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SaaS startups tools business owners must invest in

Advanced SaaS startup tools are the need of the hour for addressing the new age business challenges.

No matter whether you have just stepped into the business world or are an experienced player you need the right tools to grow and succeed in the highly competitive industry.

SaaS companies are expected to offer quality at each stage of the user experience for being in the customer’s good book.

The good news is that the tech industry is witnessing a surge in state-of-the-art tools that are helping startups and small businesses in embracing growth.

Being a SaaS-based company, you can use these excellent tools to

  • measure metrics
  • understand user behavior
  • manage sales
  • monitor your team
  • track your business progress

Here’s our round-up to top SaaS startup tools business owners must invest in:

1. G-Suite (formerly Google Apps for work)

G-Suite for SaaS

Free yourself from the hassle of managing various tasks like emailing, scheduling appointments and maintaining documents on different platforms.

Bring everything together with G-Suite.

It is a conglomeration of smart apps that help you in working faster and more efficiently.

G-Suite consists of Google Mail, Google Docs, Google Calendar and many other useful apps, that can ease your business operations and save your time.

2. Salesmate – CRM for SaaS

Salesmate CRM for SaaS Startups

It seems difficult to grow the startup without closing enough sales.

Take control over your sales processes and increase your conversion rate with Salesmate SaaS CRM.

Due to its ease of use and excellent capabilities to boost sales, it has become a preferred choice of CRM for startups.

Create visually appealing templates and automate your emails. Efficiently manage deals, make & receive calls from CRM, forecast sales opportunities, create insightful reports, track communication and automate your repetitive task with this best-in-class SaaS CRM.

3. Zonka Feedback

Gather actionable survey insights Zonka Feedback is an NPS survey platform that provides many built-in survey templates featuring targeted questions. It supports multi-channel surveys, to help you reach a wider audience. The key features include audience segmentation, several integrations, and survey customization.

4. ProProfs Help Desk 

Give wings to your support process with ProProfs by effortlessly converting all customer requests/issues into tickets.

Such tickets can be easily tracked, prioritized, assigned, and eventually resolved by your agents. 

In-built integrations such as a dedicated Knowledge base, live chat, and survey, allow you to offer a 360-degree support experience to your customers from across the globe. 

To take a deep dive into customer feedback, you can share customer satisfaction or NPS surveys, once a ticket has been resolved.

5. Wistia – Video Marketing

Wistia for SaaS

Videos marketing is the most effective and fastest route to reach new customers.

With the help of Wistia, a powerful video hosting platform, SaaS startups and small businesses can take their video marketing to a whole new level.

It the best way to drive traffic to your website through marketing videos and generate new leads.

Moreover, with Wistia’s in-depth analytics, you can see how viewers are engaging with your videos and build real-time strategies.

6. Calendly – Meeting Schedule


As a SaaS start-up, the more people you meet, the more opportunities you can embrace. However, with a tight schedule, setting, and organizing meetings would seem like a tedious task. Well, fright not. Calendly makes booking appointments a smooth and easy process.

Just select your preferred time slots and share the Calendly link to your customers. They can easily select the time that works best for them, and an event is added to your calendar.

This high-end SaaS-based tool even lets you embed the link on your website. So your potential buyers can easily choose a convenient time from your website.

7. Mail shake – Email Automation

Mail shake

Being a new business in the market, a smart SaaS tool like Mailshake can help you in generating awareness about your product. You can effortlessly create email campaigns and automate them inside thins intuitive SaaS software. You can use templates to speed-up your email outreach.

Besides sending cold emails to acquaint a prospect with your company and SaaS product, you can even automate your follow-ups inside Mail-shake. It is quick and user-friendly. 

8. ProofHub- Project Management and Team Collaboration

ProofHub is an efficient project management and collaboration tool for startups to stay on top of all projects. Manage projects, organize tasks, and collaborate with team—all in one place.

It helps you organize and assign tasks so that teams focus on things that matter most—the ones they’re working on right now—and letting them know exactly what needs to be done next.

You can also track work all the way to completion through custom workflow and keep everyone on the same page as work progresses.

With ProofHub, connect to your team and clients in real time, no matter where you are through one-to-one conversations or group chats. The Discussions feature lets you organize conversations to bring everyone on the same page.

