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Inspiring businesses that started during a pandemic

Pandemic has revolutionized the way we execute business strategies. The companies that were operating 100% offline also changed their path and made an online presence. 

We all spent a lot of time at home, and that also brought up business ideas in many aspiring entrepreneurs. The best part is that some of them actually executed these ideas  

What inspired you to start your business, that too during a global pandemic? 


Bejamin Poirrier 

CEO & Founder, Prodima 

The main reason I launched my agency was that I was expecting the world to become more and more digital due to remote work & social distancing. Businesses had to initiate their digital transformation to make it through. They couldn’t rely on brick-and-mortar businesses anymore. In short, I started this business to satisfy growing demand. 


Ha Anh – Luu 

Marketing Manager, Bloock 

Although the background and knowledge of blockchain started in the early 2010s, the pandemic accelerated the need and the request to increase the trust and transparency of companies. 

There is an immense growth in digital adoption and companies realize they have to reinvent the way they interact with customers to improve their credibility and reach the demands that customers have. The pandemic accelerated this need to improve the confidence in the messaging and guarantee the expectations from customers. 

Attributes like “green”, “ethic”, “sustainable” have to be proved and companies are looking for technologies to support their needs. 

What are challenges did you face? 


Rafal Mlodzki

CEO & Co-Founder, Passport Photo Online 

We owned a well-prospering photobooths network for the entertainment industry, but as you can imagine, the Pandemic has hindered our business growth. We did not give ourselves for defeat. And we started asking questions like: How can we use our resources to create something new and innovative, practical and helpful?  

Online document photo was the answer! 

Well, we started to develop our own algorithm, creating a sophisticated AI tool that could efficiently meet our customers’ needs. Thanks to our service, people can renew their IDs or passports without leaving home. 


Ha Anh – Luu 

Marketing Manager, Bloock 

It is very difficult to start developing a solution without customer interaction. We ended up being closed at our homes for several months, without visiting customers to see how they work and share their experiences.

Having all your talent developing at home without clients’ validation is difficult because sometimes you might over-develop certain functionalities or areas that your potential customers do not prioritize. 

Our chances to interact and validate our MVPs with customers have been very small during the pandemic since companies have been focusing a lot on how to reinvent the way they were working. 

What are the key learnings you would like to pass on to aspiring entrepreneurs? 


Charles Brecque 

CEO, Legislate 

I would recommend entrepreneurs to not get discouraged by the candidates who reject their offers, especially in the early days of the company when there is no traction or no team.

Persistence and open-mindedness will ultimately lead to meeting the right hire. The second tip would be to hire candidates who fit in your culture as it will make the work environment an enjoyable place to work.

Finally, being a founder can be lonely so I would recommend entrepreneurs meet and establish friendships with other entrepreneurs who have been through similar struggles and can therefore help them overcome them. 


Ha Anh – Luu 

Marketing Manager, Bloock 

Do not get discouraged by the external adversities, even if it is a big pandemic like the one we had to deal with. Everything can be done with work, attitude, and finding the right stakeholders. 


Despite facing challenging situations, these entrepreneurs made a way for their ideas and emerged as successful startup entrepreneurs. Moreover, the pandemic startups inspired others to follow the suit and start a business and create opportunities during the time where everyone had lost hope.  

Jainy Patel

Being an ardent reader and content editor, Jainy draws inspiration from every situation and story. She spends her time developing creative content to invoke the reader's interest. An ambivert with an interest in art, when she's not writing, you'll find her reading or occupied in a creative project.

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