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Best lead scoring software

6 Best lead scoring software you must consider in 2024

Lead scoring is a significant element in building MQLs.  

The qualification process starts when marketing teams get a hold of prospect data.  

Then the lead is qualified based on various grounds and conditions.  

Once that’s done, it is finally passed on to the sales team to get conversations going. 

Usually, the process is performed by marketers, however, there are businesses where this is done by sales teams.  

It is completely subjective to your business process.  

For models that collect numerous amounts of leads, the marketing team has to qualify and pass on the best quality of leads to sales team.  

But in the SaaS model, businesses might have a mixed approach.  

In Salesmate’s case only, sales and marketing teams collaborated and created the finest lead scoring model. 

So, for the sake of understanding, I’ll consider the lead qualification task as a marketer’s job.  

Reports make it safe to say, that marketers are largely adopting lead scoring software as the industry shows a CAGR of 11.6%

So, my goal for this article is to suggest the finest lead scoring software in the market with its pros and cons.  

But I’ll also try to share a thought process that would be extremely useful in the process consideration stage.

I have tried to cover tools for various needs. So some of these platforms are proper lead scoring software, while others are much more.

Choosing the best lead scoring software: A smarter approach 

Lead scoring is a part of the process and not the entire process. 

Initially, you capture leads and score them.  

Further, you need to segment, route, nurture, and track these leads.  

So, here’s a primary note: Lead scoring is a part of the lead qualification process.  

Sales teams would still qualify leads based on the budget, needs, company vision, etc

And that’s the primary difference between MQL & SQL. 

Moreover, there is hardly any independent lead scoring software. And the ones existing are going to cost you a fortune.  

So, why not consider the software that offers the best lead scoring feature along with other sales or marketing benefits? – That too at a very economical price

Here’s a table with an overview of the top 6 best lead scoring software.  

These 6 lead scoring software are the best for each category. I have kept the price range very versatile so that you can decide yourself based on your affordability.  

I think it would be self-evident which ones are the best lead scoring software for small, mid, and large-sized teams and enterprises

Software  PricingOther prominent features
Salesmate  Pricing starts at $23/month   

Marketing Automation add-on costs $30 for 1000 contacts for lead scoring
All-in-one CRM  

Lead generation & nurturing features  

Marketing Automation Platform

Shared Team Inbox  

Live Chat & Chatbots  
Slintel Custom pricing model   

(Sorry, I couldn’t find this!) 
Data enrichments  


Act-On Pricing starts at $900/month for 2500 contacts Marketing Automation  

Marketing Segmentation  

Email Marketing Automation 
HubSpot Pricing starts at $800/month with 2000 contacts All-in-one CRM  

Marketing Automation  

Shared Inbox  

Live Chat 
Keap Pricing starts at $129/month with 1500 contacts Marketing Automation  

Lead Management  

Madkudu Pricing starts at $3499/month with 6000 contacts Marketing Operations  

Account-based marketing 

I have taken the pricing plans where lead scoring as a feature starts appearing. 

6 best lead scoring software you should absolutely try in 2024 

Here’s a detailed explanation of every tool. And a precise table at the end of this section to help you make a better decision. 

1. Salesmate

Salesmate Lead Scoring Software

Salesmate is a one-stop CRM software for all your sales, marketing, and customer success needs.  

It serves as a platform that assists multiple teams in your business to automate the entire customer journey. 

You’ll get lead scoring as a part of the Marketing Automation Software of Salesmate. It offers everything from capturing, routing, engaging, scoring, and nurturing leads.  

You can score leads using the drag-and-drop journey builder of Salesmate. I must tell you; lead scoring is just one of the use cases of the journey builder

You can practically automate a hell-lot of tasks that you don’t want to do manually. 

Journeys work on a simple rule of trigger-condition-action. 

Lead scoring is an action in this case. And we call it Salesmate Score

The journey builder allows you to set more than 45 triggers, conditions, and actions. So, you can truly build the lead scoring model that you want! 

You can depreciate the score when the number of days is useful in the conversation. Every team member can view this score in the contact profile picture.  

Salesmate Score On Profile

Again, lead scoring is just one of the use cases. There’re hundreds of automation you can do and improve your productivity. 

For example, this is the journey of a newsletter campaign with multiple time zones: 

Newsletter with multiple timezones

Let’s look at Salesmate as a whole quickly. 

