It’s the small things that often make a significant impact. And herewith we will like to share some improvements and changes that have been built inside Salesmate to increase your productivity.

1. Contact and Company types


We have introduced a new field for both contact and companies. This helps you categorize your records in a much more efficient manner. The field also comes with color-coding to give you a much better visualization of the contacts and companies. This feature is also available on our mobile apps. Read more

2. Associated Contacts – New Smart field for company

Associated Contacts

You get a new smart field inside Salesmate for the company module. This will auto calculate the number of associated contacts with a company. Easily find companies with or without contacts and plan your outreach or internal data collection activities.

3. Quick Activity Filters

Quick Activity Filters

We have revived our activity listing page, giving you more options to filter activity quickly using activity types and due period.

4. New User Screen

New User Screen

We have improved our user listing screen to show better and clear information about user ids and whether they have enabled Two-factor authentication or not.

5. Better Handling of Missed Calls

Better Handling of Missed Calls

We are changing our missed call handling functionality. If you have missed any incoming call, then it will not be auto-logged as a closed activity, but it will remain in open status. So the user doesn’t miss that out and can manually close it.

Mobile app updates

Calendar view and text conversation view is now available on Salesmate mobile apps too.

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