interactive Corporate Leadership Trainer

She has been helping leaders reach and surpass their organizational goals.

She speaks about leadership, confidence, overcoming objections and improving communication.

She understands the business owners’ goals and then creates a vision of where they want their product and services to be.

She lets you break down the vision into a success plan with a higher degree of accountability.

This shared success formula has been proven in the real world, and with the same method she has helped various business successfully build and run their multi-million-dollar organizations and teams.

The feather of success in her cap:

  • Consistently ranked 200%+ over the company’s top leadership level in Sponsoring, Sales and Promoting Team Leaders
  • Certified Business Coach with Worldwide Association of Business Coaches
  • Member of Forbes Coaches Council
  • Member of Direct Selling Association (DSA)
  • Featured writer for Party Plan Magazine
  • Featured writer for The Network Marketing Magazine
  • Founding Member of the John Maxwell Team
  • Member of the President’s Advisory Council (John Maxwell Team)

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3. Stephanie Scheller

CEO | Head Trainer | Head Coach Scheller Enterprises

An author, a coach and a CEO of a business training company. After graduating college, Stephanie worked on close to 400 marketing campaigns.

This gave her experience on what worked and what didn’t work in the market.

She launched her own sales training company in 2014, and the success of the same helped her realize how much she wanted to help the sales reps and business owners.

Having worked with 600+ companies in the past six years, Stephanie has helped generate around millions of dollars in sales for her clients.

That is the reason behind her method of making a local phenomenon become a global brand.

Stephanie motivates and inspires her clients to touch the ultimate success of the business world!

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5. Marlene Stokes

30 years of experience in Sales, Coaching and Training, Marlene Stokes & Associates Training Group

Stokes and Associates help businesses grow emotionally and mentally too.

Her team comprises of highly life trainers with awesome sales skills.

She has evolved herself as a Strategic Intervention coach.

She specializes in developing step by step roadmap to help sales representatives accomplish their goal.

Stokes and Associates have a team of professionals who are dedicated to making people’s lives better.

She has been teaching business obtain and remove obstacles from her part.

Her style of motivating others is Reformation of Mind, Heart, and Soul.

From relationship coach to Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer, Marlene is reputed as world’s most sought-after Life Coach and founder of Stokes and Associates.

With an experience of more than 30 years; she confidently offers life and sales training across San Antonio.

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6. Jose Rosario Garcia

President, Dale Carnegie Training of San Antonio

Jose Rosario Garcia is the President of Dale Carnegie of San Antonio.

He has dedicated over 20 years of his professional life to the performance improvement field.

Jose has served Dale Carnegie as a

  • Trainer,
  • Performance Consultant,
  • Sales Manager and
  • Director of Training.

Before joining Dale Carnegie Training full-time in 1996, he worked with Chrysler in management as an engineer in an automotive manufacturing plant.

He is a certified Master Trainer for

  • 300+ Core Competencies,
  • the Dale Carnegie Course, and
  • the Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage.

Organizations where Jose has provided training and coaching.

  • Leadership and Management programs for UTSA,
  • GE Healthcare,
  • Johnson & Johnson,
  • Eaton Hydraulics Group,
  • Johnson Controls,
  • Delphi Automotive,
  • Robert Bosch,
  • Cummins,
  • 3M,
  • Koch and many more.

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We hope the knowledge imparted by these sales coaches will come in handy for you.

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As a small business owner, you are taking care of various sales activities.

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  • Sending out text messages
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  • Running around to get appointment with prospects

These are some of the sales tasks that as business you must complete.

Your sales funnel, the deals and prospects in your sales pipeline require contant care.

Following-up is another task that your sales professionals must carry out to stay in constant touch with their prospects and customers.

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