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Complete list of marketing automation statistics

Complete list of marketing automation statistics for 2023

The majority of companies have started implementing marketing automation to scale their business process. So, if you’re still contemplating, this blog contains some insightful marketing automation statistics that can help in your decision-making process.

You must be wondering, how important is marketing automation for any business? With marketing automation, you can streamline your sales, marketing, and customer support processes so that your team can focus on generating more revenue.

Moreover, marketing automation also helps businesses in optimizing their marketing automation strategy.

Well, keep on reading and you’ll see how growing marketing automation trends have changed the game for so many businesses!

Marketing automation effectiveness statistics

We are aware that marketing automation is preferred by many marketers, but how effective is it? Many marketing automation users have experienced rapid growth in their business, hence its effectiveness knows no bounds.

Effectiveness of marketing automation statistics
  1. After using marketing automation, sales productivity increased by 14.5%

If your sales team is constantly losing out on important leads, then it’s time to introduce marketing automation in your business. Marketing automation not only increases the sales productivity by 14.5% but also reduces overheads by 12.2% and impacts overall marketing efforts.

  1. 80% of marketers witnessed an increase in leads after getting marketing automation

Currently, most of the leading companies are using marketing automation in their business. Hence, it has resulted in higher leads and improved engagement with the customers. By using features such as lead scoring in marketing automation, you can capture high-quality leads for your company and reach your goals faster.

  1. 63% of the companies that used marketing automation outperformed their competitors
marketing automation budget statistics

Every industry has gotten competitive, so if you want to stay on top of the competition, you need to implement effective marketing automation strategies. And one of them is marketing automation, which can help you gain an edge over your competitors.

  1. Marketing automation can lead to a 451% increase in qualified leads

According to Carlos Hidalgo by Annuitas Group, businesses that used marketing automation to nurture their leads experienced a 451% increase in qualified leads.

  1. 36% of marketers use marketing automation to eliminate repetitive tasks

By using different types of marketing automation, you can easily automate your manual activities and focus more on important tasks.

  1. 1/3rd of marketers use automation for chatbots

As it gets difficult to stay available for all your website visitors and customers, more and more marketers have started using automated chatbots to improve customer support.

Marketing automation adoption statistics

Now that you know the effectiveness and benefits of marketing automation, in this section, I’ve compiled a list of marketing automation adoption statistics.

  1. 63% of marketers are planning to increase their marketing budgets

As marketers are already using marketing automation in their business, they’re also planning to increase the marketing automation budget access to advanced features.

  1. The marketing automation software industry was worth $6.1 billion USD last year

The marketing automation industry is rapidly growing. In fact, the current worth of $6.1 billion dollars is expected to double in size by 2023.

  1. Currently, 480,000 use marketing automation for their business

According to Bold Digital, over 480,000 websites were using marketing automation technology for their business, and that figure has only increased since then.

  1. 3/4th of all companies use marketing automation

Now that marketing automation has become highly essential, approximately 75% of companies have started using it for their business processes.

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Marketing automation ROI statistics

When it comes to implementing any marketing automation tool, you need to find out how it will help you generate higher ROI. Check out these interesting statistics on marketing automation ROI –

  1. 77% of marketers have witnessed an increase in conversion due to marketing automation
  2. By automating lead nurturing, you can convert 15-20% of potential buyers to customers
  3. Increasing marketing ROI is the top priority of 65% of marketing influencers when using marketing automation software
  4. Marketing automation helps in reducing the marketing overhead by 12.2% 
  5. 57% of B2B marketers use value and response metrics to measure ROI
  6. 63% of marketers that implement marketing automation have seen positive results within 6 months 
  7. 45% of marketers have mentioned that lead scoring and lead qualifications are core features of marketing automation
marketing automation function statistics

Marketing automation challenges statistics

While using marketing automation is beneficial for your business, it’s also important to take a look at the challenges faced by other marketers.

  1. 16% of marketers believe that their primary challenge is to create quality automation 

One of the most common challenges that marketers are facing is creating a top-quality automation process for their business. This can be due to the complex workflows of certain marketing automation software. Moreover, other challenges included integration and content creation using automation.

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  1. Only 17% of marketers use A/B testing on landing pages to improve conversion 

While A/B testing is highly efficient to measure your landing page performance, only 17% of marketers are using that feature. Such low implementation of A/B testing can leave a negative impact on your landing page conversion.

  1. 20% of agencies struggle to find the right marketing automation tool 

Marketing automation will only give you desired results if you have selected the right marketing automation platform for your business.

If you’re confused about which marketing automation tools to get for your company, here is our complete article – 15+ Best marketing automation software for 2023.

  1. 55.6% of companies have mentioned that they don’t use marketing automation because they lack expertise

When you’re using a marketing automation tool that requires high expertise for creating workflows, the process is going to get more complex. Therefore, you need to select a marketing automation software that is easy to use.

  1. Only 8% of companies use marketing automation to engage with customers 

Whether it’s using marketing automation to nurture leads or executing email campaigns, you can automate various processes and engage with your customers. However, only 8% of companies are actually using a marketing automation tool to connect with customers.


It’s safe to say that marketing automation is becoming an increasingly important part of many businesses’ digital marketing strategies. The benefits are clear—more efficient lead management, better ROI, and so on.

But there are still some challenges that need to be overcome before all businesses start witnessing marketing automation success.

So, get started with marketing automation now and level up your business!

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