Key additional features

  • Marketing teams can collect leads using lead generation tools like Web Forms, Chatbots, or Meeting Schedulers 
  • Sales team can connect with leads using built-in communication channels like emails, calls, and texts 
  • Manage prospects easily through effective Deal and Pipeline Management 
  • Automate follow-up communication using Sequences 
  • Productivity boosters like Power Dialer and Smart Queues 
  • Customer success teams can use Salesmate for Live Chat, Chatbots, and Shared Inbox Software 
  • Excellent insights and reporting features for all teams and C-suite executives 


  • Lead scoring is an add-on so it’s not a forced feature 
  • Automation Journeys are also useful for creating personalized campaigns, email campaigns, text automation, and many more marketing automation tasks
  • Salesmate can be a central data source for your sales, marketing, and CX teams 
  • Offers 700+ integrations to fetch the right data 
  • Pricing is extremely affordable for any business (See pricing below) 


  • Initially, it can be a bit overwhelming to use the Automation Journeys for some users. But once you get a hold of it, it’s a child’s play 


  • Basic plan at $23/user/month 
  • Pro plan at $39/user/month 
  • Business plan at $63/user/month 
  • Enterprise plan at the custom price  
  • Automation Journeys add-on starts at $30 per 1000 contacts 

2. Slintel 

Slintel Lead Scoring Software

Slintel is a lead scoring software that helps you track your lead’s purchasing intent. 

It measures data points and analyzes various factors like the buyer journey. Slintel studies lead behavior on various platforms and scores it for your convenience.  

Slintel draws buyer intent scores from 6 integral company signals and prioritizes accounts in the sales pipeline.  

These signals are – Budgetary Spend, Ecosystem Spend, Psychographics, Upcoming Contract Renewals, Fundings, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Firmographics.  

I liked the approach that Slintel is not relying on internal factors but rather looking at psychological factors to judge the potential of the lead.  

This should require a lot of external sources to gather this data, accumulate it, and give results as a number. 

This lead scoring software tracks the company’s intent to invest in your solution and claims to provide a different level of B2B selling.  

Here are some other key features the platform offers. 

Key additional features 

  • Profile enrichment like emails, direct dials, company information, website, and LinkedIn profiles in just a few clicks 
  • CRM integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive 
  • Slintel collects technographic data that’s updated every 2 weeks 


  • It lets you track the lead’s web activity and score them on similar grounds 
  • It relies on external factors to judge a lead, compared to other tools that rely on internal factors. That’s different. 


  • The pricing is not available. In most cases like this, I have seen the product could be costly 
  • I also found the CRM integrations are very limited. So Slintel is quite fixated on what kind of customers they want (Probably mid-scale to enterprise) 
  • Some reviews reveal that their database isn’t accurate and needs improvement  


No pricing is available. You need to get in touch with their team to know the real dollars. 

Lead scoring in CRM that doesn't burn your pockets!

Lead scoring in CRM that doesn't burn your pockets!

Take a 15-day trip to Salesmate, and explore everything!

Start your free trial

3. Act-On 

Act-On Lead Scoring Software

Act-On is a marketing automation software that is a complete solution for marketing teams.   

Its lead scoring lets you develop an easy lead scoring framework to help your reps plan the outreach. You can set your own rules and conditions to score leads. 

Act-On lets you score leads based on profile data, standard behavior, and custom events.

This simply means the lead’s intention is studied by its website activity like filling up the form or downloading a resource, etc.  

It offers a unique multiple score sheets features that lets you segment your sales and marketing qualified leads. Let’s look at other key features of this platform. 

Key additional features 

  • It offers Marketing Automation like Salesmate. It has lead automation, marketing journeys, and lifecycle tools that help you connect with the prospect on their preferred channel 
  • Act-On account-based marketing feature improves your B2B marketing strategy, delivers personalized campaigns, and focuses on key opportunities 
  • Its SEO audit tools focus on content optimization and lets you set up a content marketing library 


  • One-stop solution for all your marketing needs including website and landing page optimization 
  • It offers solutions from generating demands to the customer onboarding process 


  • It only offers marketing solutions which means you’ll need to adopt another platform to practice sales and customer support operations


The professional plan costs $900/month for 2500 contacts. 

The Enterprise plan has a custom pricing 

4. HubSpot 

HubSpot Lead Scoring

HubSpot is a popular and one of the most powerful CRM software suites.

Their suites offer everything from lead generation to CX tools.  

Its lead scoring is known as “HubSpot score” and is found in the contacts list. Like Salesmate, you can organize and customize the fields to increase or decrease the lead score. 

Its lead scoring process can be automated and segmented further to personalize the outreach and engagement. Here are other key features of the platform. 

Key additional features 

  • It offers social media management to track conversations and publish content on social media platforms 
  • Ad-tracking and management to help you track ads that are turning prospects into customers 
  • Further, HubSpot’s SEO tools help you build search authority 
  • Its Live chat feature lets you connect and convert your visitors in real-time 


  • If you use the HubSpot eco-system, all your data will work in harmony 
  • The platform can be used as a CMS to build websites or perform content marketing 
  • It’s an all-in-one platform for sales, marketing, and customer support requirement 


  • The plans are costlier for small teams and enterprises 


Professional plan costs $800/month with 2000 contacts 

Enterprise plan costs $3600/month with 10000 contacts 

Meet an absolute badass alternative to HubSpot

Meet an absolute badass alternative to HubSpot

See why Salesmate is a better business choice for you!

