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Best Email marketing books to read

10 email marketing books every marketer should read in 2022

Sending emails might be a simple task. However, when it comes to making an impact via email, you cannot guarantee success. So, while it is vital to write an engaging email that will keep the reader interested, there are other things you need to consider.

You will find a colossal number of resources available online on how to write a great interactive email or how to write an enticing subject line to increase open rates. Still, books cannot be ignored; in fact, reading email marketing books is like taking a crash course in the subject.

We have brought a roundup of the best email marketing books you can use as a tool to build and reinforce your understanding of writing impactful emails for your business. 

1. Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Business 

1. Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Business 

Author: Susan Gunelius 

This book is perfect for solopreneurs and small business owners looking to build an understanding of how to generate revenue from email marketing. Several practical approaches are integrated into the book to help you learn and implement email marketing ideas

Besides covering the basics, you will find things like;  

  • Freebie magnets 
  • List segmentation 
  • Conversion funnel systems 

The book works as a comprehensive guide on targeting the customers and the art of delivering the right message across. 

Once you are through with the first part, you will be well versed in methods and strategies to encourage people to join your subscriber list and improve the conversion rate. There are techniques built on the lines of automation and personalization to further cement your ability to leverage the art of writing great emails. 

2. The SaaS Email Marketing Playbook 

Email marketing book - The SaaS Email Marketing Playbook 

Author: Etienne Garbugli 

This book by Etienne Garbugli is different from others as it is meant for already experienced marketers looking to improve their knowledge on how to convert leads and boost revenue via email marketing. This 250-page book teaches you how to sell to the target audience and expand the number of email signups. 

The SaaS Email Marketing Playbook helps you with; 

  • Increasing the volume of onboarding and trial conversions.  
  • It helps you with the ways to reduce churn. 
  • Grow monthly recurring revenue or MRR. 

The author shares methods and techniques for creating effective marketing campaigns and automating emails. After reading this book, you will know exactly how to send the right email to which user and at what time because each of these things matters.

The book covers the essential aspects of email marketing, including onboarding, upselling, retention, referral, and leveraging the target audience’s behavioral email sequences to write the most effective emails. 

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3. Holistic Email Marketing 

One of the best email marketing book - Holistic Email Marketing 

Author: Kath Pay 

This is one of the must-have email marketing books sharing everything you need to know about overcoming the hurdles in your marketing efforts. This is added to the ways to improve business performance and serve the customers effectively for higher profits. The author brings 20 years of experience and industry knowledge to the table. 

This guide is prepared to inspire you to take action and follow the practical guidance of the author. Doing so will help you with; 

  • Building strategies and campaigns that will improve your understanding of email marketing.  
  • Writing great and high-impact emails your customers will love.  
  • Provide tips and tricks on helpful marketing.  
  • Implement scientific techniques to test the market and optimize resource allocation.  

This book is a necessary addition to your list of best email books about email marketing because it teaches you the thought process required to implement the right marketing strategies. It will give you the prowess to craft customer-centric emails while integrating click-worthy tactics to improve conversion and retention.  

4. Email Marketing Demystified 

Email Marketing Demystified - one of the top email marketing books

Author: Mathew Paulson 

As the field of email marketing is full of fads and fake facts, this email marketing book debunks all the fake myths and facts while setting the record straight.

The author of this book is also the founder of MarketBeat, a financial media company that works to help marketers become better at building email lists and writing good emails. 

While reading this book, you will gradually understand what is not a part of email marketing and, more importantly, what is included in this field. These are; 

  • Creating optimized email marketing campaigns to increase sales.  
  • Grow a fanbase of people who love to read your content and emails.  
  • Ways to create new revenue streams using email marketing as an efficient tool.  
  • How to ensure that your emails always stay out of the recipient’s spam folder. 

The book contains nine chapters providing theoretical guidance to email marketing along with some practical tips. Moreover, the chapter on outbound email marketing is one of the best chapters of this book, and a must-read. 

5. The New Email Revolution 

Email marketing book - The New Email Revolution 

Author: Robert W. Bly 

This book is about helping marketers understand the scope of email marketing and its implementation techniques. The author has years of experience as a copywriter and marketing consultant, which he has used to write this book.

As one of the best email marketing books, you will find ways and methods to write engaging emails and optimize the messages for high-end conversion. 

As you go through this book, you will learn; 

  • How to bring together the right words for effective communication via email.  
  • Write persuasive emails that get opened and not deleted.  
  • The art of adding images, graphics, and videos in the email.  
  • Understanding of the email marketing KPIs such as deliverability, bounce rate, open rate, and response rate. 

Besides the basics, you will also find some specific less-talked-about topics in the marketing field. These include choosing the right words for CTA, email content, heading, subject, and so on. You will also learn about constructing an email while adding more engaging content into the same. 

