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Reliable sales hack to close more deals in less time

Another quarter ends with the same disappointing sales results. It is undoubtedly disheartening when you fail to achieve your sales quota at the end of the month or quarter, isn’t it? 

To break out of this vicious cycle of failure, you’ll have to change your approach and try different things. 

When basketball players or soccer players fail, they do not give up. They explore various strategies and hacks to transform their game. 

Like these players, even you’ll have to play the game of sales differently by trying various hacks and strategies.

“Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying” – W. Clement Stone 

Read on, to find a few sales hacks that can help you in converting more deals into sales.

Win more deals with these 7 sales hacks 

win more deals

Deals slipping from the sales pipeline isn’t a pleasant sight. Here is how you can successfully close them. 

Sales hack 1 – Hit the iron when it’s hot- Reach out to the prospects at the right time 

Hitting at the perfect timing is of paramount importance in sales. When disturbing a prospect with wrongly time communication, you decrease the chances of moving the deal ahead in the sales pipeline. So, be very careful while choosing a time for making a cold call or sending a follow-up email. 

Analyze your sales report, research on the internet, and try to find the best time to reach out to a potential prospect. 

According to the study conducted by Salesmate, 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the evening is the best time to make sales calls. The second best time to make sales calls is in the morning between 10:00 am to 11:00 am. 

As per the data collected by Coschedule, 10 am is the best time to send a sales email. 

Sales hack 2 – Step into your customer’s shoe- Have a customer-centric approach 

Businesses prefer to deal with companies that understand their pain points and challenges. So, have a customer-centric approach. Dig deeper into your potential buyer’s problem and its root cause. 

Find out from where they are facing a specific issue and how is it affecting their business. 

Once you understand their problem, present your product as a solution. Show your prospect how your product can help them overcome a specific issue. Give real-life examples. Share case studies of customers who had a similar problem and try to earn the potential prospect’s trust.

Sales hack 3 – Set yourself up- Don’t appear desperate for the deal

Prospect senses the desperation, and they play more tantrums to get the product at a price they desire. Yes, you have high pressure to meet the sales quotas, but you need to stay calm and take each step smartly. Do not emit a vibe of desperation.

Instead, gain the upper hand by conveying the value of your product. Explain the consequences of not using your product. Make them realize that they need your product rather than making them feel that you are desperate for their paycheck. 

Sales hack 4 – GIve another try – Make at least three to four attempts 

Successful salespeople don’t give up easily, which is why they successfully hit their sales targets. The sales reps who don’t follow-up get stuck in the cycle of failure. 

“44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up call”

If a prospect doesn’t receive your call or respond to your email, do not jump to the conclusion that he/she isn’t interested in your product. 

Persistence is an essential trait in sales. Keep trying with unwavering determination; follow-up consistently. 

There are chances that the prospect might be busy. So try to reach out to your prospect again on a different day. You can even use a modern sales tool that allows you to put your follow-up on auto-pilot. This will help you in saving time. 

Sales hack 5 – Explore different channels – Try texts or LinkedIn to connect 

Do not confine yourself to sales calls and emails, explore different communication channels to nurture your deals. You can connect with your prospects through text messages(SMS). People respond quickly to text messages. 

“90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes 

So use text messages to follow-up and send reminders to your prospects. Besides text messages, you can leverage the power of LinkedIn to build and maintain a healthy relationship with your prospects. Follow your prospects on LinkedIn. Comment on their posts If you find something interesting, discuss it while conversing over the phone. Try to make them as comfortable as possible. 

Sales hack 6 – Be prepared – list down objections and find ways to tackle it 

In sales, you often face objections. Instead of ignoring them, try to find ways to tackle them. Create a list of objections that you normally face during a sales call and find ways to address them.

You can even take the guidance of your seniors who have experience in handling such challenging sales situations. Have mock call sessions with them and practice turn around for various sales objections. 

Sales hack 7 – Embrace modern technology – Use a sales CRM software 

Use the best CRM software to make your work easier. With a CRM tool, you can streamline your sales process, automate various time-consuming tasks, and increase your productive hours. 

This smart tool gives you a clear view of all the deals in your pipeline so that you can act in real-time to convert them quickly. Besides, through detailed reports, you can collect vital sales insights that can help you in improving your performance. 


We hope these sales hacks will help you in improving your sales results. Keep working on improvement areas to increase your success rate. Analyze your sales performance regularly using insightful sales reports. With the help of an advanced sales tool like Salesmate CRM, you can effortlessly create detailed sales reports to track your progress. Salesmate gives you a clear pipeline view of all your sales deals. You can track them and act in real-time to nurture and convert them quickly. 


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