HubSpot Alternative

5. Keap 

Keap Lead Scoring

Keap is a CRM software with sales and marketing automation. It offers a lead management feature similar to Salesmate that allows you to track, score, enrich, engage, and nurture leads. 

Keap’s lead scoring allows you to set rules on various activities like filling out the web form, clicking on links, opening emails, etc. These rules can be set to either increase or decrease the lead score.  

You can view these scores in their contacts as it constantly works in the background.  

Key additional feature 

  • It offers Sales & Marketing Automation feature, which lets you capture and convert leads by automating most of the steps 
  • It offers a Sales Pipeline Management feature to close more deals by automating the entire sales process 
  • It offers reporting and analytics features to evaluate the performance and strategize the next steps 


  • It’s a marketing and sales automation platform that automates most of your tedious tasks 
  • Its integration lets you connect your data to one single platform resulting in a centralized data storage 


  • Its customization feature isn’t very flexible 
  • It has no tools for customer support activities. This means to perform customer support you’ll require to adopt another tool 
  • Though the platform offers thousands of integrations, reviews reveal that its integration process is inconvenient. 


Its pro plan costs $129/month with 1500 contacts 

Its max plan costs $199/month with 2500 contacts.  

6. Madkudu 

Madkudu Lead Scoring

Madkudu connects with multiple apps from your stack and leverages various signals. Madkudu then uses various models to predict whether prospects will make a purchase or not. 

It offers marketing solutions to grade your leads. It studies the lead behavior across channels to identify their buying intent. 

Madkudu’s grading system has letters “A to E” where “A grade” denotes the most qualified lead. Its lead grading is computed with a matrix that considers Fit and Likelihood to Buy (LTB) metrics.  

This prediction matrix helps to prioritize the most relevant leads.  

Key additional features 

  • It offers an Account-Based Marketing feature to prioritize and close the most engaged accounts 
  • Its data science studio increases inbound conversations by smartly scoring and segmenting leads 
  • Its sales feature allows your reps to personalize outreach and engage better with prospects 


  • It uses data and science to study sales, marketing, and product qualified leads 
  • It allows you to create multiple scoring models to keep up with sales feedback 


  • Probably, businesses with a heavy budget can afford this 
  • Madkudu is a very specific tool. It will be hardly useful for anything else besides a lead scoring software


The pro plan costs $3499/month with 6000 contacts. 

Its enterprise plan has custom pricing. 

Turn website visitors into lifelong customers!

Turn website visitors into lifelong customers!

Salesmate empowers you with every tool your teams need to succeed.

Start your free trial


As promised above, here’s a table to help you take the final call on adopting a lead scoring system. 

Platform If you’re looking for… 
Salesmate All-in-one CRM software with lead scoring  

Automation Journeys for personalized campaigns  

Sequences for sales follow-ups  

Live Chat & Chatbots for customer success teams 
Slintel Useful to quality MQLs for sales and marketing teams. 
Act-On A marketing automation solution with landing page creation, campaign creation, SEO & social media tools 
HubSpot A complete CRM suite with features on marketing, sales, and customer success 
Keap CRM software with sales and marketing automation 
Madkudu  A behavior-driven lead scoring tool 

Among the 6 platforms mentioned above, it is clearly visible that Salesmate is an ideal platform for performing automated lead scoring activity along with other lead management tasks. The software offers a 360-degree solution for all your sales, marketing, and customer support needs.  

Further, it is economical and has successful customer reviews. You can create your own journey and integrate it with your existing application; this will save you much time and centralize your data.  

Frequently asked questions on lead scoring platforms

1. What is predictive lead scoring?

Predictive lead scoring is a technological enhancement of AI and machine learning on traditional lead scoring techniques.

Predictive lead scoring software can use historical data, purchase data, past engagement scores, and customer profiles from CRM to better understand the intent of purchase.

2. What if I don’t use lead scoring in marketing?

As a marketer, it’s best to implement a solid lead scoring model in your company. Naturally, not every signup or contact form submission is a lead. You need a lead scoring software to filter the right leads, so sales teams don’t waste their time.

Note: All the pricing references were taken on November 2022. Please note that pricing plans may change in the future. All the image credits go to respective platforms/software.

Dhanashree Pal

Dhanashree has been into writing since her teens. She believes writing is the best way to express and explain everything happening in this world. Reading and imagining are something she can do for hours. Enthusiastic about exploring new places and food. Young and hopeful of becoming better with every passing day.

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