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Email Marketing For Manufacturer

Email marketing for manufacturers: Strategy and tips!

Key Takeaways
  • As per 59% of marketers, email marketing is a top revenue channel that manufacturing businesses must leverage.
  • Email marketing for manufacturing firms can boost lead generation, brand awareness, sales, and customer relationships.
  • Segmentation and personalized targeting are among the most effective methods to deliver strategic messaging.
  • You need the support of the right email marketing software to meet your desired goals.

73% of manufacturing marketers believe email marketing is crucial to attracting new clients.   

But what caught my attention upon researching is that email marketing for manufacturers has an average opening rate of 19.32%

Do you know, that’s amazing! 

So, manufacturing businesses that successfully implement email marketing strategies are achieving good email opening rates. 

Here’s what this blog is aiming for – Help manufacturing businesses bring more web engagement and conversions. 

Our blog presents a successful email marketing strategy for manufacturers and insightful tips to skyrocket your business. 

Let’s begin by discussing its importance first. 

Why is email marketing important for manufacturers? 

As mentioned in our intro, email marketing is a powerful revenue channel for manufacturing companies. 

Here are some benchmarks in support of the importance of email marketing for manufacturers:

Email marketing metrics Benchmark average Manufacturing industry average 
Open rate 21.56% 19.32% 
Click rate 1.23% 1.24% 
Unsubscribe rate  0.15% 0.13% 

Source – Email Marketing Benchmarks – Industry and Regional Trends (benchmarkemail.com) 

I hope the statistics above explain why you should consider email marketing as an important business channel. 

Let’s discover what benefits you can draw with powerful email marketing efforts. 

How is email marketing for manufacturers beneficial? 

Email marketing for manufacturing companies is one of the cost-effective methods to promote businesses with numerous benefits.

Let’s explore them in detail. 

Benefits of email marketing for manufacturers

1. Cost-effective communication 

Email marketing for manufacturers can offer a high return on investment (ROI). In fact, as per a study, marketers can potentially generate $42 for every $1 spent on email marketing.

You can communicate, drive engagement, convert for sales, win back customers, and do much more to grow your manufacturing business with email marketing. 

Additionally, integrating marketing automation to your manufacturing business can further optimize these email marketing efforts.”

2. Identify high-quality leads 

Email marketing is one of the most effective lead-generation strategies reported by 46% of marketers. 

You can conduct email outreach to identify marketing qualified leads (MQLs) for sales communications.

To generate more leads, explore our power pack resource on email marketing lead generation! 

3. Targeted audience engagement 

Email marketing enables you to conduct segmented targeting. This helps you to seamlessly convey information tailored to your potential clients, boosting engagement and conversion. 

For instance, you can identify high-value accounts and create a segmented list to perform account-based targeting for manufacturing

4. Building customer relationships  

When you craft tailored content for your target audience, gaining customers’ trust becomes easier.

CRM with email marketing platform enables you to create personalized email campaigns that catch your prospect’s attention, thus driving engagement and conversions.

Email marketing benefits don’t end here; you can meet numerous objectives like generating MQLs (marketing qualified leads), improving brand awareness, boosting direct sales, effective lead nurturing, etc. 

You can meet your dedicated goals with email marketing and stay on top of customers’ minds by implementing an effective email marketing strategy for your manufacturing company.  

That’s what our next discussion is all about.

Email marketing strategy for manufacturing companies – 5 Simple steps!

Did you know that 82% of marketers worldwide use email marketing? The potential of email marketing for manufacturers is boundless if utilized to the fullest. 

Here’s a step-by-step process to teach you how!  

Key steps of manufacturing email marketing

1. Pick the right email marketing software 

Having an email marketing platform to shoot email sounds like an obvious and unsaid rule.

However, this article will explain how to choose the right email marketing software.

Consider your budget, the key features you are looking at, and, most importantly, how the customer supports the tool. 

Trust me when I say this: poor customer support might be the reason for the delay in achieving your goals, and you’ll end up wasting time and money. 

Here are some simple steps to focus on when choosing an email marketing software for success: 

  1. Discover your goals: Start with clear objectives, like what you want to achieve with email marketing. 
  2. Set your marketing budget: Define how much you can invest in an email marketing tool. 
  3. User-friendliness: Choose easy-to-use software that doesn’t tangle up your work but rather simplifies it. 
  4. Free templates: It’s always good on the productivity side if your tool can offer you free and customizable email templates. 
  5. Segment like a pro: It must offer ways for segmented email targeting to create personalized email campaigns. 
  6. Automate: The most peculiar feature is the capability that will help you grow faster than ever. 
  7. Analytics: You need tracking and analytics support to constantly optimize your email campaign performance, so you must look for this. 
Want to experience success with email marketing?

Want to experience success with email marketing?

Salesmate can help you craft quirky emails in minutes with a smart drag-and-drop email editor, track them, and see how you can grow your revenue.

