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Top sales training & sales coaches in Charlotte, NC, USA

In this article today, we will are sharing a list of best sales coaches in the Charlotte, NC region. These companies and top sales coaches can help enhance sales rep perfromance, which eventually will improve sales.

So, let’s see how these industry leaders are carrying out their sales coaching programs for enhancing the sales rep performance.

In your “sales experience”, what are the major factors that decide the success of your sales process.

Is it the sales skills? Is it the successof your sales force?

Is it the sales action plan?

Let’s learn from the best, shall we!

1. Bill Whitley

Client Attraction Expert and Owner of The Bill Whitley Company

Bill Whitley is a well-recognized speaker. Being an author and researcher Bill assists the financial professionals in:

  • attracting more clients,
  • successful sales closures and
  • strengthening the client relationships.

Bill has been helping his clients with his own experience where he achieved and maintained an 80% presentation-to-close ratio.

Bill’s Specialties:
  • Author of “Eight Secrets of the Top Performing Agents”
  • Author of “Art of the Rainmaker”
  • Coaching
  • Sales Expert and sales management training for Insurance agents and Financial advisors
  • Motivational speaker
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Online training and webinars

All-in-all, a true sales coach and trainer.

Business Website


2. Jim Dunn

Owner, Sandler Training/Dunn Enterprises

Jim provides sales training through Sandler. He interacts with the crowd through the weekly reinforcement classes.

Teaching the concepts of sales with conviction and clarity, Jim focuses more on how the entire system works and helps the people understand the nuances of executing the hidden features in the system.

A genuine human being, as mentioned by all those who have attended his sessions, Jim has high moral integrity and holds excellent character, and his sales methods work!

A highly recommended sales coach, Jim has always been the guy who has made things work, for himself and whoever has interacted with him.

Business Website

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3. Sheri Otto

Marketing coach and business advisor for today’s service-based professionals, coaches, and consultants seeking to expand their brand online.

  • Named a top 25 brand marketing agency by
  • Results-based marketing approach for attracting high quality clients.
  • Infuses goal-setting, precise positioning, simple processes, and accountability
  • 100% goal achievement rate for her group coaching program.

Sheri is the founder of the Solopreneur Marketing Society, a membership community with easy-to-implement marketing blueprints

Beyond her Master’s degree in Internet marketing or her Google Adwords certification, Sheri believes that meaningful connections are the most impactful force behind building successful brands.

When she’s not working, you can find her at the zoo, library or the park with her two pre-school aged children.

Or even watching the latest survivor reality show with her husband.

Business website



4. Phil McCroryeorge Marshall

Founder and President of McCrory & Company, a Sales Performance International Gold Certified Partner

Phil has been in this business for quite long, helping many companies to make a successful sale.

Helping their clients manage sales and account with Solution Selling by improving the sales effectiveness.

Phil helps companies focus on the product they sell and guides them through while solving the problems their customers might face.

Phil and his team have promoted many businesses in developing more accurate forecasts and incur great revenues.

With a stellar record of 11% improvement in seller quota attainment and an 8% increase in the average size of contracts closed, Phil has been able to correct the courses of many organizations and continue to do so.

Business Website

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5. Brian McNeill

Sales Coach, Sales Expert, Author

Brian helps people and businesses sell their services to the market in a better, faster and much profitable manner.

He helps them understand their real potential and motivates them in learning the methods which are apt, quick and give a better ROI.

Through ’’Very Personal Sales’’ Coaching curriculum, his workshops, books, online programs, webinars, and talks, Brian helps people understand the various gradations of sales.

Brian has thousands of success stories and around 200 written testimonials of the effectiveness of his methods.

He has been able to help businesses sell their services better than they have ever done it before!

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6. Richard Marcus

Certified Sales Coach Vue Coaching & Sales Training, LLC

At Vue Coaching & Sales Training, Richard truly believes that having an enthusiastic partner helps in improving the sales & business results of any organization.

With his experience in sales, management, marketing, training, coaching Richard has developed a robust Sales Training & Coaching model.

He also has masterfully blended his professional training as an educator to enable his clients to reach their full sales potential.

His mantra, Client “performance improvement.” The client’s needs drive all his coaching sessions.

Richard believes that by utilizing innovative methods achieving the desired results becomes easy.

Richard has a track record of success in

  • new Business Development,
  • account Management,
  • sales Management and
  • marketing Management in “B to B” Sales.

“Putting Your Possibilities In Action” that’s the motto of his company and they have been doing the same for the past 30 years.

Business Website

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7. Hollie Bryant

Owner and Consultant at Bryant Consultants

A former Editor-in-Chief of Contemporary Dental Assistant Magazine.

Hollie Bryant is also a passionate speaker, writer, coach, and off-site team member for many practices across the United States.

Over a decade and a half of neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry experience has allowed her to provide a modernized spin to consulting services.

Her association in the success stories of various dental practices has added to her credibility for dental practice management consulting.

Hollie Bryant is an esteemed member of the

  • American Academy of Dental Office Managers,
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry,
  • Academy of Dental Management Consultants,
  • Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics, and
  • American Dental Assistants Association.

She is on the editorial board of

  • Dental Assisting Digest
  • Inside Dental Assisting, and
  • Contemporary Product Solutions.

Hollie is a consultant for dental manufacturers and has authored numerous manuscripts on clinical assisting and practice management topics.

She also has served on the Advisory Board for Dental Compare.

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8. Susan Spader

President/CEO Dale Carnegie Training

Susan has been spending a lot of her time helping clients identify their business and sales goals.

She has guided many of them and has assisted them to increase their business and personal success.

For helping the individual participants and the businesses, she elatedly explores the hopes, dream, philosophies, and challenges of her corporate partners as well as the participants.

