EDS Strategy wanted to scale their product position business but was faced with challenges to organize and scale their sales. With Salesmate, they were able to reach more prospects, increase their average deal size, and grow their pipeline by 10x in a short period.

How Salesmate helped EDS Strategy close deals 3x faster


More deals in the pipeline


Faster deal closures


Increase in deal size

EDS Strategy is an in-store demonstration, merchandising, and sales training firm that focuses on enhancing retail experiences and influencing purchase decisions through retail demonstrations, and helping organizations distill their sales process.

With over 10,000+ successful demos been completed, EDS Strategy stands true to its “Educate, Demonstrate, Sell” approach. Some of the top CPG and high-profile international brands trust EDS Strategy to design, execute and manage their in-store demonstrations and field sales programs.

Founded in 2017, Jesse de Agustin started the company with his own money, made lots of cold calls, and sent texts in order to grow his business.

About EDS Strategy

When Jesse started his new business, he was all on his own, with no external funding backing him up. So, it was all up to him to get the company started and find new paying clients.

Jesse said ,”I loved being in the stores and was passionate about natural food products. So, it started organically where people would come up to me and ask if I had a team for demoing, and that’s where it clicked to me that I want to do this professionally.”

Jesse believed that it’s not about the shiny things- clients want good services and products that meet their needs. So, he made sure that his emphasis was on the sales functions first.

Once you have multiple clients, it can’t be managed on a spreadsheet.

Jesse De Agustin, Founder and CEO

This is what led Jesse to the search for the right CRM.

With Pipedrive as the first CRM that EDS Strategy used, Jesse soon realized that it didn’t provide what he wanted for his business.

“Pipedrive is ‘over-engineered’, putting a lot of things together that made the system run slow but didn’t make the sales process move forward. The email sync didn’t work and the support wasn’t attentive. Also, at that time calling was on a different plan and required a different app.”

The biggest challenge in front of Jesse was that there were a lot of CRMs in the market but none of them seemed user-friendly. He was looking for a CRM that could turn an opportunity into a closed contract.

That’s when he came across Salesmate.

EDS Strategy also uses ActiveCampaign for other use-cases and likes how Salesmate can integrate with this app along with many others. But for a consulting business like Jesse’s, where there was a lot of back-and-forth emailing, he needed software that helped him make phone calls, send texts, and emails automatically.

Jesse believes in “keeping the main thing, the main thing”. He did not want to focus on things that delayed his deals; instead, he wanted an app that allowed him to fast-track his sales process.

He says,“The clients appreciate when you have every information about their business at your fingertips, and that the sales rep knows what they are talking about.”

Salesmate helped EDS Strategy to scale up and have a sales team that is well-equipped with calling and texting.

Once Jesse got his hands on Salesmate, EDS Strategy was unstoppable. Salesmate helped them with remote field sales, organize pipelines, and schedule activities for months in advance.

Jesse also used Salesmate for sales rep training while enabling team collaboration among his sales reps with Team Inbox.

It’s no wonder that Salesmate soon became Jesse’s favorite everyday tool, and he loved working on it.

…I love how I can make calls from the browser itself, and even text my clients from within the CRM – Salesmate has an excellent UI.

Jesse De Agustin, Founder and CEO

“Texts are the best sales tools to reach senior executives. Some of our biggest deals have been negotiated over text messages.” said Jesse.

Along with calling and texting, EDS also uses some robust features within Salesmate, like Sales Sequences, Call Recording, Sales Reports, etc. to automate and scale the customer outreach.

Salesmate allowed EDS Strategy to have a professional sales team that can collaborate better over the CRM with Team Inbox and other helpful features.

All the necessary information regarding every deal is recorded inside Salesmate, which lets the EDS team have a clear idea about each deal in the pipeline, and how to move them forward.

Since EDS Strategy started using Salesmate, they see 10x more deals in the sales pipeline and enjoy 3x faster deal closure. Now they can make calls, send emails, and text from the same platform, and their deal size has increased by 5-10x.

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