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Strategies to boost your sales rep’s interest in a CRM

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As an entrepreneur, you see a CRM software as a catalyst for profit and growth, but your sales team has a different opinion about it as they are expected to deal with it daily along with their high sales targets. With the mounting sales pressure, a CRM software seems like an albatross around the neck for your sales team. Learning a new tool is challenging, and in this case, it also demands extra efforts.

Filling in details about clients consumes time which your sales rep could have spent on convincing a potential prospect. It is an add-on to their routine task which also distracts them as their core focus is sales target which they want to achieve by hook or by crook. You have your money invested in this software, and your sales professionals have their eyes set on the money attached in the form of incentives to close a deal.

If you put yourself in the shoes of your sales rep, these extra efforts will seem frustrating, especially when you are already concentrating on proliferating the revenue ratio of your company. But, as an entrepreneur, you need to change their views about a CRM by showing them the brighter side of using this technology. Make their work as easier as possible to help them have an optimistic view of this technology. CRM is a beneficial tool, but its usefulness depends on the way it is used.

Below are few tips to present a better picture of the CRM software to motivate your sales reps to use it:

Individual training

Sales reps are proficient at selling, it is their core, and they know how to do it well. However, that does not mean they are sound with technology too; some sales reps are not good at quick learning and adapting new technology. So, assign a tech personnel to help the individual sales rep in understanding the system. Only when they are clear with all the function of the software, they can operate it and gradually get accustomed to it.

Integrate your CRM

Make their job easier by integrating your CRM with the applications your sales reps are already using. It will help them in understanding the true potential of the CRM. The more benefits they will come across, the more interested they will be in using the software. By integrating two applications, they can automate the information filling process, and without putting in efforts, they can import all the essential data they need to maintain records. Integration will reduce their load; they can automatically extract data, send bulk emails and follow ups with potential prospects. This will save their time and help them concentrate on achieving their sales target.

Explain its value

Acquaint them with the advantages of a CRM software. We don’t tend to understand the importance of anything till we don’t know its true value. CRM software gives sales rep the flexibility to function at ease by centralizing all the data they need to foster customer relationship. They can instantly access the information they need to interact with their clients from any device at any hour of the day. It will help them in structuring their sales process; they can seamlessly monitor each movement of the prospect as it moves from one stage to another. CRM is a handy tool to create reports and track the records of the clients automatically. Using this high-end technology, sales rep can measure the engagement of the leads and keep an eye on their various activities like calls, emails, and files. It is the best solution to enhance performance and drive sales.

Provide incentives and publicize achievements

It is exasperating when we are forced to do something we dislike. Pressurizing your sales team to use a CRM won’t help, instead try encouraging them through rewards and recognition. Give extra incentives to those who achieve their sales target by sincerely using a CRM. Publicly announce their achievement through emails and meetings so that other too are inspired to willingly use it.

The bottom line

This technology is easy, effective and convenient; your sales rep just needs to understand its real value. CRM isn’t a time waster, in fact, it eases their job and gives them extra time to do more tasks. If utilized in the apt way, CRM can be very beneficial for the sales rep and the company. But, the benefits depend on the CRM you choose. You need to identify the right solution that caters to your business and sales rep need. Cloud CRM like Salesmate is specially designed for sales driven organizations; it automates and streamlines the sales processes to ameliorate the sales rep performance and augment the revenue ratio of the company.

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