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7 CRM-ready sales email templates to boost your outreach

7 CRM-ready sales email templates to boost your outreach

7 Min read

Email is, without a doubt, one of the strongest communication channels to reach the prospects.

  • 61% of business prospects make the first contact via email 
  • 86% of business professionals prefer email as a communication medium 
  • 8 out of 10 prospects prefer communication with a new provider via email 

You need to send emails at various stages of the sales process for nurturing and converting a prospect. However, instead of repeatedly drafting the same email, it’s better to take the smarter route by creating sales email templates for different sales scenarios.

Sales CRM can make your work easier. You can effortlessly create and save templates in a CRM software. Besides, the best CRM software allows you to track your emails to check the effectiveness of your email outreach. Besides, within this advanced sales tool, you can even automate your emails to add more time to your day.

I have created a few CRM-ready sales email templates that can be helpful at different stages of the sales process.

CRM-ready sales email templates 

Save more time and nurture deals faster by using sales email templates within a sales CRM software.

Here are 7 CRM-ready sales email templates for different sales scenarios. You can tweak them as per your unique needs.

CRM-ready sales email template 1 – Cold email 

Cold outreach emails are used for prospecting to make the first contact with the potential buyer. So it should be short and to the point. 

From cold email to closing!

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CRM-ready sales email template 2 – Researched outreach

You need to show the prospects that you’ve done your research before connecting with them. Research helps in personalizing the email and breaking the ice. 

CRM-ready sales email template 3 – Connecting with the right person 

It is necessary to connect with the decision-maker of the company rather than wasting time on the gatekeeper. So, you need to find out who has the authority to make a buying decision at the prospect’s company.

CRM-ready sales email template 4 – setting an appointment 

A face to face meeting is pivotal for understanding the needs of the prospects and explaining how your product can help. For that, you need to set an appointment.

CRM-ready sales email template 5 – After a meeting 

You need to thank a prospect after a meeting and try to strengthen the relationship with them. Share case studies with the client to build trust and credibility. 

CRM-ready sales email template 6 – Follow-up 

Follow-up is essential to move the deal forward in the sales pipeline. So make sure you follow-up in real-time with your prospects. Do not give up if you do not get a reply to the first follow-up email. Create a sequence of emails and follow-up consistently with your prospect. However, ensure you don’t send more than three or four follow-up emails as it might annoy the prospect. 

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CRM-ready sales email template – Last email after several follow-ups 

If you do not receive any response after several follow-ups, then stop at the right time. However, do send the last email that in case the prospect changes his mind he can connect with you again.  

Wrapping up 

Email templates help in saving a lot of time that you can invest in creating new strategies for improving your win rates. You can easily edit these CRM ready email templates as per your requirements. 

Salesmate is one advanced CRM that allows you to add and save email templates. So you can easily connect with your prospects at different stages of the sales process. You can even track as well as automate your emails in this advanced sales CRM. It even allows you to create sequences to follow-up up in real-time. 

This CRM isn’t just confined to email; you can even send texts from Salesmate CRM. In fact, you can merge email and text in a single sequence. Besides, you can purchase numbers with your preferred area code and make as well as receive calls from this CRM. This is why Salesmate is an all-in-one sales solution. 

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