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Transparency the catalyst for sales team success

An opaque sales culture is like a battlefield where distrust, conflict, and dispute prevails. 

Instead of working together as a company, sales reps turn into rivals with a sole agenda to succeed; by hook or by crook.

Example: A company appoints four sales teams and creates competition between them with the titles like ’’best team for the quarter’ and ’’star performer of the team’ attached with rewards and incentives. Instead of developing a healthy attitude towards the competition they create an aura of bitterness by stealing each other’s sales deals and taking their credit to win the title.

You worked hard on a deal. Later you learn that your colleague from another team approached the prospect and closed the deal. Dishertening isn’t it.

This happens when there is lack of transparency, as the processes and crucial customer information are not streamlined systematically.

Such factors have a deep impact on the sales reps; they feel demoralized and overburdened due to which they are unable to deliver their best performance.

Injecting transparency to create a positive aura of sales

Building a positive environment of transparency is necessary.

For a business it reduces loss taken by revenue growth of the company, in case your sales team loses a really important deal.

To create a healthy competition there needs to be visibility of the sales cycle.

Sales reps need to know what’s happening in the organization.

Which companies are being approached and who is handling which customer’s account.

Such clarity will remove the bitterness and help sales team to compete with the right spirit.

Wondering how to create transparency?

Simple solution

Break the wall by bringing all the sales rep on a single platform

It is difficult to bring synergy between the teams in a closed work culture, so you need to break the wall and bring everyone on the same platform.

All hands need to be on the deck to steer the business in the profitable direction.

It can only happen by inculcating transparency in your work processes.

For doing that, you need a technology that houses all the activities on a single platform and fosters a collaborative work culture.

Technology like CRM can help

CRM based in the cloud enhances sales team transparency by providing a 360-degree view of each deal and its information in the sales pipeline.

With a centralized database, they can have easy access to crucial information and get insights into the sales activities through well-represented graphs and reports.

Sales reps can see what’s done and what is in progress.

It also allows them to track their performance and compare it with other sales reps to see how things are developing.

CRM = Transparent work culture

Clarity in sales

Sales reps can work more efficiently when data is well-maintained and synchronized.

In a cloud environment, sales reps get a unified view of the data.

The contact information and data related to the sales pipeline is systematically structured for quick reference.

Centralized data speeds up work processes and facilitates more accurate analysis.

With detailed timeline and sales records, you can plan strategies to move ahead of your competition.

Shared workspace

Cloud boosts team collaboration.

Any information updated or any task accomplished by a sales rep is instantly shared with other sales teams.

Through timely notifications, every sales rep is informed when a new deal is added, or the old one is closed by any sales rep of any team.

With a cloud-based CRM, every interaction with a customer is transparent.

All the record of the past communication is maintained so that if at any rep leaves the company, his colleague can take it forward from there without having to start from the scratch.

Use apps to communicate better

A CRM allows you to integrate with applications like Slack to seamlessly communicate and exchange vital information in the group.

Sales teams can easily brainstorm ideas together and even solve issues using such apps.

It creates transparency within the team as everyone is abreast with the team mate’s sales activities.

With the integration, sales reps will automatically be notified in slack about their deal activities taking place in the CRM.

This way, they can seamlessly communicate and create sales strategies for powering their performance.

To conclude

Transparency is a positive air of motivation for the sales team to deliver satisfactory performance.

High sales targets and management’s expectations have already pressurized the sales reps.

The case gets worse if the competition with different sales teams in the organization gets ugly.

Such scenario can be avoided by adding transparency and clarity in the work process.

With a CRM like Salesmate, sales team members can know who is handling which customer’s account.

All the records are stored in the CRM there are fewer chances of treachery and dispute.

There won’t be any blame game, as all details will be visible to all members of the team.

In fact, when the sales reps see another team’s progress through the sales timeline, they will be motivated to work better to surpass their competitors.

CRM is the best way to bridge the gap of transparency between sales rep and direct them towards success.


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