6. 300 Email Marketing Tips 

300 Email Marketing Tips (email marketing book) 

Author: Meera Kothand 

This email marketing book is like a crash course leveraging emails to build a stronger business. Expert email marketer Meera Kothand uses her experience and knowledge to make a list of 300 tips that dive into every little aspect of email marketing, including building an email list, building strategies, writing emails, generating leads, revenue, etc. 

As one of the best books about email marketing, you will find information on; 

  • Branding and its impact on email marketing strategies. 
  • Things your emails (welcome, onboarding, retention, etc.) must do and have.  
  • Planning email calendars. 
  • Tracing your steps and knowing their authenticity.  
  • Integrating lead magnets in emails and their purpose.  
  • Building email content ideas. 

In a nutshell, this email marketing book shares the best advice collaborated into a single source. It will teach the importance of branding in emails and what must be done to capture the reader’s attention while ensuring they don’t delete your email. 

7. Email Persuasion 

One of the best email markting books - Email Persuasion 

Author: Ian Brodie 

This masterpiece by Ian Brodie came out in 2013, and 9 years later, it is still an important part of email marketing and has been recommended by many marketers. This is because Email Persuasion is a book for all sorts of digital and email marketers looking to start their careers in this field.

The book has helped many novice marketers to begin with email marketing and take it up as a serious business.  

Email Persuasion teaches you a lot of things, including; 

  • Customer insight mapping for knowing your customers and their needs to write motivating content.  
  • Subject models that are sure to get your emails opened and engaged.  
  • It teaches you the Option Formula to ensure that the right people subscribe to your email.  
  • You will learn how to build a loyal fan base of your content, which is great for business.  

This book is like a blueprint that you can follow for building engaging emails and delighting your subscribers. As you learn from this book, you will understand how to build a credible email marketing strategy that is sure to generate results. 

8. The Email Lifeline 

The Email Lifeline Book

Author: Anik Singal 

Another one of the must-have email marketing books, which Anik Singal curates, contains the secrets to increase your ROI in email marketing. Hence, this book is good for solopreneurs who want to get the most buck out of their money and still get assured results.

Here you will find the ways to implement high-performance email marketing campaigns and swell your profits.  

Email Lifeline helps you build an understanding of:

  • The value of email traffic and how to leverage its availability.  
  • The art of writing emails in a way that inspires the reader to engage with your CTA.  
  • It also teaches you about selecting the right products for promoting them via emails.  
  • The book talks about the importance of event-based marketing and how to implement it. 

This might be a small book compared to others on this list, but it has a lot of information to share. The author has poured in his understanding and experience to bring forward a great book on email marketing that will help you comprehend the value of email traffic and leverage it to improve your business outcome. 

9. The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing 

Book - 9. The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing 

Author: DJ Waldow & Jason Falls 

This book is meant for those go-getters who won’t take no for an answer. Even when statements like “email marketing is dead” are popular, this book aims to rejuvenate the belief in emails and debunk all the fad theories about how email marketing is not any more effective.

You will find a lot of fantastic information about emails and the opportunity they present if implemented correctly.  

Going through this book means you will understand; 

  • The obsolete email marketing rules might be the reason for “email marketing is dead” thinking.  
  • Optimizing the email content and campaigns for best results.  
  • Build a high-performance email list that directly drives top-of-the-line revenue.  
  • Ways and means to improve engagement via humor and creativity.  
  • Leveraging modern tools and technologies to improve email conversion and retention.  

This book is a mix of entertaining, informative, and technical content fused to build a fantastic guide on email marketing. While you understand the power of email, you will also find information on using social media in cohort with email marketing for better results.

So, make sure to include this in your to-buy list of email marketing books

10. Email Marketing for Complex Sales Cycle

Book - Email Marketing for Complex Sales Cycle

Author: Winton Churchill 

You must be receiving many types of sales emails in a day and email marketing really has the power to help companies tackle a complex sales strategy. For it to work, you need to get email marketing books that specifically help the readers learn more deeply about this craft, like this one.

This book by Winston Churchill is a testament to the fact that you can take risks and explore different possibilities with email marketing, provided you have the courage.  

Besides the courage required to implement a complex sales process, this book will also teach you about: 

  • Improving the quality of leads generated for email marketing.  
  • Techniques to increase the leads and improve the conversion rate.  
  • Ways and means to leverage the existing conversion rate and turn that into revenue.  
  • Mistakes to avoid while attracting leads.  
  • Ways to reduce the sales cycle and improve retention.  

While these are some basic topics covered here, you will also find specific email marketing information. This includes why you might think email marketing is ineffective and how to tackle a complex sales funnel, along with sharing the essential milestones of a successful email marketing campaign.

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According to email marketing stats of 2022, emails are considered as one of the most cost-efficient ways to advertise your business and generate leads. But its popularity has taken a dip in recent times.

Though these email marketing books are sure to reprise your interest and ability to invest in this wing of marketing and help you evolve. These books inform you about the old ways in addition to the latest techniques of leveraging email marketing for revenue generation, growth, and conversion. 

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