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The complete guide to increasing the value of SaaS sales via workflow automation

Many small-sized SaaS companies don’t reach their full potential because they focus on doing everything manually. While other SaaS companies can’t move towards workflow automation due to the high costs. Workflow automation would make processes faster and more efficient. In reality, Salesmate makes workflow automation affordable, even for small businesses. 

So, how big is the SaaS industry?  

There is a lot of money to be paid in the SaaS industry. Many companies are already using SaaS applications. The most significant error is not setting up your workflow automation to reach out to potential clients. By letting a deal slip, it can lead to the loss of opportunities.  

Increasing your productivity and the value of your time 

Automation saves you time and increases productivity.

Automating your work processes can save your staff a lot of time. In a typical work week of 40 hours, it would be about 10 hours of savings per week. It’s like getting an extra day and a half to do different and more productive activities.  

  • Marketing Automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity. 
  • Marketing automation delivers: 80% of users said their leads increased, and 77% said their conversion increased. 

Automating more of your sales process increases the number of your sales. You can also use additional strategies to market your SaaS like targeting prominent clients that will significantly impact your bottom line. In general, your company can expect an increase in leads and conversion rates.  

Case study – KissFlow: A suite of tools to help companies

(Image Source

KissFlow is a SaaS company that services many companies. They help their clients analyze their data, bring everything on one platform, and help their promotions.  

How did KissFlow get such big clients: 

  • They had an automated workflow to connect with potential customers. 
  • They followed up with their leads in multiple ways. 
  • Once they got their customer, they then sold other complimentary services.  
  • They provided good value.  

KissFlow used Salesmate.io to help them lock in some of their biggest clients. They are constantly looking for more business opportunities and connecting with other people to offer their services. By automating their sales process, they were able to save time, increase the number of leads and conversion rates.  

Automatically assigning leads to specific sales people

Following up with client is crucial

(Image Source

It is essential to follow up with people. A lot of customers take time to trust in you and decide to use your services. As you follow up with them and understand their needs, you can adjust your product to best fit their needs.  

  • Only 2% of sales are made during the first point of contact. 
  • 57% said they would be encouraged to purchase from a salesperson who doesn’t try to apply pressure or hassle them when following up. 

It is essential to be able to follow up with potential customers. Many customers will not purchase anything at the first point of contact. It’s critical to be able to follow up with potential leads across multiple channels. By connecting with people genuinely, you can build lasting relationships.  

Integration with PandaDoc – A relationship between partners

(Image Source

Pandadoc helps you create, manage, and track proposals as well as essential documents. They will get signatures and contracts all done over the internet. Salesmate CRM integrates with Pandadoc and keeps everything in one place.  

Once the client agrees on a deal:  

  • A workflow automation sequence will have contract templates with the pertinent information.  
  • There will be an onboarding process after they sign the contract.  
  • A review and follow-up sequence will begin to sell other products and services potentially. 

Whenever possible, have a follow-up sequence even after they sign up as clients. You can consider other products and services that you can cross-sell. Look at the increasing value whenever possible and start generating referrals.  

Sending personalized emails  

Emails are the best way to follow up with clients

(Image Source

A personalized email with value can increase open rates. Try to have logical keywords in the subject lines that are short and to the point. It will get the most significant responses and help you appear professional.  

Emails can drastically increase your chances of getting a SaaS sale. By creating direct subject lines and excellent copy, you can radically increase the number of leads and conversions for your SaaS business.  

Use a tool to automate your emails

Sales Automation in Salesmate

Salesmate is a SaaS platform that automates your emails. You get a visual automation process that leads people to the next step in the marketing process.

  • Email Automation will help you follow up with clients. 
  • Salesmate will help you automate the next steps on connecting with clients in your CRM. 
  • You can use text messaging, email, phone calls, and other mediums to follow up with people. 

Following up with clients through email and other channels ensures that clients can get the best follow-up procedure. It can ultimately help you automate this process and understand what portions of your business may need more attention.  

Following up with potential prospects 

Leverage a CRM that has all contacts in one place

(Image Source

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is critical for SaaS Companies. It’s important to have all the contact information in one place so you can work productively and increase the value of SaaS sales. Ideally, they should have tags on what stage of the process they are in.  

  • CRM pays back $8.71 for every dollar spent 
  • Effective sales organizations are 81% more likely to be practicing consistent usage of a CRM or other system of record. 

A good CRM should tell you the information needed to follow up on a customer. Having a system increases your value proposition and improves your systems. 

Case study: Piktochart – Getting major clients like Disney and KraftHeinz

(Image Source

Piktochart is a SaaS company that helps companies create infographics, presentations, and reports. They connect with creators and studios and help them create visually appealing designs. Some of their biggest clients are Disney, KraftHeinz, and Accenture. 

  • They opened up their pricing to have individual creators be able to join at an affordable price. 
  • They focused their sales process on getting bigger clients.
  • Getting more prominent clients has helped them raise the value of their SaaS Sales.  
  • Workflow automation helps their sales team connect with their biggest clients and close the deal.  

Salesmate.io’s client is Piktochat. Their CRM and workflow automation has helped Piktochart close some of their biggest clients. As they get more prospective customers, they will be able to funnel them into the next step of a sale or onboard them as clients.  

Automating the journey of a customer

What should the next step be for a customer?

(Image Source

It is essential to be able to automate the process for your customers. By connecting with customers on the next step, you can know what to do next to help make the sale.  

  • Lead nurturing sales automation has shown an over 200% increase in conversions for different brands. 
  • According to a McKinsey report, 45% of current paid activities can be automated by today’s technology, an equivalent of $2 trillion in total annual wages. 

A lot of work can be automated. Workflow automation can have substantial time savings, and it brings purpose to what the next steps will be for a customer. By having this written out and organized, you can see what areas of your workflow automation need attention. By tweaking and testing the effectiveness of each step, you can move them to the next step with more confidence.  

Salesmate.io: A tool to increase the value of SaaS sales

(Image Source

Salesmate.io is one of the best software available to eliminate manual taste and bring in more deals. They will help you nurture the relationships and assist you in the following process.  

Automation You Can Make To Generate More SaaS Sales:  

  • Assign leads to specific people. 
  • Decide if a Customer will get an email, call, or text. 
  • Send valuable content or information that might be helpful. 
  • Build an onboarding system for customers that sign up. 
  • Create a framework for selling other products and services. 
  • Decide how you will get referrals, testimonials, and other resources. 

Building Workflow automation is an essential part of making more SaaS sales. Workflow automation can save you time and help you understand which aspects of the business need more attention.


Workflow automation can increase the value of SaaS Sales. It can improve your company’s time and lead to more sales. Check out Salesmate.io for your CRM and Workflow needs.  


Wesley Cherisien is a speaker, trainer, entrepreneur and tech investor who has penned hundreds of articles, books and training guides for organizations in the Fortune 500, consultants and authors spanning across multiple industries. Chief Editor of WesleyCherisien.com, Wesley is a creative and highly innovative thinker with 10+ years of experience writing for online publications.

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