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Why use different platforms for your business process when you can have it all with Salesmate CRM?

How Salesmate is a better alternative to
Capsule CRM in 10 seconds

User friendly
User friendly

Salesmate is easy to navigate and customize as per your requirements.


Salesmate’s robust features enables you to work more productively.

Track customer journeys
Track customer journeys

Cover multiple touchpoints and track entire customer journeys.

Robert Allen

Improved sales effectiveness. It’s got everything we need, works efficiently and it is affordable. The team picked this over all of the others and they’re using it. Great sales app.

Robert Allen Principal - RKA Ventures, LLC

Comparison- Capsule vs. Salesmate

Are you tired of switching back and forth between multiple platforms because your current CRM lacks certain features? Well, it’s
about time you looked for an all-inclusive CRM. When it comes to usability and features, it’s impossible to beat Salesmate.

Here’s how Salesmate is better than Capsule CRM in every aspect.

Built-in callingtrueclose
Marketing automationtrueclose
Live chattrueclose
Meeting schedulertrueclose
Email trackingtrueclose
Team inboxtrueclose
Web formstrueclose
Multiple sales pipelinestrueHigher plans
Contact managementtrueclose
Contact limit per userUnlimitedLimited (Differs with plans)
Ease of Use star 4.7 star 4.6
Customer Support star 4.6 star 4.5
Value for Money star 4.5 star 4.5
Features & Functionality) star 4.8 star 4.3
Pricing (per user, per month) $15 - $50$18 - $54
star Best-in-class
($) Additional investment required

Disclaimer: All the information, prices, and data are verified as of November 2020. All logos and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Usage is done purely for the comparison purpose only. To report any incorrect or outdated information, please get in touch with us.

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Top rated across all platforms

Customers have rated us the best compared to any other software across review platforms like G2, Gartner, TrustRadius.

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Here’s how Salesmate performs better than Capsule CRM

Improved communication
Improved communication

Salesmate provides built-in calling, text messaging, and smart emails for seamless communication.

Team collaboration
Team collaboration

Shared team inbox enables you to work more productively by collaborating with team members.


Salesmate works as per your requirements, so customize it your way.


Salesmate is tailor-made to suit every growing business, so modify it based on your growing needs.

Enhanced productivity
Enhanced productivity

Automate your activities and boost productivity with Salesmate CRM.

Connect in real-time
Connect in real-time

Engage and connect with your
visitors in real-time with Salesmate’s live chat feature.

Encapsulating Salesmate’s features that makes it a better alternative to Capsule CRM

Features make a CRM good. But the right features are what make it worthy. Salesmate offers some of the finest in-built
features that are easy to use and cost-effective. Keap, however, lacks in many features and still asks for a lot.

built-in calling

built-in calling

Salesmate offers built-in calling, where you can make calls without leaving the CRM or getting different phone systems, like you would need to do in Capsule CRM.

Learn more about Built-in Calling

Call right from your CRM
Set-up auto dial and gain 2x calling productivity
Power Dialer

Power Dialer

Salesmate’s power dialer automatically starts calling your contacts from the selected list, all while keeping the control in your hand. At the same time, Capsule CRM lacks this feature.

Learn more about Power Dialer

text messaging

text messaging

When we say Salesmate offers every communication mode, we mean it! Use text messaging feature right inside the CRM and avoid swapping between devices, like you’d have to do with Capsule CRM.

Learn more about Text Messaging.

Communicate better with texts
Schedule meetings in an instant
Meeting scheduler

Meeting scheduler

Use Salesmate’s meeting scheduler to create your calendar, mention your availability and share it with your clients to get booked. You won’t find this advanced feature in Capsule CRM, though.

Learn more about Meeting Scheduler.

Smart emails

Smart emails

Optimize your email campaigns by automating it using Salesmate’s smart emails. Use email templates, keep track of conversations and open rates to analyze email performance.

Learn more about Smart Emails.

Execute email campaigns like never before
Connect with your visitors in real time
Live chat

Live chat

Break down the communication barrier and connect instantly with your customers with live chat, which you wouldn’t be able to do with Capsule.

Learn more about Live Chat.

Automation journeys

Automation journeys

Now, automate sales and marketing processes, run A/B tests, create personalized campaigns, cover multiple touchpoints and nurture your clients to build lasting relationships. Increase your ROI with Salesmate’s automation journeys by nurturing customer relationships. Capsule CRM doesn’t offer automation feature, so you’d have to look for integrations.

Learn more about Marketing Automation.

Achieve your goals with automation journeys

Improve your team productivity with the best sales and business suites

As per Gartner Methodology, which was based on evaluation of 595 customer relationship management, this objective-based survey names only those CRM which gain top scores in usability and user recommendations. The Gartner FrontRunners® CRM software quadrant has positioned Salesmate as the leading CRM software in the market since 2018.

Salesmate is the most recommended CRM by users across all platforms
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