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Sales Pitch: Examples, Definition & Ideas to Craft a Winning Pitch

A perfect sales pitch is pivotal for winning more customers. Here is a complete guide containing sales pitch examples, definitions and ideas for winning pitch.

Do you remember the advertisement ‘Behind the Mac’ by Apple that featured creative professionals from diverse disciplines? It displayed how dexterous makers used this machine in their respective fields for solving problems, creating music, or making something wonderful.

Through this advertisement, the company tried to showcase how its users could continuously push the boundaries of creativity with the iOS platform. It showed how Mac could be used to innovate and create a wide array of things.

Customers will always remember companies that create a good impression. Yes, your product can do excellent things, but that doesn’t mean you boast about the features. It is necessary to connect with the prospects and explain the benefits in a relatable way.

So, these campaigns can be considered as some great sales pitch examples and your sales pitch should be like those successful ad campaigns that not only makes the potential buyers aware of the product but also leaves an impact. Give reasons to your customers for thinking about you.

It is not your customer’s job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t have a chance to forget you- Patricia Fripp

Your sales pitch idea needs to be compelling enough to capture the prospect’s attention and encourage the next action. A perfect sales pitch script can simplify your selling and help you in winning more sales.

But how to craft a ‘perfect sales pitch’ that can drum up sales? Or is there any good example of sales pitch that works everywhere?

Let’s look over all the important elements of a great sales pitch, its examples and learn how to create the winning one.


  1. What is a Sales Pitch?
  2. The Modern Sales Pitch – Focuses on Helping
  3. Essentials for Crafting a Winning Sales Pitch
  4. How to write a sales pitch?
  5. The Best Platforms to Deliver your Sales Pitch with Examples
  6. What is a Sales Pitch?

    Sales Pitch Definition: A sales pitch is an opportunity to show your customers what your product can do for them. It is explaining the value of your product or service to the customers.

    Sales pitch aids in advancing the sales process; it is the best opportunity for convincing the audience to use your product.

    A sales pitch is a term that has been in the sales field for ages and used by several sales professionals. Buyers are quite familiar with it. If you use the same old school techniques, you’ll end up wasting your time. Embrace the modern approach to create an interesting sales pitch that invokes interest.

    Getting the basics right - what is a sales pitch

    The Modern Sales Pitch – Focuses on Helping

    The idea behind modern sales pitch is to provide help to potential buyers. Instead of selling a product, you need to play the role of a trusted consultant to gain the buyer’s confidence.

    The cutting-edge technology is making the buyers smart and well-informed. They have all the information and tools easily available; all they require is ‘help’.

    The modern sales pitch example - Focuses on helping

    A modern sales pitch is expected to serve the purpose. The sales pitch presentation should be focusing on the buyers and the problems they want to solve.

    “It’s not hard sell, it’s heart sell. Good questions get to the heart of the problem/needs/situation very quickly – without the buyer feeling like he or she is being pushed – Jeffrey Gitomer

    Your pitch should be effective enough to make the customers believe that you understand their problems.

    For instance, saying something like, ‘I will show you how you can reduce your shipping cost by 45%’.

    A great sales pitch example of this kind is – Steve Jobs, the man who is known for developing excellent products, delivered the best sales presentations that focused on customers’ benefits.

    He explained why (benefits) before how (features).

    Sales Pitch Examples of Apple –

    Due to the iconic tagline ‘Thousand songs in your pocket’ many people could remember that the first iPod made it possible to carry a thousand songs everywhere.

    Very few could recall how much storage was built in the original iPod (5 GB).

    Steve Jobs knew it was all about the customer. He always said, “start with the customer experience”. So, while creating the pitches remember, ‘it is about them, not you.’

    “Get closer than ever to your customers, so close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” – Steve Jobs

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    Essentials for Crafting a Winning Sales Pitch

    A lot goes into creating an effective sales script that can increase conversions. Here are the few essentials for creating a perfect sales pitch.

    1. Research about your audience

    1. Research about your audience

    Know everything about the companies who are going to read or listen to your pitch.

    • Create a list of potential customers and garner every detail about them.
    • Go through their social media profiles, websites, and reviews about them on various sites.
    • Find their business pain points, requirements, and concerns.
    • Understand what they will gain by using your product.
    • See how you can relate your product to them.
    • Group the companies having similar problems and needs.
    • You can use a CRM system that allows you to create tags for creating specific groups.

    2. Know your product well

    Know your product well

    Before commencing on creating a sales pitch, you need to ensure you have complete knowledge of your product.

