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Boost Your Online Sales for Valentine’s Day with These Tips

Boost Your Online Sales for Valentine’s Day with These Tips

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Just because you don’t sell chocolates and jewelry doesn’t mean that you can’t increase your business’ sales for Valentine’s Day. It’s a profitable holiday for all businesses. In fact, according to Valentine’s Day statistics for 2016, reported by , Americans spent an average of $147 per person on Valentine’s gifts totaling nearly $20 billion as a whole. And almost a third of those sales were completed online.

So, whether you sell clothing, electronics, or something else, now is a good time to update your website and boost your Valentine’s Day sales. Here are some quick and easy ideas on just how to do that.

Make it Romantic

One of the easiest ways to show your customers that you are celebrating Valentine’s Day is to decorate your website accordingly. Changing the theme on your homepage by adding images of flowers, hearts, and candy, or even just changing the color scheme to red and pink, are some quick ways to remind your shoppers that the holiday is getting close. Showcasing personalized, novelty items, and gift cards will go great with your new romantic theme.

Bundle Products

Try bundling some of your best-selling products with slower-moving merchandise to increase sales. Customers love to get more for their money, and not only will you increase sales, you will get some of your old inventory off your shelves.

Run a Contest

Do something fun on your social media pages that will encourage shoppers to buy. It’s easy to get your customers to participate in contests on Facebook. ’’Contest ideas include asking Facebook followers to post a photo and have people vote on it. The phentermine winner gets a discount to your product or service,’’ is just one option suggested on American Express’ . You can also have followers like and share your posts by offering a drawing where one (or more) lucky participants will receive a discount or other prize.

Running a contest doesn’t have to be difficult. Make it easy and fun for your followers and they will be engaged and more likely to buy, and you may just get some free word-of-mouth marketing in the process.

Add a Gift-Finder Feature

Spotlight some of your products by adding a ’’Gifts for Her’’ or ’’Gifts for Him’’ section on your website. Your customers who are already looking for Valentine gifts, and even those who aren’t, will be curious to see which products are on your lists. Remember, the gifts you highlight don’t have to be typical Valentine’s Day gifts like flowers and jewelry, there are many shoppers who don’t go the traditional route for the holiday.

Offer E-Gifts

For your customers who don’t know what to get their loved one for Valentine’s Day, or for last-minute shoppers, offer electronic gifts like e-gift certificates that can be purchased and then delivered to the recipient via email on Valentine’s Day.

Use Email to Reach Out

Send your customers (or V-mails, as the case may be) that highlight the holiday and any specials or deals you have going on. Many businesses start Valentine’s Day messaging in early January, and the most popular days for V-mails are February 8 and 12. Email your customers on those days to remind them about your products and how they can make some last-minute purchases.

Whatever you decide to do to boost your store’s online sales this Valentine’s day, be sure that it piques your customers’ curiosity. That’s what will encourage more engagement and more buying. Give some of the above strategies a try ’ they are easy and can boost sales when you do them right.

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