How CRM telephony can help your small business grow

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Technology has played a pivotal role in the modern business domain. One such technological miracle is the introduction of CRM telephony.

Most business owners search for various ways of cutting down their initial set up costs while dreaming big for their startups.

All those small and midsize business owners struggle to allocate their finances to proper channels.

They spend numerous dollars on various sources for building a perfectly functional and economically beneficial sales process.

The internet provides numerous links to various articles that will talk about the jargons taught to you in the business schools.

Yet, they will not provide the precision to what you are looking for in the first place.

In this article, we will not talk about numerous ways of redoing what you have already learned.

We are going to talk about a merger between the most powerful sales tools and convenient methods of connecting with your prospects.

What is a virtual phone system?

  • A cloud-based CRM telephony system is rooted on the internet.
  • This allows users to make calls from laptops or smartphones.

Cloud-based phone systems provide a certain amount of mobility to you.

The flexibility of working from any location with robust features.

CRM telephony is an affordable solution for small businesses and startups.

How does CRM telephony work?

  • Phone systems have seamlessly integrated themselves with cloud technology.
  • They have enabled users to take a virtual PBX (private branch exchange) with themselves.
  • PBX uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology instead of the wired phone lines.
  • Thus, making it easier for businesses to avoid the cobwebs of wiring and hardware investments.
  • You can make phone calls simply using your internet connection from any device.

The best part about using a CRM telephony system is that there is no additional cost for any hardware.

You only need a sturdy internet connection.

It functions on your smart devices for making and receiving phone calls.

Sales CRM with a virtual phone system for small businesses

Let’s discuss some of the features sales CRM with a virtual phone system provides for small businesses and startups.

1. Ease of Set up

  • Choose your desired local, mobile, and toll-free virtual phone number(s) from a list of 80 plus countries.
  • Purchase the number(s) and assign it to your team members.
  • Start calling directly from your CRM system.

2. Built-in Dialer

  • Type in the desired number, copy it from your contact list or just directly call one of your contacts with click to call functionality.
  • Sales teams save a lot of time in doing so as they do not have to switch between two applications for making their daily sales calls.

3. Add Notes

While making calls sales personnel have the habit of taking notes on a notepad.

Though this is a handy option, there are chances that the notepad will get lost and so will the important conversation.

  • With VoIP based CRM system, it is easier to take notes while communicating with prospects or clients.
  • You can make notes and save them, and they will get reflected in your activity timeline.

4. Auto Call Logging, Recording and Reports

As a sales manager, you have to keep a tab on the sales calling activity of all your sales personnel are conducting.

  • With a sales calling software, you can rest assured that the calls made by your sales reps are getting automatically logged as an activity.
  • You can merge the activity if it clashes with a scheduled call for a particular contact or deal or saves it as a new one.
  • All the calls will get recorded, So you can use the recorded calls for feedback and training purposes.
  • Such systems also allow you to generate reports on the number of calls made, the duration and cost incurred.

5. Automatic Call Distribution

A CRM telephony enables users to distribute inbound calls as per their convenience.

Let’s say you have sales reps who are working for you in two different shifts or are operating from different time zones.

Now depending upon their availability and your working hours you can decide whether you want a Sequential or a Simultaneous ringing.

Sequential Ringing

  • When set to sequential ringing all your inbound calls can be directed to designated users in a sequential manner.
  • Depending on their availability the call will get transferred to the next person.
  • The CRM telephony system will also try to equally distribute the call volume amongst the designated users.
  • This takes out the extra pressure of inbound call traffic.

Simultaneous Ringing

  • In this mode, all the inbound calls can be directed to all the designated users at the same time.
  • Depending on their availability to the workstation they can answer the calls.

6. Greetings and Call Forwarding

  • To make your organization look more professional the caller gets greeted with an actual human greeting.
  • The business owner can also keep custom greeting messages be it a promotional offer, a seasonal discount or something else.
  • Users can set welcome and busy messages as per their requirements so that the caller is not clueless about the call.
  • You also have the option of forwarding the inbound calls to the smartphones of your sales reps.

How do SMBs benefit from using a CRM telephony feature?

Budget, resource allocation, time, human labor and many more things come into consideration for making the most out of the available options.

CRM telephony is very crucial for small businesses and startups.

This cloud-based CRM + VoIP solution is cost-effective and crucial for driving customer interaction.

Ease of Setting Up Virtual Global Office

Using virtual phone system-based CRM you can seamlessly collaborate with your remote team members.

If any of the designated sales team members are not available, you can make sure that the lead or customer is followed up with easy reminders.

Using the call forwarding feature, you can route calls to their smartphones too.

This way small business owners can decrease the chances of missed sales opportunities.

With the insightful reporting feature, you can monitor your sales team’s productivity in real-time and make amends whenever required.


What is the most crucial point that small businesses and startups struggle with?


CRM with built-in telephony system comes with affordable pricing. Businesses can use it for making or receiving calls.

The most beneficial part of using this sales calling software is that business owners can avoid those heavy expenses.

That too on local and international calls.

Everything is cloud-based.

So using such a telephony system requires no on-site hardware assembly; hence there is no initial setup cost.

Hassle-Free Setup

With a CRM telephony, it gets easier for the users to get the major benefits of two systems at the price of one.

Select and purchase the virtual phone number of your choice from the list of available countries.

  • Select local, mobile, or toll-free number.
  • Make calls using VoIP with your current internet connection.
  • Assign the purchased virtual phone numbers to your sales reps, no matter where they are located.


Your sales team can handle calls and easily engage potential customers in a conversation.

The option of managing all inbound/outbound phone calls from multiple devices allows your sales team to be more productive.

Using automation, your sales calls get logged automatically.

All the data related to the prospect or customer is available to your sales team with a single click.


Small businesses and startups look for many alternatives that can best suit their working style and hours.

Having a sales CRM telephony system feature is just the right weapon they need in their armory to win new leads and close more deals.

While managing their deals, they can also make sure that their leads are getting followed up in a timely manner.

This can be done without any hassle of integrating their CRM with an expensive third-party telephony system.

Salesmate CRM with its latest built-in calling feature enables a working sales environment where everything is just a click away.

Centralized call data repository, accessible from any place and on any device.

Call recording and ability to take down notes against the contact.

A team that can be spread over various geographical locations but is always on the same page with proper data synchronization.

A CRM system that allows you to make and receive international calls at an affordable rate!

What else can a business entity want to taste success!

If you have any queries related to the built-in calling feature do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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