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To deliver exceptional customer experience (CX), you must go beyond traditional sales

Today, the sales scenario is evolving exceptionally, adapting to technological evolution for maximizing their conversion ratio. Although the ultimate target or goal for any business is to earn the revenue. It becomes very important for them to understand that for doing so, they need to pay close attention to the customer’s journey while being with them for fulfilling their goods and service needs.

What is Customer Experience (CX) and why is it important for your business?

The interaction customers have with your organization while making purchases can be summed up as customer experience.

Why is it important for your business?

A good customer experience will provide an insight into their overall experience while dealing with your business. It is valuable for every organization for these reasons:

  • Less Churn Rate: As a business, you will understand that retaining regular buyer is easy and profitable than searching for new ones. Better experience equals more chance of customer retention.
  • Easy Revenue: Increasing the customer’s lifetime value for the company is an important aspect of the business. By providing a holistic experience to your customer, you increase your chances upselling to your current customer pool.
  • Loyalty: If you are providing better customer experience then the loyalty on their behalf increases plus they also get you more business by referring you to their circle.

How your business can go outside the traditional sales scenario to enhance the customer experience?

Though technologies have been assisting the new age sales scenario in numerous ways, you cannot rule out the human instinct and experience when it comes to handling the customer for your organization. The top-performing sales professionals rely on the sales technology for growing the business and achieving their sales targets by closing maximum deals.

But, how is technology affecting the sales scenario? This is where the concept of Social Selling comes on. 90% sales professionals have started clubbing their CRM with the social selling tools because of their belief that both deliver higher value against the effort they are putting in.

Around 70% sales professionals use social selling tools that include LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook because they see these tools as relationship building tools that make a better impact on the revenue.

Some facts that will help you understand how technology has changed Sales

Sales technology was previously limited to just CRM, but with the technological advancements businesses have embraced the digital tools and are using it for making satisfactory progress while closing deals and generating revenue.

CRM’s have now embedded digital tools in their system that assists the businesses in tackling their entire sales process with ease.

  • CRM: 33% of CRM users are spending 3-5 hours using CRM sales tools, and around 24% spend more than 10 hours using CRM tools in a week
  • Sales Intelligence: 33% users spend around 3-5 hours every week using sales intelligence tools
  • Social Selling: 28% users spend around 3-5 hours per week whereas 20.9% of the users spend 5-10 hours per week using social selling tools
  • Productivity Apps: 30% of users spend 3-5 hours per week using the productivity apps
  • Email Tracking: 26% of the users spend 3-5 hours in a week using the email tracking tool

Many other aspects of Sales have changed

Businesses and people change various aspects of their way of doing business. The dynamic nature of the market amplifies the need of adapting to anything that is thrown their way.

Multiple Roles for Sales Reps

Technological changes have pushed the sales reps one step ahead while managing their role in the organization. While cold calling has always been the norm of this industry, today the scenario is slightly different. The sales reps are not only prepared with the background of the prospect’s company but are also well prepared for answering the various questions that will be asked to them.

Moreover, instead of just doing the pure selling, the sales reps now work in synchronization with the marketing department and use various marketing tools like marketing emails and LinkedIn for educating the prospect about the pain points he might be facing and how his company can benefit with product and services.


Technology is a boon, but sometimes it takes the better of you. Before making any kind of purchase today, we all go for the reviews and rating section to know what others have to say about the product of service. With rating and reviews being accepted and published by Yelp, Google, and Facebook, etc., buyers get influenced.

Sales reps today are aware of this trend and leverage the helpful reviews in favor of the company and make sure that negative reviews are dealt with professionally.

Multi-Channel Selling

Sales and marketing departments have blurred the line between them and work together. While marketers are developing various marketing content salespeople are using them for educating the prospects about their company and its product and services.

Face-to-face sales is still around, and print media and trade shows still pull the crowd, but for marketers and salespeople, the actual point of selling has changed.

In a brief’

The sales process is not just about selling and maximizing your revenue anymore. It has moved one step ahead thanks to the customer-centric approach and the importance that is given to customer experience.

Investing time in knowing your prospect and understanding their need is very much important for convincing them that your product and services are going to solve their problem.

To get out of your traditional sales strategies and make a connection with your customers, you need to do the following things.

Personalized E-mail

A wonderful way of getting insights about your business and measure the quality of the customer experience is – sending a personalized email to your customers.

These can be part of an automated process, but you must focus more on the part where these emails are personalized for the customers. By doing so, you are letting the customer know that you value their needs and you will ensure they are being met.

Increase Accessibility with Video

Here we are talking about Video tools such as Skype, GoToMeeting, etc. that can be used by the sales reps for setting up video call with their clients and prospects. Not every time your sales rep or the prospects and customers will have time to have a face-to-face meeting unless you are inviting them for a video call.

Social Media

Today social media is one of the strongest tool that every business is using. But, these businesses make one small mistake, on social media sites they try to look cool by having loads of followers while following only a few. Building customer relationship is always a two-way thing. If a customer start following you on social media pages, it becomes mandatory for you to follow them back. The reason customers join your pages is that they want to know what latest news is coming out from your end that will benefit them in a certain timeline. Plus following them makes them realize that your business takes notice of their customer.

All of the activities mentioned above are now clubbed into your customer relationship management (CRM) system and are made available to the users via integrations if they do not come along in the package. With automated workflows, you can make the task of connecting with your customer seamless. You can always be on the know and never miss the chance of converting prospects into customers.


Apart from the customer front, CRM also helps you streamline your sales team. With report and various other productivity apps, you can make sure that your sales team is not missing their deadline and is not causing any revenue loss to the business.

Salesmate CRM understands the fact that being dynamic and adapting to the ever-changing market trends are the secret of staying ahead of the competition. If you need to know more about the various ways Salesmate can assist you in delivering an exceptional customer experience, then get in touch with our team.


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