    • Know what is the USP and value proposition of your product.
    • What problems can it solve?
    • Who (buyer persona) can use your product?
    • How is your product different from your competitors?
    • Find out if there are any glitches in your product and try to resolve it as soon as possible.

    3. Your pitch should have a purpose

    Your pitch should have a purpose

    Why are you creating this pitch?

    What is the core objective?

    What do you want to convey through this pitch?

    Do you want to convey the value of your product, or are you trying to move the customer towards the next step?

    • The purpose should be clear, or else your efforts will go in vain.
    • Having a purpose helps in setting the tone of the pitch.
    • You’ll know in which direction you are heading and what needs to be done.

    4. Focus on what matters to your prospects

    Focus on what matters to your prospects

    Would you read content on a topic that doesn’t interest you? Similarly, a prospect won’t give you their time if you fail to capture their interest.

    • Good sales pitch highlights the things that the prospects care about.
    • Will they save money, boost revenue, or increase profits?
    • While writing your sales pitch, don’t forget to ask yourself, ‘what is in it for them?”

    5. Personalize your sales pitch

    “One size fits all” – this phrase is surely not suitable for sales. Avoid giving a canned pitch as it might annoy the potential buyers. 59% of potential buyers find generic sales messages irritating.

    • Personalization is the key to success in sales.
    • This is the reason I had asked you to research and group companies having similar traits so that you can tailor your pitch to their needs.
    • Use unique points that potential customers can relate to.

    6. Use emotional appeal

    Use emotional appeal

    If you wish to win over customers, then you need to add content in your sales pitch that appeals to their emotions.

    • Triggering customers’ emotions can stimulate actions.
    • So, strike the emotional chord by understanding the customers’ behavior and buying patterns.
    • For that, you can analyze your past sales and refer to the profiles of your past customers.

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    How to Write a Sales Pitch?

    A good sales pitch can positively impact your sales. You just need to do a few things right for preparing a sales pitch that attracts potential buyers.

    For writing a sales pitch, you must –

    1. Find the perfect hook

    You need to find that one point that connects with your buyer’s requirement and even conveys the story of your business. That one opportunity where you can impress the buyers and encourage them to take the next step. It is necessary to hit the bull’s eye for setting an impact.

    • If you are sending your pitch through emails, then your subject line should be catchy.
    • 47% of email recipients click and open an email based on the subject line.
    • If you are delivering pitch through the call, then your opening statement needs to be powerful.
    • Opening your calls with a question like ‘Did I catch you at a bad time?’ makes you 40% less likely to book a meeting.

    2. Use facts and statistics

    Adding facts and statistics build credibility and increase the success rate of your sales pitch. It is difficult to argue with the numbers.

    Statistics give proof of your claim. They assure the customer that what you are saying is true. Therefore, include relevant statistics and facts in your sales pitch.

    Buyers even prefer reading reviews and testimonials.

    Potential buyers will read an average of 10 online reviews before they feel they can trust a business.

    “Potential buyers read at least 10 online reviews before they feel they can trust a business” – Bryan Caplan

    So, ask for feedback and testimonials from your satisfied clients. Create case studies and send them with your emails. Through these case studies, you can show your customers how your product has helped other companies in overcoming a similar issue.

    3. Maintain the length of your sales pitch

    The lengthy sales pitch has become obsolete. No one has time for long tales. While preparing a sales pitch, ensure you use a minimum number of words.

    • Don’t try to add a lot of information about your product.
    • Keep the sales pitch precise and to the point.
    • You need to be quick in impressing your potential customers.
    • Maintain a perfect length to engage the buyers and hold their attention for long.

    4. Describe how will your customer benefit

    This is the crux of your sales pitch, where you must communicate value. Explain how the buyer’s business will benefit from using your product.

    • Show your customers the bigger picture.
    • Cut the clutter of information and show them only what they need to know.
    • Help the customers visualize how will your product help in addressing their problems.
    • Explain what they are missing right now.

    5. Move them to actions

    This is a simple step that is often overlooked while creating a sales pitch. Due to which sales is delayed or lost.

    You can’t expect the buyers to move forward on their own. You need to show them the way forward; ensure your sales pitch has call-to-action (CTA) to encourage immediate action. Tell your buyers what you want them to do.

    The Best Platforms to Deliver your Sales Pitch with Examples

    How are you planning to approach your potential customers?

    Through email, calls, or face-to-face meetings?

    The mode of communication matters while creating a sales pitch. Avoid creating one general sales script for everything. Explore different sales pitch tips for various modes of communication. Let’s look at all three platforms along with some good sales pitch examples.

