The steady rise in sales is one thing that small businesses need to survive and thrive in this highly competitive business world. Just creating good business strategies or hiring skilled sales team is not enough. To drum up sales and surpass your competitors, you need much more than these business fundamentals.

It is highly necessary to stay on top of all the latest sales apps for embracing lucrative opportunities. Many sales apps have captured the attention of small businesses in 2019 and helped them in increasing their efficiency as well as sales.

Below are the best sales apps of 2019 that every sales rep should consider implementing for scaling sales success.

30 top apps for sales reps in 2019

The impact of daily sales apps  in modern business is immeasurable. A lot can be done by using the right sales productivity tools. With the high-end sales team tools you can not only increases your sales but also improve internal team collaboration for offering better services to the clients

Below are the best sales apps of 2019 that every sales rep should consider implementing for scaling sales success.

  1. Slack – Team communication
  2. MailChimp – Marketing automation
  3. Salesmate – Sales CRM
  4. Hunter – Email hunter
  5. Badger Maps  – Route planner for sales
  6. Zoom – Video Conferencing
  7. ‎Circleback – Address book management
  8. Feedly – News aggregator application
  9. Evernote – Note taking app
  10. Tripit – Travel planner and itinerary
  11. Basecamp – Project management
  12. Doodle – Meeting scheduling
  13. Leadfeeder – Website visitor tracking
  14. Expensify  – Expense management
  15. Chorus – Conversation intelligence platform
  16. Lastpass – Password manager
  17. HelloSign – Electronic signature
  18. RescueTime – Time management app
  19. Gong – Conversation intelligence
  20. Detective by Charlie – Sales prospecting
  21. Radius – B2b prospecting
  22. Brainshark – Sales enablement
  23. FullContact – Contact management
  24. Bidsketch – Proposal software
  25. Insideview – Sales and marketing intelligence
  26. Saleslio – Sales scripts creation
  27. Cavlry – Written emails for sales
  28. Invoice2go – Professional invoicing
  29. Aircall – Virtual phone number
  30. Sharekits – Proposal and content sharing

1. Slack – Team communication

Slack sales team communication for reps

Boost collaborative productivity and communicate seamlessly with your team using Slack. It is one of the most reliable sales team tools. Connect remote teams and centralize communication with this best-in-class messaging app. Discuss projects, share files and maintain transparency within your team. Moreover, you can even integrate it with your CRM for managing your sales deals more efficiently.

  • Create channels for various topics
  • Work with external contacts by adding them as guests
  • Set reminders and complete tasks on-time
  • Star a vital message to find it easily

2. MailChimp – Marketing automation

Mailchimp marketing automation

Avoid investing in expensive tools for creating successful email campaigns, instead, take a cost-effective route by using MailChimp. With more than nine million users, MailChimp is one of the most popular apps for email marketing.

Send email in seconds with its well-designed templates and measure the effectiveness of your outbound emails with valuable analytics. Moreover, it even renders the flexibility to integrate with various third-party applications for syncing customer data and streamlining workflows.

3. Salesmate – Sales CRM

Salesmate sales crm for sales reps

Organize your sales and increase your conversions with Salesmate CRM. It is a highly advanced sales CRM smartly designed to tackle the new age businesses and sales challenges. Salesmate gives you more control over your sales and helps you in building a long-term customer relationship. With this intelligent sales app –

  • Keep a tab on your sales activities
  • Effortlessly manage your sales process
  • Automate time-consuming tasks
  • Schedule appointments and set reminders
  • Measure vital metrics with insightful reports
  • Anticipate future opportunities
  • Systematically structure customer data
  • View past and present status of the pipeline deals
  • Sales email tracking made easy

4. Hunter – Email hunter

Hunter Email hunter for sales prospect

Need to find email addresses of your prospects? Take the help of Hunter and get connected with professionals who matter to your business. Just by typing the first name, last name or the company website, you can find the email addresses of company and verified domain publicly available on the web. It is simple and quick. Hunter is one of the best apps for finding business emails for sales prospecting.

