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Need for appointment sales emails. Get 5 templates for reference

Need for appointment sales emails. Get 5 templates for reference

A survey has come up with a shocking prediction that says around 350 billion emails will be sent and received in a single day by 2023. Can you believe this! Well, post-pandemic, where everything is working through the internet, having relationships established through emails is no wonder. 

The graph and stats above are validating enough to tell that emails have been an important way of communication to masses or individuals, especially if you are running a business. 

Yes, while running a business, you cannot expect your sales representatives to meet each of your potential clients physically. It involves a lot of time and cost. So, to cut it short and be efficient with your resources and productivity, sales emails are a great help. 

Let us dig deeper and know why appointment sales emails are important and what the vitals should be. In the end, you will get some templates that will help you to fix appointments! 

Why do you need to schedule appointment sales emails? 

Though the figures above have quite justified the need for sending sales emails, but email is always conceived as a professional way of communication that brings volume to the message delivered. 

There are many tips and tricks to write an effective email that catches the attention of your targeted audience. But apart from these solid reasons, the pointers below also advocate the reasons to write appointment sales emails. 

  • You have the track of all messages from introduction email to response on the same thread. 
  • It helps maintain a record of all the conversations that have taken place, and you can search for old messages. 
  • Meetings can be easily fixed by attaching links to slots available. 
  • They work well with calendar apps. 
  • It leaves very little room for errors. 
  • You can share the email with different authorities of your office and client at once. 
  • The response is recorded in the email that is an authentic form of communication. 

What kind of research or information do you need before shooting an appointment sales email? 

Whenever we are writing an appointment sales email or sending one, we should be clear with the end purpose. And the appointment sales email is a direct approach to reach prospects. 

 You can also experiment with different techniques to reach prospects through emails. When you are reaching out to the customer/prospect, you have to research on following points- 

Where can you find potential prospect?

When you have to reach the customer or prospect, you have to hunt for them firstly. You need to brainstorm and ask yourself where are the chances of meeting your prospects. Is it via LinkedIn or some group event, or through surveys or at some other social media page?  

You have to create the personas, and according to them, you can look out for potential prospects. Because having the potential prospect increases your chances of conversion. So, you need the right person to connect with. 

Who is your potential prospect? 

Yes, this is one of the most important aspects you need to invest your time in. You cannot sell paint colors to the ice cream vendor. So, you have to check their background. 

Know about their industry, their expertise, their company size, and the age of the company. You can do this by conducting surveys, chats, or tracking their personas. 

What is their issue? 

After you have learned about the industry and the prospect’s needs, the next thing is to provide them what they are looking for. Observe their concerns or brainstorm new ideas and put them across while meeting with the prospect. 

This brings in the confidence in the prospect that you know them well, and they are more likely to trust you with it. 

How can you provide a solution? 

Now is the time that you can pitch your product. After listening to the concerns, you can smartly put up your product and discuss its features that will act as a solution to the prospect’s issues. 

When can you connect with them?

Finally, this is what you have to basically ask in your email. Ask the prospect what is the convenient time they can connect with you. If possible, you can also share the time slots that are available with you. So that they can pick one and book it for themselves. 

What are the key elements to include in the appointment sales email?

Now we have talked about what to do before writing appointment sales email, now the thing is what we need to do while writing them. 

For this, you can follow CRS method 

C- Cause of Sending Mail 

R- Request for Action 

S- Sign Off Professionally 

So basically, you have to structure your email in the format where –  

  • You have to tell the reason why you are sending the email. What is the motive behind the same? 
  • You have to ask the user to provide their contact information or ask them to click on the link and book slot. (If you have integrations like that). 
  • Lastly, you have to end the message in a professional manner where you push them to book an appointment but at the same time not appear clingy. 

The below example can give you idea of the CRS model 

How can you easily send appointment sales emails?

Sending emails manually could quite be a task since your sales reps are sending different prospects different emails at different stages. One mix-up and all goes in vain. 

In such scenarios, CRM comes into place. You can have CRM that deals with automated email sending to your clients across the sales pipeline. 

Good CRMs like Salesmate even provide you the option to customize your templates and send them at different stages of sales to people all at once. And the best thing is you can attach the calendars for booking to them as per your wish. 

But if you do not have the CRM, you can fix the reminders or daily have a scrum meeting with your sales team. It is a busy and hectic process but it reduces chances of any discrepancies. 

Templates for the reference 

Here is the time for sales email templates that you can trust to pitch for the appointment. 

Template 1- When you are pitching to someone of higher authority in the organization. 

Template 2- When you fixed the appointment and the client did not show up. So, you want to fix the appointment again.

Template 3- When you got a query through chat box or web forms. 

Template- 4 Fixing appointment with someone you recently met 

Template – 5 When you outreach by detecting issue of prospect


The cycle of the business starts when you reach out to the customer. And for reaching out to the customer, you need to fix an appointment. In coming times, having communication through the internet will be crucial and therefore appointment sales email will be playing a major role in it. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check these templates and shoot the sales emails to grab your potential prospects today! 


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