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AHA Mortgages tried CRMs like HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Zoho but found them limiting and cumbersome. The mortgage firm found Salesmate intuitive and easy to use.

AHA Mortgages Case Study


YoY revenue


Saving in time


Pipelines managed simultaneously

AHA Mortgages is a Canada-based finance firm that provides services in real estate purchases, refinances, equity takeout, debt consolidations, and much more.

The firm helps its clients with residential or commercial property purchases or refinancing with better rates. AHA Mortgages firmly believes in a consulting-first approach and helps their clients make better financial decisions.

In our chat with Chris Adkins, President and CEO of AHA Mortgages, he shared the journey with us and how Salesmate solved some core problems for the firm.

Before opting for a CRM, Chris & team was completely relied on pen and paper to keep track of their deals. Without a doubt, that’s not going to take a business forward. The next stop was to try a bunch of CRMs to find the perfect match.

There was a rainy weekend, I couldn’t go out. I spend a whole lot of time finding the best CRM for mortgage brokers. Tried HubSpot, Pipedrive, OnePageCRM, but Salesmate was the best fit.

Chris Adkins, President and CEO, AHA Mortgages 

Chris found that Pipedrive has limitations in Teams & Activities modules. Plus, it’s not a robust system. He also tried his hands on GoMax CRM but didn’t love the functionalities that much. Chris also found Zoho’s automation cumbersome!

When Chris took the Salesmate trial, he found the overall experience different than other CRMs.

Salesmate is pretty intuitive and easy to use. The user interface is clean and simple.

Chris Adkins, President and CEO, AHA Mortgages

AHA Mortgages manages 8 sales pipelines in Salesmate at a time and it has become so much easier for the team to manage a heavy number of deals productively.

Salesmate Pipeline Management helps the AHA Mortgages team stay updated on the status of leads and where exactly to focus in the whole pipeline. Deal cards show the last activity on a particular deal, so Chris can assign the tasks accordingly.

Sales pipeline is extremely crucial to AHA Mortgages that most of Chris’ day goes along with the pipeline. Even when AHA Mortgages recruits new realtors, they show Salesmate pipelines for the walk-through.

Once AHA experts connect with their prospects and identify the exact needs, the deals are added to the relevant pipeline.

Each pipeline stage is powered by Task Automation. So, when deals are moved from one stage to another, automation is triggered and a task is assigned to the responsible teammate.

Every time I move deals from one stage to another, what’s gets triggered is an activity for deal owners or relevant people. That’s what’s helps us attain a high volume of deals without working 12 hours a day!

Chris Adkins, President and CEO, AHA Mortgages

AHA Mortgages achieved 2x growth in YoY revenue and Salesmate played a huge role in that. After choosing Salesmate as their base CRM, Chris & the team streamlined the entire process from the first call to financing the mortgage.

Our VP might pop up in the office and look at our board and ask us ‘how are you guys not spending 12 hours a day in the office?’, and the answer is Salesmate!

Chris Adkins, President and CEO, AHA Mortgages

Not only did the team achieve twice the revenue, but they also saved a noticeable amount of time. AHA Mortgages team is also testing on some high-level sequences to further automate their process.

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