5. Badger Maps  – Route planner for sales

BadgerMap route planner for sales reps

Don’t keep your clients waiting; find the fastest route to reach them with Badger Maps, a high-end daily sales app. It is a route mapping app specially designed for sales reps. So, now spend less time on the road and more time in nurturing deals. Visualize your territory, find new leads and plan your schedules instantly using Badger Maps.

6. Zoom – Video Conferencing‎

Zoom video conferencing for sales

Cut down your travel expenses and save time by holding meetings, conferences, and webinars online with Zoom, the leader in modern enterprise video communications. It is the perfect solution to conduct distance meetings. Easily share screens with your prospects and give effective sales presentations from anywhere at any hour of the day using this advanced sales productivity tool.

7. Circleback – Address book management

Circleback - Address book management for sales

Good communication is crucial for building lasting relationships. However, it becomes difficult to maintain meaningful connections when your contacts are not updated or scattered over places. Avoid such clutters and manage contacts with ease using Circleback. It is one of the best sales productivity tools that keep your information up-to-date and organized.

  • Connect multiple networks in a unified address book
  • Scan business cards and add new contacts instantly
  • Remove duplicate entries and keep your address book clean
  • Integrate it with your sales CRM to ensure your contacts and deals are updated

8. Feedly – News aggregator application  Feedly - News aggregator application for sales reps

Don’t miss an important piece of news related to your industry; stay updated with the latest trends and global happenings using Feedly. Now you don’t need to revisit a website for reading relevant information; find all the news, articles and content you like on a single platform with this cutting-edge daily sales app. Track what you’ve been reading by referring Feedly’s history and get suggestions for new blogs that might interest you.

9. Evernote – Note taking app

Evernote notes taking for sales reps

Take your market research beyond bookmarks and eliminate scrap papers with Evernote, a widely used daily sales app. It is a digital storehouse for all your crucial data. You can not only maintain a wide range of content but also store images, record notes and upload PDF files in this smart note taking application.

  • Manage content from any internet-connected device
  • Tag your notes for quick reference
  • Create shortcuts to your frequently accessed files
  • Directly attach pictures and audios to your notes
  • Easily set reminders for your tasks and projects.

10. Tripit – Travel planner and itinerary

Tripit trip planner

Do you need to frequently travel to meet your clients or attend business trade fairs in different cities? Streamline your travel plans at one place and stay organized with Tripit. Everything from your flight details to your hotel booking is easily available at a glance in this advanced daily sales app. Tripit provides a master itinerary for each of your trips to ensure you don’t face any trouble while traveling.

11. Basecamp – Project management

basecamp task and project management

Complete your sales tasks on-time and collaborate with your team for brainstorming new ideas using Basecamp, a project management app. It is one of the most preferred sales team tools used by teams of all sizes. Eliminate complexity and keep your projects as well as communications centralized. Know who’s working on which project and what are the current updates.

  • Keep everyone in the loop and hold discussions about a project
  • Receive an email notification whenever a new task is assigned, or an old task is due
  • See tasks, deadlines, and events in one view with Basecamp Calendar
  • View every detail related to a project in one place
  • Share large files without any hassle

12. Doodle – Meeting scheduling


Simplify the process of setting meetings and quickly find a convenient time to meet your potential prospects with Doodle. Avoid conflicting bookings and stay on track with this excellent daily sales app.

No matter whether you need to coordinate with 30 volunteers for a huge event or with your small team for a monthly meeting, with Doodle you can keep everyone on the same page by seamlessly scheduling events and meetings without burning a hole in your budget.

13. Leadfeeder – Website visitor tracking


Keep an eye on your website visitors with Leadfeeder. Know who is visiting your site and what pages are they looking at with this high-end marketing tool. It is the best way to convert site visitors into leads. Leadefeeder integrates with various marketing tools to capture and manage opportunities.

