Top sales training & coaches in Dallas, Texas

Sruti Raizada

Here is a list of best sales coaches in the Dallas, Texas. These companies and top sales coaches can help you to move from where you are to where you want to be.

1. Bob Howard

Founder and Owner at Sales Outsourcing Pros

Bob is a sales and marketing strategy and process innovator, specializing in turnaround management. He is also the founder of various other sales, operational improvement, and outsourcing companies such as

  • Sales OverDrive,
  • Sales Outsourcing Pros, and
  • OverDrive Services

All these companies have been working using the skills and methods assisted several hundred companies accelerate their profitability by:

  • boosting growth,
  • perfect the operations,
  • reduce costs and improve operations.

Business Website:-

LinkedIn Profile:-

2. Christiano Ferraro


Christiano Ferraro leverages his wisdom and experience across sales, marketing, and operations. He assists various young startups and entrepreneurs form their organizations’ vision.

Business Website:-

LinkedIn Profile:-

3. Leslie Hassler

Business Coach

Leslie is passionate about helping female business owners understand the tricks of the market and accomplish their dream of becoming a successful female entrepreneur. She helps them design their business to in such a way that it fully supports their own personality.

Business Website:-

LinkedIn Profile:-

4. Mary Anne (Wihbey) Davis

Owner, Peak Performance Solutions

Mary Anne Wihbey founded Peak Performance Solutions in 1994 work across the US helping companies achieve their sales and management goals. She is an internationally recognized sales and management consultant and trainer.

She has helped an international Blue-Chip list of clients achieve essential results with her dynamic leadership and expertise, continually on the list of ’’Top 100 Sales Experts to Follow on Twitter.’’

Business Website:-

LinkedIn Profile:-

5. Neil Phillips

Professional Sales Coach

Neil has spent 30 years in direct sales, developing complete leadership program specifically designed to build leaders in direct sales. An excellent direct seller himself, he has been training others to be the best one in their fields too.

Business Website:-

LinkedIn Profile:-

6. Scott Sherwin

President, SalesMastery Consultants

Scott is an authorized licensee of the Sandler Sales Institute and opened his own sales training business SalesMastery Consultants Inc. in 2004. Here he uses non-traditional selling approaches through on-going training and reinforcement offering sound and effective sales training to businesses that look for proper sales growth.

Business Website:-

LinkedIn Profile:-

7. Thomas R. Niesen

CEO Acuity and Sales Coach

Thomas Niesen spent 14 years in upper sales management and marketing positions. He founded Acuity Systems, Inc. in 1990. Here he understood how and why sales teams failed, unlocking the difference between effective and ’’just good’’ sales processes.

Tom blends his experiences with nationally proven training and evaluation tools. He teaches sales professionals how to sell a unique brand with his sales training and personal development.

Business Website:-

LinkedIn Profile:-

8. Tim Wackel

Sales trainer and Keynote speaker

A B2B sales trainer who trains sales team hone their critical selling skills of hunting down and closing more deals. Tim has helped sales teams from BMC, HP, Philips Medical, Toshiba, Red Hat, FastSigns, Lexmark and many more.

Business Website:-

LinkedIn Profile:-

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