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Salesmate CRM Named FrontRunner 2018 Leader for CRM Software

Salesmate CRM named FrontRunner 2019 leader for CRM software

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“Good reviews” mean a lot to the online crowd, their decision to making a purchase depends on it. We value the reviews of customers in our quest for providing the best-in-class service to our customers.

We have been making head turns with our product and its services and getting recognition for the same inspires us to push forward with enhanced enthusiasm.

Receiving the FrontRunner 2019 recognition from SoftwareAdvice allows us to rejoice our purpose of providing an impeccable service to our customers.

What is FrontRunners Quadrant?

Software Advice’s FrontRunners Quadrant uses real reviews from real software users to decide the winner.

With the sales enabling features of Salesmate CRM, such as workflow automation, built-in calling, team inbox, sales pipeline, and sequences, the CRM software caters to small business owners with a budget constraint, without compromising on the quality of features and benefits.

The awards itself speak of the level of quality service Salesmate provides to its customers and will keep doing so in the coming future. This badge has placed Salesmate as a high-valued service providing the best CRM software in a market that has an abundance of CRM but rarely provides the quality service that a small business requires.

Past Recognitions

2019 is the second consecutive year for Salesmate as a FrontRunner in Software Advice for the CRM software category.

We have been making a mark for ourselves over the past few years, you can check out our previous awards from Capterra and Finances Online.

We are humbled by the award that has been bestowed upon us by Software Advice and would like to extend our gratitude to our reviewers for making this happen. Getting such badges helps prove our commitment towards providing exemplary service to our users and also enables us in defining our goals for our future customers.

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