9. Grammarly – Grammar


Nobody likes to read an email filled with errors. Especially when you are new in the industry, you can’t afford to make mistakes while communicating with the prospect, as it might ruin your business image.

Thankfully with the help of a smart SaaS tool like Grammarly, you can avoid those silly grammatical errors. It notifies you on spelling and grammatical errors as well as provides suggestions to strengthen your content for impressing your prospect.

10. Canva – Designing


Whether you want to create brochures for your saas product or sales presentation, you can design it easily with Canva.

 This cutting-edge SaaS software offers a plethora of powerful features that include a drag-and-drop design tool and an extensive collection of photographs, graphics, and fonts.

You can easily convert data into insightful graphics with this advanced SaaS-based designing tool.

11. VoilaNobert – Email Finder and Verification


Came across a potential prospect through any social media site? Easily find their addresses with VoilaNobert. is a smart SaaS-based tool with a simple interface.

You can even verify the email addresses in your email marketing list using VoilaNobert to ensure you reach out to the people who matter most to your business without fail. In this way, you can reduce your bounce rate and gain more success while prospecting.

12. PropProfs – Employee Training and Customer Support


Whether you want to train your employees or offer excellent customer support to your customers, you can do it with Proprofs.

This SaaS-based software provides a wide array of tools for managing different areas of your startup.

You can track projects as well as tasks, train employees, use live chat to provide support to the customers in real-time, and do a lot more with this advanced SaaS tool.

13. DocuSign – e-Signature


Due to the lengthy procedure, the signing of a document is often delayed. Say goodbye to the old school way of getting a signature with DocuSign.

Using this smart SaaS tool, you can easily get e-signatures. You can prepare and send any kind of contract or documents and get them signed securely. You can even store the signed documents for later reference.

14. QuickVoice – Recording


Not into written notes? Well, you can easily record your conversations with your potential prospects using QuickVoice. (However, ensure you take the permission of your prospect before recording the conversation.)

This high-end SaaS tool has amazing features like voice reminders, one-click recording, and fully featured audio editors. Recording conversations gives you a wealth of information that can be very helpful while closing a deal.

15. Optimizely – A/B Testing

Optimizely for SaaS

Testing is crucial for SaaS companies to know what’s working and what’s not.

With Optimizely, you can create and run bold experiments to take better data-driven decisions.

Easily do A/B test and compare web pages, deliver personalized experiences and track analytics for boosting website conversion rate.

16. GoToMeeting – Demo and Online Conference

GoToMeeting for SaaS

Meet potential prospect from any country, discuss projects with your clients and collaborate with your remote team in real time with GoToMeeting.

It offers unlimited meeting for 100 attendees and is accessible through multiple devices.

Easily hold meetings and conferences from anywhere at any hour of the day with this best-in-class web meeting solution.

17. Buzzsumo – SEO Research Tool

Buzzsumo content for saas startups

Measure the effectiveness of your content marketing programs and stay abreast of the changing content trends with Buzzsumo.

It provides the insights you require to stay on the right track and develop content strategies to capture the attention of your target audience.

Find out what’s working best in your domain, get alerts based on keywords and track topics, backlink as well as competitors with this excellent research tool.

18. Basecamp – Project Management

Basecamp for SaaS Startups

Basecamp helps you in staying on top of all your project and tasks.

Use this Project management tool to assign tasks, collaborate on projects and track milestone of each project.

Get notified about each task, deadlines, workload and complete it on-time without fail.

Basecamps keeps everyone on the same page and provides the flexibility for conducting product-related discussions and share files from one platform.

19. Slack – Internal Communication

Slack for saas business

Bring together multiple communication at one place and maintain transparency with Slack.

Organize categories of communication using channels and hold group communications effortlessly.

Don’t miss any important information, share files with your team and search conversation archives in seconds.

Integrate it with your sales CRM and get updates about the deal for brainstorming new strategies with your team to close it faster.

20. MailChimp – Email Marketing

MailChimp for saas business

Newsletters are the best way to keep your customers informed about new updates and feature.

MailChimp offers tons of ready-made and custom newsletter templates for your business.

Create effective marketing campaigns and convey your product’s message efficiently with this smart email marketing tool.

21. Crisp – Live Chat

Crisp chat for saas business

Stay in touch with your website visitors by connecting with them through Crisp a live chat tool.