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9. David Dowdy

Business Coach at ActionCOACH Business Coaching

David Dowdy is a

  • Business Coach,
  • Consultant,
  • Mentor,
  • Advisor, and
  • Accountability Partner.

These names vary with the clients’ fields and their ultimate needs.

The mutual denominators are the client’s knowledge of their business, the success, and their vision.

David utilizes proven strategies and principles of ActionCOACH and helps the business owners taste the fruits of their struggle and belief in him.

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10. Emily Huling

President at Selling Strategies, Inc.

She has been working with the insurance industry for over 20 years creating top-performing sales, service, and leadership organizations through consulting, coaching, speaking, and interactive workshops.

She authored four books including:
  • Kick Your “But,” Selling from the Inside,
  • Selling in a Hard Market and
  • Great Service Sells.

Her business development tools include more than a dozen audio programs including the Turning Producers into Superstars, Two Hours to a Winning Sales Plan and Be a Better Boss.

Her Specialties:

Offering insurance industry expertise to

  • companies,
  • agents, and
  • MGAs.
She also specializes in:
  • organizational change,
  • strategic planning and implementation,
  • sales development,
  • improving the client experience,
  • leadership and management development,
  • and coaching.

She relentlessly works for improving her clients’ experience, grow a top-line revenue firm, helping them incur the bottom-line profit.

Business Website

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11. Edward Tillman

Founder of The Sales Rhino

Edward till man helps business understand their businesses sales strategy needs and applies them to the modern sense of business marketing.

He supports the clients on how to deal with

  • increased competition,
  • industry regulations,
  • low employee engagement, and
  • reduced commission rates.

Moreover, he does that with the help of the company he founded, The Sales Rhino.

Edward has more than 30 years of experience in the insurance and financial industry. His area of specialization is:

  • business development,
  • management,
  • operations,
  • direct sales and
  • agency ownership.

The Sales Rhino team provides clients with the necessary tools and directs clients towards growing and sustaining their business.

Business Website

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12. Jurgen Heyman

CEO at Sales Performance International

Helping customers build and grow their business has been the sole purpose of Jurgen’s career.

He always strives on finding find new clients and help them have a sustainable growth plan by defining their approach towards:

  • channels (direct or indirect channels),
  • local sales teams,
  • pre-sales functions, and
  • a solution selling approach.
Jurgen Specializes in:
  • general management,
  • strategy development,
  • mergers & acquisitions,
  • sales management,
  • business development,
  • alliances management,
  • new market development,
  • building teams,
  • outsourcing contracts.

Business Website

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13. Harvey Smith

CEO at Institute Success™

Harvey Smith is a Business Coach with an exceptional business track record.

In his journey spanning 15 years with Carolina Business Coach, he has worked with over 2,000 executives, entrepreneurs, and organizations.

Harvey has an exceptional 23 years’ experience in corporate America which he has always brought to the coaching table.

With his vast business expertise, and innate sense of people he has been in various stories that have ended up being huge successes.

Business Website

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14. James Pagano

Strategic Business Coach ’’ Sales Performance Coach ’’ DISC Behavioral Consultant

A Growth Coach with an impressive 25+ years’ experience that includes fields such as

Harvey has an exceptional 23 years’ experience in corporate America which he has always brought to the coaching table.

With his vast business expertise, and innate sense of people he has been in various stories that have ended up being huge successes.

  • sales,
  • marketing,
  • business development,
  • strategic planning and
  • team leadership.

While sales coaching clients, James shares his belief with all the attendees and associates; there is always something more to discover, learn and achieve.

James specializes in performance coaching for

  • successful small business owners,
  • entrepreneurs, and
  • sales professionals.

Business Website

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15. Jeffrey Gitomer

King of Sales and International Sales Trainer and Keynote Speaker, Buy Gitomer

Jeffrey believes and preaches that the older ways of making sales is history.

As per Jeffrey, the new sale scenario

  • combines social, smartphone, and face-to-face.
  • combines the voice of your customer with yours.
  • leads with value messages, not brochures.
  • creates attraction and engagement.
  • earns the sale, the relationship, and the referral.

In the past 25-years, Jeffrey has penned 13 best-selling books and 2,500 corporate events.

He has been involved in the success stories of the Fortune 500 companies.

He also helped those who have chartered into the territory of business to make a fortune of their own.

LinkedIn Profile

16. Tony Shannon

Growth Strategist at RIseFuel-Igniting Sales and Revenue Growth

Tony Shannon helps companies in various industries:

  • Dental,
  • Manufacturing,
  • B2B, and
  • Technology

He supports the companies in these industries boost their revenue and sales ROI with his services such as:

  • marketing automation
  • inbound marketing,
  • sales enablement services and
  • consulting

Being successful is every organization’s dream, understanding this DNA of today’s market Tony helps companies build robust marketing strategies that assist them in reaching out to the target consumer base.

Over the past 15 years, Tony has managed to cook up the best ways of automating the marketing and sales departments.

Since the rise of digital marketing, he has built quality websites that have generated immense traffic and helped companies develop and close the leads successfully.

Business Website

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17. George Marshall Johnson

As a sales professional, G Marshall Johnson uses his unique experiences in redefining the role of selling in this modern economy.

The techniques that he uses are rarely taught anywhere.

More importantly, the upper stratum of sales professionals only shares these strategies and techniques.

George now uses the dynamics of the new world market to unleash positive dynamics with individuals and organizations.

With his previous experiences and exposures of the door to door selling in college and the New York Stock Exchange, G Marshall has developed highly effective methods that work.

Mr. Marshall takes his principles seriously. Based on his principles he perfects the strategies and builds the systems around them.

Business Website

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