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5 Tips for Improving Your Sales Team Communication

A sales team’s overall success depends on how effectively and efficiently they communicate with prospects and existing clients. Their communication has to be effective otherwise they won’t close any sales. It also has to be efficient or they won’t meet their sales quota, no matter how great their rapport and pitches are. One without the other won’t work. How do you get your team to have both effectiveness and efficiency? The following is a list of 5 tips for maximizing both.

#1 ’ Make Sure Your Team Knows Their Audience

All communication must be audience-centric whether it is internal or external to your team. When it comes to interaction with clients, make sure that your team is as knowledgeable as possible about the prospects they are working with, and that they are able to meet them where they are at. As Imparta, a global sales and marketing company, says in their blog,’’Your communication style should vary depending on who you are trying to influence or inform.’’

#2 ’ Have Clarity

According to a blog post by Aabaco Small Business, the clarity of your communication with your sales team is essential to the overall success of the team, ’’Each member of your team should understand what their job role is. From ad copy to design and targeting to campaign structure, the success of your campaign relies on these components syncing together. In the end, you want to drive the right targeted groups to your campaign in order to make a sale.’’ That means that effective communication must be clear and it must start from the top ’ with sales leaders and managers.

#3 ’ Review Sales Calls

No one likes to hear their sales calls played back, but listening to them is an extremely useful tool for coaching and motivation. Listening back enables reps to determine their communication strengths and weaknesses. It may also allow them to begin anticipating what types of questions will be asked of them, and to see the overall flow of their conversations with prospects and clients. Additionally, it allows for team leaders to share effective and efficient sales calls with the whole team.

#4 ’ Use Notifications

Sales reps are busy. They typically have a heavy workload that requires that they switch gears frequently and quickly. That makes it easy for things to slip through the cracks. Customers have come to expect nearly instantaneous responses whenever they take some sort of action regarding a sale. They want to hear from their sales rep immediately, but what if their actions, questions, or other concerns fall victim to slipping through the cracks? It could cost a sale.

But, there is a remedy ’ consider software solutions that can provide reps with real-time notifications, so that they can act quickly and effectively, and not miss out on any important customer needs.

#5 ’ Track Your Team’s Activities

It’s essential that you know what your team is accomplishing, and how the cadence of their client communication is working. Using a CRM that includes sales activity software will allow you to do this that. Having all the key metrics at your fingertips will allow you to determine where your reps need to improve customer communication, what is working for them, and how they are doing in relation to their sales goals.

Finding the Right Balance of Efficiency and Effectiveness

Providing your team with the best possible communication strategies is the key to teaching them how to balance productivity and personalization with their customers. It is only with the two things working together that sales reps will truly find out just how successful they can be. Coaching to help salespeople find that balance can be challenging, but it can be done when you provide them with the right information, the right tools to be successful, and the right example in your own communication style.

Jami Deloe

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