Explore Email Marketing Automation CRM

2. Build a quality email list with your inbound marketing efforts 

To kick off email marketing for manufacturers, the first step is to build a high-quality email list to target. 

Here are some quick tips for collecting email addresses using the inbound marketing practices: 

  • Utilizing pop-ups and calls to action (CTAs) on landing pages to encourage sign-ups 
  • Using tools like Web Forms to collect and store data 
  • Collecting email addresses by promoting a webinar across various online marketing channels
  • Leveraging social media channels to promote newsletters 

All these techniques help you get quality subscribers over purchased leads. 

Saver tip: Always seek permission to send promotional emails when collecting email addresses. Otherwise, it can spoil your brand image by annoying your prospects with unwanted emails. 

3. Segment and personalize your campaign lists 

Nearly 50% of marketers believe that segmentation and personalization are the top email marketing tactics to use. 

When you segment your list, it becomes easy for you to craft tailored messages that capture attention, drive engagement, and, ultimately, achieve conversions. 

You can segment your prospect’s emails based on demographics, psychographics, behavioral attributes, and more and craft personalized email campaigns that hit just right.

Thinking about why we are stressing so much on personalization, here are the benefits of personalizing your email: 

Benefits of personalization

Moving on to the most important part of email marketing for manufacturers – crafting the most astonishing content for email campaigns.

4. Strategize your email campaign content

To succeed in email marketing, you need valuable content, engaging subject lines, body content, and CTAs, along with interesting elements.

Now, let’s explore each aspect in detail: 

  • Have an enticing subject line

The subject line is the first impression you create on your readers. In fact, 47% of subscribers open an email based on its subject line. You need to have a concise, intriguing, catchy subject line. 

One of the best ways to do this is by creating a sense of urgency and adding a personal touch. 

Interesting read60+ Best Email Subject Lines to Level Up Your Campaigns

  • Include captivating content

Once subscribers open the email based on a catchy subject line, ensure they get meaningful and relevant content.

Your emails must offer information that makes sense to your recipients. And for that, you need to understand your target audience and persona. 

Your emails must offer information that makes sense to your recipients. And for that, you need to understand your target audience and their persona. Furthermore, keep your email content concise and easy for readers to engage with.  

  • Lead them to another useful page

One of the best ways to engage your leads is to guide them to the next action. That’s why we practice adding CTAs and Web Forms on our emails or landing pages.

You can guide your prospects to more resources by strategically placing CTAs in emails.

To improve responses, tailor your CTAs according to your email marketing objectives. This way, you can stay connected and engage with your target audience. 

  • Place and use relevant CTAs 

CTAs are a crucial element of every targeted email.  

Using a relevant CTA at the right place is a game changer as it will drive engagement by directing it to other resources.  

Moreover, CTAs effectively lead traffic to your landing page/blog and sustain your reader’s interest.  

The next step will reveal how you can track your email campaign performance and process optimization. 

5. Measure and optimize campaign performance 

Measuring email marketing performance is important. 

You can evaluate the objective achieved of the email marketing campaign, check if your strategy needs modification, and optimize emails based on results.  

And this can be efficiently done using email marketing KPIs. These KPIs monitor your email campaigns.  

Remember to include all stages (ideation, planning, execution, and performance measurement) when planning your email marketing campaign timeline. 

Setting up certain goals would be challenging if you’re doing email marketing for the first time for your brand. 

However, once you’ve hands-on experience and analyzed what works and what does not in terms of email content type for manufacturing, you can define your email marketing goals for every campaign. 

Setting a clear motive for your campaign is always beneficial as it helps in allocating resources efficiently and driving in the right direction.

Moreover, it lets you stay focused on the email marketing strategy.  

Supercharge your results with automation!

Supercharge your results with automation!

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13 Best manufacturing email marketing tips  

Email marketing can be improved through consistent efforts. Here’s how: 

1. Define your email campaign timeline 

When executing an email marketing campaign, it’s important to consider factors such as the best time to send, content types, and campaign name to ensure effective targeting. 

Creating a timeline for your marketing campaign can help you stay organized and meet key milestones efficiently.

Creating a content calendar and scheduling your emails can simplify this process, allowing you to adjust the timeline as needed.

Read more: How to plan your email marketing calendar in the best way possible!

2. Set SMART goals that align with your marketing strategy  

Your email marketing campaign is a part of your marketing strategy, so align your goals with it. Use the SMART formula to set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound objectives.  

For instance, if your objective is to drive more marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) from your email list, you can implement lead magnet email marketing campaigns, offering valuable gated content.

This way, you can generate MQLs interested in your brand and share their information, which you can tally and update the fresh list for further nurturing. 

3. Build a questionnaire to define your target audience for email campaign success  

Your email campaigns must focus on benefiting the target audience, so it is crucial to understand their mindset beforehand. 