    1. Emails

    Sales emails are the most convenient medium to reach potential customers. You can pitch to multiple people at the same time.

    You get time to edit the sales pitch if needed before hitting the send button. Moreover, your emails can be tracked to find out if your potential customers are reading or ignoring your emails.

    CRM software like Salesmate, not only helps in tracking your emails but also allows you to create and use email sales pitch templates. So, you don’t need to type the same email repeatedly.

    Besides, you can analyze your email templates by using its reporting tool. You’ll know which subject lines are getting the highest clicks and what should be changed in your email sales pitch.

    However, while communicating through emails, the customer can’t hear or see you, so it is pivotal to have compelling content. The only way to impress customers is through your words. Ensure you use less complicated words, and the message is clear.

    • The subject line of your email should convince the recipient to open and read your pitch.
    • The first paragraph should include something you’ve found about your prospects through research.
    • The second paragraph should demonstrate the value of your product. Explain in 2 to 3 lines what will they gain from it.
    • Conclude your sales pitch email with an effective call-to-action.
    • Make sure you include a professional email signature in the end. (You can take the help of free email signature generator tool.)

    Email sales pitch example:

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    2. Phone calls

    “57% of C-level buyers prefer that sales reps call them – Resourceful Selling

    Sales calls are the best way to start a conversation with potential prospects and nurture them further.

    41.2 % of sales professionals say that the phone is the most effective sales tool at their disposal.

    It gives you more opportunities to understand the prospects. Besides, you can even record the calls to evaluate your performance.

    Every coin has two sides; you might face a few difficulties while using the sales pitch over the phone. Often sales pitches are used for prospecting, and people are less receptive to cold calls. You have just a few seconds to win the prospects. So make it count.

    Explore various cold calling tips and find out how to increase the success rate of your cold calls. Ensure that your sales pitch has all the necessary elements for keeping the conversation going.

    Remember, the intent of the sales pitch should be to start a meaningful conversation and build a good rapport with the potential client.

    • The opening statement should be effective. It should persuade the buyer to trust you.
    • Get to the point straight away and address the prospect’s issues.
    • Avoid using words like ‘guarantee’ ‘please’ and ‘sure’ in your sales pitch.
    • Ask relevant questions to uncover the customers’ pain points, and listen to their answers.
    • Balance your talk-listen ratio. An average B2B sales rep consumes 65–75% of time speaking rather than listening on a sales call.
    • Have a perfect close that has hints about the next follow-up.
    • Like, you can try our solution for free to see how it can help you. May I call you on Tuesday at 3 PM to gives you more details about its benefits?

    Phone call sales pitch example

    3. Face-to-face

    95% of professionals believe that face-to-face meetings are the key to successful business relationships – Meetings imagined

    The face-to-face meeting helps in establishing a relationship with potential customers. Therefore, most of the sales reps prefer meeting buyers.

    It becomes simpler to present and explain the product. You get to learn more about the prospects. If you manage to impress potential customers, they will be comfortable speaking about their problems. Only when you understand the real concern, you will be able to offer a solution.

    However, your presentation, tone of voice, and body language, everything is crucial here. There is no room for mistakes. A sales pitch plays a very vital role here. It can make or break the deal.

    The sales pitch for a face-to-face meeting will be slightly different from the one used for calls or emails. Sales pitch in a face-to-face meeting is usually delivered in slides through a presentation.

    • Start your sales pitch presentation with a compelling title.
    • State the agenda (that will give the buyer an idea of what to expect).
    • Provide examples of what you’ve done in the past.
    • Include data related to the customer’s industry (to give them an assurance you have done your research and have the knowledge about their market and competitors).
    • Mention the problems faced by the customer.
    • Connect their needs with your product and display the benefits.
    • Mention the next step (what the customer should do next?) Like request a demo or start a free trial or see a sample of the product.
    • Conclude by thanking the customer for their time.

    Wrapping up

    Sales pitch plays a vital role in boosting sales. If you have a perfect sales pitch, you can easily convey the right message and capture the attention of high-potential prospects.

    It will keep you on the right track and take you closer to your desired results. Research about the customers, choose the right words and try to make your sales pitch as interesting as possible. Support your sales pitch with various sales tools to win more sales quickly.

    Salesmate is one such CRM that can help you in managing all aspects of your sales. With its reports, you can track your sales pitch to find out how it’s performing. Besides, with its team inbox feature, you can collaborate with your team and provide better assistance to your clients.

    Salesmate’s built-in calling feature allows you to make and receive calls and track them to optimize communication. Try Salesmate for free to explore various other features of Salesmate and how it can help your business.


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