14. Expensify – Expense management

Expensify invoice management

Traveling for sales meetings becomes a tiresome task when you need to collect receipts and maintain records of your trip expenses. Simplify and streamline your expense management process with Expensify. It is one of the best expense management apps, having more than 2.5 million users worldwide.

With Expensify:

  • Create expense reports instantly by just clicking a photo of your trip receipt
  • Link your credit/debit card with your Expensify account and automatically place charges in an expense report
  • Convert your expense report into a customized invoice with just a click

15. Chorus – Conversation intelligence platform


Every sales call is important as it contains valuable information that can help in closing a deal. With Chorus, keep this information safe and refer to it whenever required. is a smart app that records and transcribes content in real-time. It extracts insight from a sales call and helps you in fine-tuning your communication strategies.

  • Analyze your sales calls and meeting recordings
  • Create a playlist of great calls and use it to train new sales reps
  • Find out the best performers
  • Share recordings with your sales team
  • Track your performance and compare it with your teammates by viewing the leaderboard

16. Lastpass – Password manager

lastpass password manager

Are you having trouble remembering your passwords? Store it conveniently in LastPass, a password management app. This advanced daily sales app provides a central location from where you can easily manage all your login details and passwords. LastPass syncs with multiple devices and is easy-to-use. You can fill your credentials with just a few clicks and keep it secured in one place.

17. HelloSign – Electronic signature

HelloSign Digital Signature

Quickly get signatures on your critical documents with Hellosign. It is an e-signature app that allows you to sign paperwork online. It keeps your contracts secured and prevents tampering of the contracts during or after the signing process. HelloSign is compliant with the ESIGN act. Moreover, it also authenticates the document signers so that you know who is signing your documents.

  • Keep track of the signatures with timely notifications
  • Send your document to clients located in any part of the world and get it signed in minutes
  • Integrate it with your favorite apps like Evernote, and Slack

18. RescueTime – Time management app


Avoid distractions and know where you are spending precious minutes and hours. RescueTime is a time management application that measures productivity and provides intelligent insights into how you spend your day. It tracks computer activities, websites visited, active windows as well as programs used and gives an accurate picture of how you work daily.

RescueTime runs in the background and amasses valuable internet usage data while you are working online. It also offers a reporting dashboard where through neat charts and colorful bar graphs, you can see what you are exactly doing (or not doing).

19. Gong – Conversation intelligence

Conversation intelligence

Using the right words and phrases is vital while selling over the phone. Find out what works and bolster your sales communication with Gong, a conversational intelligence application. Review your sales calls, web conferences as well as emails and dig into areas that need improvements.

  • Automatically record and transcribe sales calls
  • Get insights to improve sales pitches
  • Collaborate with your team and listen to each other’s sales call recordings

20. Detective by Charlie – Sales prospecting

Detective by Charlie - Sales prospecting

It sets a bad impression on the prospects when you call them without preparation. But with a long to-do list, it becomes difficult to make time for researching about a prospect. Fright not, Detective by Charlie can come to your assistance. It is an AI app that can help you in collecting information about your prospects in a couple of seconds. Detective by Charlie aids in increasing your sales prospecting success. It is quick and can be customized as per your needs.

21. Radius – B2b prospecting

Radius - B2b sales prospecting

Reach the right opportunities quickly with Radius, a powerful data intelligence software. Using this smart app, you can discover new markets, analyze your current customers to predict the best prospects and get vital insights to make data-driven decisions. Find relevant data about any contact or account and enrich the data you have in your systems with Radius.

22. Brainshark – Sales enablement

Brainshark - Sales enablement

Arm your sales reps with the knowledge and information they require for improving their selling game with Brainshark. It provides training as well as coaching resources for improving productivity and achieving the best sales results. With on-demand training, prepare your sales teams for facing every type of challenging sales situations.

