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Best Motivational Videos to Get Your Sales Team to Sell More

Being a successful salesperson demands more than talent and skill. It requires motivation, self-discipline, passion, and thick skin. Any long-standing sales champion will include those attributes when describing his or her success.

A career in sales comes with its own rewards ’ it’s a satisfaction like no other. But it also comes with its own unique and inherent challenge: At times, it can take the wind right out of your sails. Inevitably, every salesperson will experience a period of less than stellar results in an atmosphere where results are what counts. During those times, a spirit of internal motivation is the only saving grace.

The following video clips were selected for their motivational messages ’ they’re not all specifically about sales, but they will do the trick for your sales team.

Will Smith ’ Motivation, Success, Greatness

Will Smith has been a movie star success for a quarter of a century, and he makes it look easy. However, in this video montage, we learn that he views his success as being willing to put in the work. In sales, younger inexperienced salespeople may look at sales veterans and think that success is just something that comes easily to them. This clip lends help in understanding that a strong work ethic is the key to success.

Best line: ’’I’ve never viewed myself as particularly talented. Where I excel is: ridiculous, sickening work ethic.’’

Denzel Washington ’ Commencement Speech

Behind every success is failure, is the message Denzel Washington delivers to graduates in this commencement speech. This is especially appropriate for people in the sales industry who receive a hundred no’s for every one yes.

Best line: ’’If you don’t fail, you’re not even trying.’’

Steve Jobs Explains the Rules for Success

Why start and maintain a career in sales, or any industry for that matter? According to Steve Jobs, if you want to be successful, the reason must be passion. This is a great clip to remind sales reps why they chose the sales world in the first place.

Best line: ’’If you look at the ones that ended up being successful in the eyes of society, often times it’s the ones that loved what they did, so they could persevere when it got really tough.’’

Eric Thomas ’ Secrets to Success

Motivational speaker, Eric Thomas, spells it all out in this video. Your level of success is directly proportional to how bad you want it, and how hard you are willing to work for it. These nine minutes will make a difference to your sales team.

Best line: ’’When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.’’

Kurt Russell ’ This is Your Time Speech

This speech from the movie Miracle is the ultimate ’’Go get ’’em!’’ charge given by Herb Brooks (played by Kurt Russell), coach of the 1980 U.S. Men’s Olympic Hockey Team. It’s may be short, but it’s definitely enough to keep a sales team motivated for at least a quarter.

Best line: ’’Great moments are born from great opportunity.’’

Kid Learned to Ride His Bike ’ You Can Do It!

There really is nothing more motivating than this kid’s excitement! He has accomplished a huge goal and he wants everyone to know about it. The sales profession is no different ’ reps can achieve this feeling when they are successful as well.

Best line: ’’Thumbs up everybody — for rock and roll!’’

A motivational video can be just what you need as a successful sales leader when your team needs a boost. Save these and give them a try when you think your reps could use a little bit of inspiration.

I hope you love these speeches above. Please share this to your sales team!

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