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Unleash the power of Gmail to empower your productivity

Being the world’s largest email provider, Gmail has become an integral part of the corporate world. Most businesses use it as their official communication tool. Despite using it very frequently, certain vital features have remained unnoticed by most of the users.

Few smart tricks can give you control over your Gmail account and help you save precious work time, avoid errors and efficiently manage your inbox.

Let’s see how to make the most out of your Gmail account with some amazing Gmail hacks –

Made an error? Fright not- Undo the email

Have you ever been in a situation where you drafted an email, clicked the send button and moments later regretted the blunder you may have created with that email? Well, it’s not just you, most of us have been through that embarrassing moment where we have emailed the wrong person, attached the incorrect file or sent an important email with typos.

Sometimes things are not in our favor.

Work pressure or a bad day at work leads to such errors. The good news is Gmail gives you 30 seconds of grace time to correct your mistake by providing the ’’Undo’ option.

How to enable this option-

  • Go to the gear button on the upper right side of your screen
  • Click on ’’Settings’ then scroll down to find the option of ’’Undo Send’
  • You can also adjust the cancellation duration like 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds
  • Once you finish, make sure that you scroll down and save the changes

undo in gmail

Now every time you send an email, you’ll have up to 30 seconds of time to recheck and correct any error before it goes out to the client.

Star your emails in well-organized Gmail inbox

Isn’t it annoying when you are unable to search a vital email in a cluttered inbox or you forget to follow up at the right time? An organized inbox can take your stress away and aid you in managing your emails in a better way.

Most of the people are cognizant with the yellow stars next to an email but very less are aware of the colorful stars as well as the question marks and exclamation points in the ’’Gmail starred section’. With Gmail colorful stars, you can bifurcate emails as per their importance like red for urgent replies, blue for follow-up emails, a question mark for emails that need clarification etc. This way, you can stay organized and work efficiently without the fear of misplacing or missing an important email.

Let’s see how to get started with this starred section

  • Select ’’Settings’ from the upper right side drop down menu
  • Under the general tab scroll down and click on ’’Stars’
  • Drag the stars from the bottom ’’not in use’ to ’’in use’ to make them active
  • Once you have done that, you can go to the emails and add the stars
  • Once you finish, save your changes
  • stars in gmail

Simplify your search by using smart alternatives

We often tread the familiar path instead of delving deep and exploring more alternatives to make our work simpler. Same thing applies when we are searching for a particular email, we directly go to the search tab in our inbox and type the query. Unaware of the fact that Google has exclusive search features that give control over the inbox and eases the search.

For example- If you just need the emails you have received from a special contact you can filter the search by clicking on the drop-down arrow in the right corner of the search box. Now, enter the sender’s email address and find all the emails you received from that contact.

smart-search in gmail

Similarly, you can fill the other variables in the box below and filter the search as per your need

Below are other useful search terms that you can type in the search tab for filtering your search

  • is:chat ’ Search only chats.
  • in:anywhere ’ Search for messages that are in the spam or trash folder.
  • has:yellow-star, has:blue-star, has:green-check, etc. ’ When you are using different stars for your emails, you can search an email with a specific type of star.

Avoid retyping, instead use ’’Canned’ response

Do you frequently come across emails with same questions and you start digging in your sent email folder to copy-paste the same message? Quit spending your precious time copying and pasting the responses that can be easily ’’Canned’ and used as templates. The Canned response makes replies quick and spares you from extra manual labor.

How to enable canned response?

  • Go to ’’Settings’
  • Select ’’Labs’ from top menus
  • Enable ’’Canned Responses
  • Save Changes
  • Click on ’’Compose’ and type the message you would like to save as canned response
  • Click on the bottom right arrow and select Canned Responses > New Canned Response.
  • Enter a name for the canned response and hit OK

canned responses in gmail

Now whenever you are responding to a repetitive email, you won’t have to type the same text again. You can easily select the arrow at the bottom right and insert your preferred canned response. Your canned response can also be used to save multiple email signatures so that you can add different signatures depending on whom you are sending the email to.

Don’t get stuck on an email thread, mute your conversations

Many a time we get trapped in an email thread and are exasperated with endless notifications just because our name appeared in the CC or TO list. Moreover, it gets more irritating when the conversation goes off-track and your inbox gets filled with irrelevant messages.

However, with Gmail’s ’’mute feature’ you can maintain distance from such unwanted email thread by muting and pushing the whole conversation into the archive. The messages won’t visit your inbox until and unless your name is cc’d or the email is sent directly to you.

Let’s see how to mute a conversation-

  • In your inbox, select one or more messages you want to mute
  • Select ’’More’ then scroll down and click on the label ’’Mute’

mute emails in gmail

You can unmute the conversation whenever required by selecting the ’’Unmute’ option from the more segment.

Manage your task efficiently

Missing a critical deadline or failing to follow up on a crucial email can have serious repercussions. To keep yourself on the safer side, use Gmail as a task list. With Google Tasks, you can set due dates, add notes and create the list of items that you need to do. It will keep you updated and remind you of the task that requires your immediate attention.

  • Click on the ’’Mail’ menu in the upper left side of the screen and select ’’Tasks’
  • The ’’Tasks’ window will appear in the bottom right corner
  • Once you have added a task, you can also click on the plus icon for adding additional tasks

Create a Task from an Email

manage-tasks in gmail

  • Open the email you would like to add to task
  • Press Shift-T, you can also select more and click on ’’Add to Tasks’

8) Work smart use Keyboard shortcuts

Most of us spend maximum time of our office hours in emailing. With shortcuts for Gmail, you can save time for more important tasks. By enabling Gmail’s Keyboard shortcuts, you can type a letter or letters combo that will make your work faster and easier.

Below are few Keyboard shortcuts-

’’J’’ and ’’K’’ – J will take you the next message while K will take you to the previous message.

’’E’’ to archive

’’shift + 3’’ to delete

’’A’’ to reply all

’’ R’’ to reply individually

’’P’’ for the previous message in an open conversation

’’M’’ Mute conversation

’’Shift + R’’ reply in a new window

’’Z’’ Undo the last action

Let’s see how to enable the Keyword shortcut

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down to the “Keyboard shortcuts” section.
  • Select Keyboard shortcuts on
  • Once finished, Save the Changes.

shortcuts in gmailSumming It Up…

If you practice what you read above, we are sure your work efficiency will improve and you will even save your precious time.

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