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Mega integration updates for October 2017

For enhancing the overall work feasibility and productivity of our users, we have integrated with a few intuitive apps for the month of October.

  1. Woodpecker
  2. Invoice Ninja
  3. Facebook Leads Ads
  4. Harvest
  5. Formstack

Cold Email and Follow Up Automation with Woodpecker Integration

Woodpecker is an email platform that provides you a versatile solution for sending cold emails and follow up to your prospects. With intuitive automation, you can easily set up the sequence of the emails that you want to send to your prospects and just relax as Woodpecker will take it over from that point onwards.

Major Benefits

  • Automated personalized emails
  • Statistical report of the performance of all your prospect outreach emails
  • Allows synchronization with all the major email service providers

This affordable email service is now available with Salesmate using Zapier or PieSync. So you can relax as Woodpecker will take over after setting the sequence of the outreach emails and when your prospects sends a response you will be notified about the same so that you can decide whether to move the prospect through the sales cycle or not!

Woodpecker integation with Salesmate CRM

Requirements for cold email automation and follow ups:

  • Salesmate Account
  • Woodpecker Account
  • Zapier Account

To know more about how you can use it, check out the support doc.

Find out more:

Woodpecker Salesmate Integration

Add New Salesmate Contacts as Clients in Invoice Ninja For Easy Invoicing

Invoice Ninja is an online invoicing platform that allows you to create and send invoices in a matter of seconds. And these invoices are not the regular run-of-the-mill invoices, they carry your company logo as a brand to your clients, helping you look more professional.

Various other functionalities that Invoice Ninja offers:

  • Quick creation and sending of invoices and quotes
  • Adding logos in your invoices
  • Faster payments as it connects to over 400 payment processors

To streamline your tedious sales related tasks, you can now easily connect Invoice Ninja with Salesmate CRM and send professional looking invoices to your clients from any devices with web internet access. Your clients have the option of printing your invoices, downloading them as pdf files and paying you online.

Invoice Ninja Integration with Salesmate CRM

Requirements for easy invoicing:

  • Salesmate Account
  • Invoice Ninja Account
  • Zapier Account

To know more about how you can use it, check out the support doc.

Find out more:

Invoice Ninja Salesmate Integration

Capture Salesmate Contacts directly from Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads are an easy and effective way of generating leads from Facebook Ads. It allows the creation of ads that get displayed to your targeted audiences all over Facebook. Once they click your ad and submit the required information fields the data is stored inside Facebook (for 90 days).

How is Facebook Lead Ads a step ahead?

We found these two factors captivating:

  • No wait time spent on form downloads; the form opens inside Facebook adding to the user’s convenience
  • The form gets prefilled basic information of the users from their Facebook profiles.

Using Zapier, Salesmate now brings you this integration that allows you to grab these leads directly from Facebook lead ads and push it forward in your contact database.

facebook-leads salesmate crm integration

Requirements for capturing leads to Salesmate CRM:

  • Salesmate Account
  • Facebook Lead ads
  • Zapier Account

To know more about how you can use it, check out the support doc.

Harvest Online Time Tracking and Invoicing for Seamless Tracking

Harvest time tracking & invoicing is an online tracking tool that lets you seamlessly track the overall project time and generate invoices in a timely manner. By integrating this business application using Zapier, Salesmate allows you to synchronize all your contacts so that you can easily bill them for every closed deal.

Major Benefits

  • Track time spent on individual deals
  • Seamless synchronization of all your contacts for easy billing and time tracking

To know more about how you can use it, check out the support doc.

Harvest_Integration with Salesmate CRM

Requirements for online tracking and invoicing:

  • Salesmate Account
  • Harvest Account
  • Zapier Account

Find out more:

Harvest Salesmate Integration

Capture new deals directly from websites using Formstack Integration

Formstack is an online form building platform that helps businesses create and manage their forms and make them more scalable. This platform collects various customer information for you depending on the requirement of the sales process, such as:

  • Registrations for event
  • Lead Forms
  • Payment form
  • Online surveys

Using Zapier, Salesmate has integrated with Formstack for providing the ease of capturing leads from websites and seamlessly manage them within the Salesmate CRM.

Major Benefits

  • Building quick, actionable forms that let you add new prospects
  • Automation for synchronizing the new contacts inside Salesmate directly from the website

Formstack Integration with Salesmate CRM

Requirements for easy invoicing:

  • Salesmate Account
  • Formstack Account
  • Zapier Account

To know more about how you can use it, check out the support doc.

Find out more:

Formstack Salesmate CRM Integration


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