  • Get tools for creating training materials
  • Easily store, organize and search training content
  • Import sales collaterals built outside of the solution
  • Create customized playbooks
  • Store large files and access it from anywhere

23. FullContact – Contact management

FullContact - Contact management

There are chances of missing important contacts when they are scattered over different places. Avoid such clutters and keep all your contacts organized in a centralized location with FullContact, a high-end contact management app. Easily add, sort and find your contacts without any hassle. This advanced app also searches for info about your contacts by monitoring their websites and blogs. You can even scan your business cards and get them transcribed automatically.

24. Bidsketch – Proposal software

Bidsketch - Proposal software

Create compelling and effective proposals instantly with Bidsketch. It simplifies the proposal process and makes your work easier. Bidsketch is the perfect app to manage your proposals and contacts. Track your proposals and get notified when they are opened. Save your time and maintain a professional appearance by using its well-designed templates. You can even customize your proposals using your HTML/CSS designs.

25. Insideview – Sales and marketing intelligence

Insideview - Sales and marketing intelligence

Find the data you need about your industry and prospects with InsideView. It is a market intelligence application that provides industry-leading data and real-time insights to help you in building connections. It pulls data from different sources and compiles it in one place. InsideView also gives the flexibility to integrate the data and insights with other applications. It keeps you updated with the latest trends and changes happening in the industries and companies you follow.

  • Get timely insights for attracting and engaging potential prospects
  • Create a targeted contact list
  • Identify and prioritize high-value accounts

26. Saleslio – Sales scripts creation

Saleslio - Sales scripts creation

Stay prepared for any sales objections and confidently handle sales calls with Saleslio that helps you in creating effective sales scripts. Collaborate with your team and build sales scripts with ease using this advanced app. Discuss various sales objections that you commonly face and add it to Saleslio. While communicating with your high potential prospects, easily see the best response to any objection with just a click. Keep track of your sales scripts and maintain it systematically in one place.

27. Cavlry – Written emails for sales


No time to draft sales emails? Let Cavalry to do it for you. It is one of the most popular sales productivity tools used by businesses from different industries. With this advanced app, you can send personalized emails and messages to your prospects. Each email sent from Cavalry is individually-researched and tailored to the prospects’ needs. The emails have all the essentials required to attract and get a positive response from the prospects.

28. Invoice2go – Professional invoicing

Invoice2go - Professional invoicing

Craft and send professional invoices with Invoice2go, a billing and invoicing software. Go paperless and speed up payments with this high-end daily sales app. It offers a wide spectrum of premade and customizable templates to create and send invoices instantly. No matter whether your customers want to pay through debit or credit card, Invoice2go accepts all kinds of payments. It also allows you to manage your expenses without any hassle. You can easily take a snap of your receipt to safely store and claim it later.

  • Track your invoices
  • Create credit memos
  • Get up-to-date records about when your customers received, opened and acknowledged your invoices
  • Create and manage purchase orders
  • Get notified about overdue invoices and send automatic payment reminders to your clients

29. Aircall – Virtual phone number

Aircall - Virtual phone number

Do you have clients in different countries? Get local phone numbers of 30+ countries and seamlessly manage your sales calls with Aircall. Collaborate with your remote sales teams and assign numbers to them. Easily transfer calls and leave each other notes. You can even forward call to your phone. Aircall allows you to record your sales calls to understand your clients’ requirements and coach your team. You can integrate it with your various business software and use it from anywhere.

30. Sharekits – Proposal and content sharing

Sharekits - Proposal and content sharing

Share your sales proposals and collaterals in a more effective way with Sharekits. Quit cluttering your emails with links and attachments. Instead, neatly organize and deliver your sales-related content and email attachments in one trackable page. Keep a tab on the files and get notified when prospects interact with your content.

Final thoughts

As a small business owner, you need to know what’s trending and what your competitors are using to grow their business. These top sales apps of 2019 can be very beneficial for your small business, provided you use it sincerely. Explore the extensive features of these popular sales apps and leverage their benefits for improving the bottom line of your small business. Sales apps like Salesmate even offers a free trial so that you can get a better understanding of its features. So, make the most of this opportunity and use it for achieving your business goals.