Understanding your target audience, with respect to characteristics, preferences, pain points, demographics, etc., eases your campaign execution. 

To identify your target audience, the best you can do is build a questionnaire and discover the answers: 

  • What are the demographics of the target audience?  
  • What industry does your target audience work in?  
  • What does your target audience think?  
  • What problems do they face?  
  • Who makes the purchase decision?  
  • What motivates them to make the purchase decision?  
  • What stores do they like to shop at?  

You can identify the target audience for manufacturing email marketing campaigns by answering the above question precisely.

4. Segmentation is key 

Segment your email list by industry, job roles, buying history, and preferences to send targeted messages that increase engagement and conversions.

5. Personalization matters 

Crafting personalized emails is an effective way to boost open and click-through rates, leading to better marketing performance.

So, personalize your emails by addressing recipients by their first names and tailoring content to their specific interests.

Drive conversions with personalization!

Drive conversions with personalization!

Craft personalized emails and automate the process for boosting results with Salesmate's powerful email marketing automation CRM.

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6. Compelling subject lines 

Craft attention-grabbing subject lines that convey the value of opening the email.

Prioritize addressing customer pain points to increase email open rates instead of a salesy approach. 

7. Mobile optimization 

Ensure your emails are mobile-responsive, as many professionals in the manufacturing sector use smartphones and tablets.

This ensures your emails display well on all devices, reaching a wider audience. 

8. Educational content 

Try to provide valuable content that educates your audience about industry trends, best practices, and innovative solutions.

Position your brand as a thought leader and problem solver, establishing credibility and trust. 

9. Clear call to action (CTA) 

Include a clear and captivating CTA in your emails. Whether downloading a resource, requesting a quote, or scheduling a demo, the CTA should stand out and be easy to follow, driving desired actions. 

10. Visual appeal 

To improve engagement, it’s a good idea to include visuals such as images, infographics, and videos in your emails.

These visual elements can help break up heavy blocks of text and make your message more engaging.

Moreover, these visuals can help explain complex manufacturing concepts more effectively. 

11. Timing and frequency 

Experiment with sending emails at different times to find when your audience is most responsive.

Also, be mindful of email frequency and avoid overwhelming recipients with too many emails. Additionally, check your emails to avoid typos or any errors before sending. 

12. Social proof 

Use social proof like testimonials, case studies, and success stories in your emails to demonstrate how your products or services benefited your clients. This builds credibility and trust. 

13. A/B testing 

It is essential to continuously A/B test different elements of your email campaigns, like subject lines, CTAs, visuals, and content length, for optimizing your email performance.

How can Salesmate boost your email marketing conversion rate?

Salesmate is a unified CRM platform with automation capabilities. You can effortlessly execute your manufacturing email marketing campaign using its Marketing Automation

You can perform everything from collecting lead details to sending newsletters, welcome email series, nurturing and engaging emails, product updates, and case studies.  

Further, you can schedule and automate these emails to ensure you always stay in touch with your subscribers/existing customers.  

You can measure email campaigns’ performance using metrics like open rate, reply rate, bounce rate, and more. Moreover, you can get all the crucial insights into these campaigns. 

Key features for email marketing with Salesmate include:

  • Build re-usable email templates for your manufacturing email marketing using drag and drop email builder.
  • Craft personalized emails to drive better engagement and build lasting customer relationships.
  • Create automated journeys based on certain triggers and conditions for effective lead nurturing. 
  • Save time and engage more with prospects using email sequences.
  • Track your emails and analyze your performance with advanced analytics.

Salesmate is a one-stop CRM with email marketing automation platform. Sign up for its 15-day free trial and experience the success yourself. 


Email marketing is crucial for manufacturers to generate revenue and attract new clients.  

It facilitates targeted communication lead generation, builds brand awareness, and fosters customer relationships.  

Lastly, you need to invest in a powerful email marketing automation CRM to achieve new heights of success with your emails.

Frequently asked questions 

How can manufacturers build a quality email list?

Manufacturers can build a quality email list by collecting emails through website sign-ups, trade shows, and events and by offering incentives like discounts or downloadable resources.

What types of emails should manufacturers send to their audience?

Manufacturers should send a variety of emails, including product announcements, newsletters, industry news, and customer testimonials to keep their audience engaged.

What are the best practices for creating effective email content?

Effective email content should be concise, visually appealing, mobile-friendly, and include a clear call to action (CTA). Personalization and segmentation are also essential for relevance.

What are the best digital marketing tactics for manufacturers other than email marketing?

Manufacturers can benefit from various digital marketing tactics, including SEO, content marketing, SMM, PPC advertising, and video marketing.

Sonali Negi

Sonali is a writer born out of her utmost passion for writing. She is working with a passionate team of content creators at Salesmate. She enjoys learning about new ideas in marketing and sales. She is an optimistic girl and endeavors to bring the best out of every situation. In her free time, she loves to introspect and observe people.

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