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Top Time Management Hacks for Salespeople - Sell Smarter and Faster

Top Time Management Hacks for Sales Reps – Sell Smarter and Faster

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Today, in this article we will give some helpful time management tips and we hope they will help your sales representatives grab that deal they have been eyeing for so long.

Time is a critical factor for any organization and the quote “Time Is Money” holds true for every individual, business and entity.

For sales representatives, allotting their time perfectly between prospects, sales activities, deals and their daily target is of utmost importance.

If they fail to maintain a sound balance between their tasks, they are bound to make mistakes that will hurt their efficiency eventually.

A few time management tips for your sales reps

If your team is prepared well for the storm, then there is no task that you cannot accomplish, but for that, you need to have time on your side.

Here are some of the time management tips that we would like to share with you:

1. Prioritize

As a sales representative, you try your best to accomplish any sales task at hand. The only difference between you and your colleagues is that they are managing their time effectively.

Learning to prioritize yourself is the foremost step sales representatives should take if they want to be effective and efficient in their job.

Once you successfully prioritize your tasks, give more importance to the activities that are at the top of your priority list, yet managing your time for the low ROI activities which are mandatory for your organization.

2. Always Push Forward (Even after a setback)

It is only natural that you hit a roadblock, the reason you hit a dead end is because you were doing ’’something’’; which is better than doing nothing at all.

It is natural that you get bogged down because of failures. And it is perfectly fine if you pat yourself for your achievements.

All the things that you achieve during the work done by you are a motivating factor.

If you hit a slump, you work hard to be more efficient next time. If you achieve something good out of a deal, it motivates you to grab a better deal next time.

All we want to say in this point is, don’t get disheartened over one lost deal, or don’t take a break after a successful call. That is the time when you must push forward.

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3. Tactfully Deal With Your Shortcomings

As a human being, you tend to dislike a few tasks that are given to you. And as it is in any human’s nature you will try to procrastinate that task, forgetting that as it is assigned, you have to complete it, ultimately.

Our advice to you is that you get it done as soon as possible so that procrastinating the work doesn’t affect your productivity, saving you more time to focus on productive tasks.

4. Prioritize Your Time Keeping Repeating Customers In Mind

We believe that there is no perfect time to connect with the prospect as it depends on their individual work schedule.

But you can do it by mapping it out as per their behavior and their daily schedule so that you eliminate the risk of unanswered calls and connect with them successfully.

Ideal time for connecting with the prospect:

  • Early morning
  • Afternoon (Post-lunch)
  • In evening
  • Weekends

You can carry on with your other sales activity if you map out your own call schedule making you more productive.

5. Keep Distractions At Bay

Being a social animal, you always tend to get distracted talking to your friends about your life or chatting with the colleague about a deal you won or lost.


Being a company which thrives hard towards developing a digital solution that assists you in getting more sales and help you develop a smart sales team.

We hope that this article helped you understand the importance of time and the various hacks that are required for becoming more productive for the organization.

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