Chat with your website visitor and resolve their queries instantly for building lasting bonds.

Don’t cease your communication when your customers go offline; Crisp allows to continue the chats through e-mails.

You can put crisp on all your devices and reply to chat quickly from any location.

22. Chargebee – Recurring Billing and Invoicing


Chargebee is the perfect solution for SaaS-based companies.

Manage your billing, payments, and subscriptions effortlessly with this subscription and billing management solution.

Integrate with 30+ payment gateways worldwide and serve global customers efficiently.

With this top-notch tool, you can set recurring billing workflow and get paid automatically by your customers.

It also allows you to send automated customized invoices after a purchase is made.

23. GrooveHQ – Helpdesk


Provide excellent customer service and gain their loyalty with GrooveHQ, a customizable and scalable help desk program for your business.

Manage your customer emails, live chats, social media posts and calls from one help desk.

It is simple, convenient and quick. Give your customer what they need and nurture relationships with GrooveHQ.

24. KyLeads – Smart Popups and Opt-in Forms


Increase your conversion rate by creating viral quizzes and compelling pop-ups with Kyleads.

It is one of the best tools to attract prospect and engage them.

Kyleads doesn’t only help in building interactive quizzes and pop-ups but also aids in discovering more information about your prospects to tailor your offers to their needs.

25. Hotjar – CRO and Feedback Tool


As a startup or a small business owner, it is in crucial to monitor customer’s behavior and know what are they saying about you.

With the help of Hotjar – all-in-one analytics, and feedback tool, you can understand what the customer wants and which areas of your sites are receiving maximum attention.

Create and distribute surveys to uncover the concerns and requirements of your clients.

Use screen recordings to find out where are the visitors facing issues while exploring your website.

Such insights can be helpful in enhancing user experience and increasing conversions.

26. ContentStudio – Content Discovery & Curation Tool


Manage your social media and content marketing efficiently with ContentStudio.

It is a suite of products for discovering trending content, scheduling posts, monitoring social media, identifying evergreen posts and sharing engaging content.

You can effortlessly manage your social media pages from one place.

It helps you in determining compelling content for attracting your target buyers.

27. Userlane – Navigation System for Software


Userlane is a customer onboarding automation.

It helps SaaS startups with retention and user guidance solution.

SaaS companies can onboard their customers live within their own software application using constant performance support in the form of interactive guides or walkthroughs.

Userlane is simply an overlay that goes on top of the highest layer of any browser-based software application and requires no coding.

Using interactive contextual guidance, it offers a fully interactive experience that significantly enhances the onboarding process.

Hence, eliminating any delays, frustration, and doubt associated with trying to navigate a new application.

28. Buffer – Social Media Marketing

Buffer for SaaS Startups

Keep your social media accounts updated and maintain an active social presence with Buffer.

It is one of the best SaaS Startup tools in the social sphere that allows you to schedule posts, centralize multiple platforms and view analytics of your social media activities.

Increase your product’s visibility and engage better with your potential buyers on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn using this smart social media tool.

29. Boxmode

Boxmode is a brand new website builder that offers the optimal set of tools for your online project, large or small. Thanks to its remarkable scalability, users can efficiently get any type of online presence, from advertising landing pages to complex business sites and online stores. Its ease of use, variety of built-in assets and many useful integrations make Boxmode ideal for beginners and professionals alike.

30. Scalefusion

Cloud and mobility have changed how start-ups work, where employees want access to applications and start-up IP data from anywhere and whatever device they choose.

Scalefusion is a mobile device management (MDM) solution for start-ups to manage their mobile devices.

The platform provides IT admins complete visibility and control over company-owned Windows laptops. Use the Windows device management capability to set up proactive data security measures from a web-based dashboard, passcode policy, BitLocker encryption, VPN, geo-fences, and more.

It’s not only about control but flexibility too. Scalefusion can also help start-ups to embrace BYOD without hesitation. Containerization of employee-owned Android smartphones and tablets helps keep an eye on company data and apps while respecting employee privacy.

Concluding thoughts

These are some of the SaaS startup tools that can boost the growth of your SaaS startup.

However, the issues is that most of the companies don’t make the most of these excellent tools.

To see the real difference in your business, you need to use it sincerely and regularly.

We hope the above list of SaaS startup tools will ease your operation and help you in achieving desired result.


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