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Best professional voicemail greeting examples for your business

Well-crafted and recorded professional voicemail greetings boost your credibility in front of your audience, making you more competent, and encourages your callers to continue their professional relationship with you. We have created some best voicemail greetings that you and your business can use to give you an edge over your competitors.

Here’s how the process looks like:

IVR (optional) > Phone Rings > If the employee does not pick up > Your professional voicemail greeting (opportunity to cross-sell or tell them to drop their message).

“Your professional voicemail greeting message matters.”

Scenarios where customers get directed to voicemail

1. When the executive is busy on another call.

2. When the executive is not able to pick up the call.

3. When the executive cuts the call.

It is important to implement a professional voicemail greeting for each of these scenarios.

So, let’s see how to create your professional voicemail greetings so that you never lose on your customers and prospects whenever your sales team is out of office, on vacation, or busy with other tasks, etc.

Basically, you need to set your voicemail greetings in such a manner that it delivers your message professionally!

Why are voicemail greetings important for your business?

When you call the customer support number of any business you are greeted an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) where you have to choose the department. For example;

Press 1 for Sales

Press 2 for Marketing

Press 3 for Support

Although, IVR is not a compulsion for every business. Many businesses have direct lines, and customers can be directed to voicemail. But a few seconds of greetings before voicemail can be really helpful to your business. Professional voicemail greetings can be used for cross-selling your products and services and also divert your customers to your app and website.You can also use realistic AI voices to power your voicemails.

Here are some of the benefits of creating a business voicemail greeting:

1. Leave a great impression on your customers.

2. Tell them the reason for your unavailability.

3. Redirect them to your website or online store or app.

4. Promote offers and discount details to improve sales.

5. Upsell or cross-sell your products/services.

6. Announce an event or company news.

Quality considerations for your professional voicemail greeting

Consider these points while creating your business voicemail script:

  • Every single call is a lead for you, so either there’s an opportunity to leave a great impression or an opportunity to sell something.
  • Your business voicemail greeting should pass on the right message. 
  • Be apologetic about not receiving the customer call.
  • Voicemails create a visual image of your business in the customer’s mind, so you will need to put a message that represents your business in the best way possible. 
  • You don’t want your customers to be greeted by a robotic and monotonous voice that seems it is dragging the message. Instead, deliver it in a warm and personalized manner. 
  • While setting your business voicemail greeting, give the right amount of consideration to the language and tone.
  • Be considerate. By considerate, we mean to consider the profile of the person who will be listening to the voicemail message. 
  • Tailor the voicemail greeting precisely, so that it is not too straightforward or not too less informative while conveying your message.
  • You have to identify your customer base very carefully. For example; if your clientele comes from young startups, having a casual tone will not be such a bad idea. If they are Wall Street executives, a formal tone will make a better impact on them. 
  • Always be friendly and courteous while you are delivering your voicemail greeting message to the callers via your business voicemail greeting.

Keep your business voicemail greetings up-to-date

  • Once you have a voicemail greeting script that is up to your company standards, get it recorded. 
  • Now test your business voicemail greetings. Allow your co-workers, peers, and friends to make calls to your support numbers and ask for their feedback on the tone and impact of your voicemails. 
  • The most honest message comes from your customer base because they can guide you to the most crucial point they would like to listen to while greeted by your opening message. If they give you feedback, accept it gracefully.
  • Every significant change you bring to your business, change your professional voicemail greeting to share the information.

Keep your voicemail greeting short and simple

  • A very critical point that we would like you to learn is that even though your voicemails greetings are meant to be informative, clear and to-the-point, do not exceed the general time limit and try to keep it as short as possible. 
  • The attention span of your callers is small. Many of the customers may cut the call as soon as they reach your voicemail greeting. 
  • So, don’t waste their time and target a maximum of 10 seconds time for your professional voicemail greeting.

