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How To Crack The B2B Prospecting Code

How To Crack The B2B Prospecting Code

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The Sales Secrets!

B2B prospecting is a tough job, and to pull it off you need to prepare yourself as per the requirement of the situation. Generating a-list of high-quality prospects is a task that can leave you exhausted at your job.

To break the code of B2B prospecting, you need the right tools and the correct tactics to make the entire process smooth. This helps you in generating the right leads and opportunities in your sales pipeline.

Tips to Crack The B2B Prospecting Code:

Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a modern tool which gives you regular updates regarding the shift of leadership in organizations.

In this case, the mandate of change works on your behalf. When an organization creates a mandate of change and provides the leaders with the respective budget, there is a strict timeline that must be kept in mind by the leaders. Many times when the leaders fail to follow the mandate, they get replaced, and that is your cue as the new hires are more inclined towards investing in modern technology and services.

The Q & A on Quora

No, don’t call it ’’questionable’ yet! A Q&A site such as Quora can be used for lead generation too. By using a social feed, you can follow Quora topics that have relevance towards your business. Answer the questions and ask some of your own questions and you will be able to generate leads that can be successfully converted into opportunities.

Sales Tools that Automatically Detect Product Renewal Windows

Losing deals to your competition is nothing new but winning the lost deals in the future is what makes your company grow. In such cases, there are various sales tools that notify the representatives when prospects will be interested in renewing their technology solutions.

Even if you are not using any tool, merely keeping a calendar reminder for revisiting a prospect in regards of considering your product or service is a simple yet worthy technique.

Rely Less on Personal Network

Having a personal network is a boon, we are not asking you to abandon it. But it is always advisable to rely on them a little less. Not because they are closed to you but the reason is that they will not be able to give honest feedback.

Yes, we are asking you to get out there and do the ’’cold’’ calls. You will be received with hostility (harsh comments, hang-ups) but still, that will be an honest feedback.

The Local Presence

If an international, toll-free number flashes on your screen, do you generally pick it up? A recent study shows that if the sales representatives are calling the leads with local numbers the chance of them answering the call goes up by 400%.

Automatically Capture Prospects’ Data in Your CRM

The prospecting data regarding whom the representatives are reaching out, at what frequency the communication is happening and what are the outcomes of the calls and emails. Various organizations have a manual logging system which many times gets lapsed due to the rush of achieving the sales target. Such issues are sorted with the use of sales acceleration solution that can automatically log the sales activities. Once this is taken care, managers can use the real-time data from the prospect log and use it to train the representatives for achieving more targets and decrease the failure rate.

Check out Sales Activity Tracker from Salesmate to plan, track and organize your sales activities

Defying the dreaded daily schedule, at the same time handling the workload efficiently and increasing your productivity are the signs of a smart sales team. Salesmate has dedicated its resources to maintaining the sales legacy in a way that helps you overcome the minor hiccups you and your sales team face while treading through your daily routine. We will be glad to know that we were able to guide you in cracking the B2B prospecting code.

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