Make sure your voicemail greeting is audible

  • Your voicemail must be recorded by someone whose baritone matches your company’s image and line of work. 
  • Your recorded message must be comfortably audible and must sound firm and welcoming for your callers. 
  • Moreover, remember to ask your recording artist to keep smiling while recording your professional voicemail greeting as it makes an authentic impact on your messages.

These elements are meant to be delivered to the callers while they reach your business voicemail message:

  • Company Name (and tagline in some cases).
  • Your working hours (if that’s the reason you can’t pick up the call).
  • An explanation for your unavailability.
  • Invitation to leave a message, asking for their name and contact number
  • Provide them with alternative options to reach you like website support, FAQs, or email support.
  • Don’t forget to thank them.
  • Return all the calls.

The last point mentioned here is a crucial one for ultimate business success. If you can follow-up on your voicemails, you will develop better goodwill amongst your customers and prospects.

All they need is answer and support, any small or midsize business that cracks this code becomes a favorite amongst their customer base.

Follow up on your messages

Businesses who fail to revert back to the voicemail messages lose valuable customers.

Having a voicemail functionality in your customer support brings a lot of advantages. The biggest advantage of all is – it grants you enough time to understand the customer query and come up with a better solution.

Recorded voicemails also provide a great learning material to new support executive. They can learn a lot about customer tones, emotions, and reactions through these voicemails. Having a smart and productive sales CRM system in place allows small businesses to automate this process.

Salesmate CRM is a perfect choice for your business in such cases. These are some critical information you can get from Salesmate:

1. Analytics that shows total calls, inbound, outbound, and missed calls for each executive.

2. Recorded voicemails right from the CRM.

3. Creates an activity on your system as a reminder to call back the customer.

4. Set up a voicemail greeting message from the CRM system.

Make calls, right from your CRM.

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Voicemail greeting examples for small businesses

Now that we have discussed the crucial details of your professional voicemail greeting message, let’s look of the best voicemail greeting examples that can come in handy for your business. This job isn’t difficult, but you should be careful about this.

What to include in your business voicemail messages with examples?

Let’s share some insights with you on what must be included in your voicemail greetings.

Example 1

A short yet, to-the-point greeting message clearly stating the information required for a proper follow-up. Such words allow business owners to maintain their professional tone giving the necessary attention to the caller.

Example 2

Although this message sounds like the previous example, adding an alternative method for the caller to get in touch with someone allows your business to provide a sense of urgency to your customers and they don’t feel clueless or helpless.

Small business owners must understand this simple fact; if you leave your prospect and customers clueless and without any support, they will search it online and may find your competition which we are sure you would never want to happen.

If you’re using a CRM with built-in calling, you can directly forward such calls to the desired numbers.

Example 3

Yes, this message looks a bit long. However, it also starts off with a very catchy phrase and goes on to provide detailed information to your caller. The additional message of leaving a confidential message makes it easier for callers who are hesitant about leaving the call info over an answering machine.

Situation-based professional voicemail greetings

In this segment, we’re going to see some of the situation-based business voicemail greetings. Let’s have a look:

When you’re on a vacation or leave

Vacation Responder 1

Vacation Responder 2

Vacation Responder 3

When your team is on a holiday

Holiday Responder 1

Holiday Responder 2

Holiday Responder 3

When you’re unable to take the calls

When you cut the customer call

When you’re busy with another call


Callers who try to contact you would like the fact that you provide sufficient information to them without any guesswork. Such a thoughtful professional voicemail greeting will make you stand out in the crowd.

We hope this article provided every small business owner with enough material to create and customize their business voicemail greeting message to establish a smoother follow-up process. Business voicemail greetings are not the biggest part of your business, but there are so many instances where customers get impressed with small things!

And as I said, having a CRM can really help you with your voicemail and calling in general. If you’re looking for such a system, Salesmate can be a solid choice. Check out our every feature by signing up with us. Take the 15 days free trial now!


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