Sales reps are always in a rush. Managing sales gets difficult when you step out of the office environment. Fortunately, with the evolution of mobile technology, you can now sell on the go.

A smartphone gives you access to multiple apps that can ease your job and help you excel in the realm of sales. Whether you need to manage your sales trip or find the details of a specific client or you want to stay up-to-date with the latest market trend, there is a mobile app for every sales need.

Productive mobile apps to transform your selling experience

Downloading the right app can positively impact your performance and sales results. Here is the list of most useful mobile apps that you should be having as a sales rep:

1. Salesmate

iOS | Andriod

Salesmate CRM gives you control over your sales activities and aids in building lasting customer relationships. Using it’s high-end intuitive mobile CRM app, you can:

  • Streamline your data
  • Track sales flow
  • Organize your contacts
  • Manage your deals
  • Create customized reports
  • Spot opportunity areas
  • Integrate with multiple apps
  • Forecast your sales
  • Automate repetitive task
  • Measure vital sales metrics

With insightful information, smarter processes and forecasting capabilities, it helps you in closing more deals in less time.

2. Evernote

iOS | Android

Spare yourself from all the clutter and stay organized with Evernote. Effortlessly manage a large volume of content on this advanced app that allows you to take notes in different formats like pictures, PDF’s, videos and more.

Evernote mobile app gives you the flexibility to add content from any preferred device so that you can instantly note and share important information while out on the field.

3. Mindtool

iOS | Android

Brushing your skills is necessary to excel in sales. With Mindtool on your phone, you can easily invest the dead time of waiting for a client or a cab into learning useful skills to improve your performance.

With mini-articles in this informative tool, you can learn varied skills for:

  • Sales
  • Presentations
  • Decision making
  • Project management
  • Personal development

4. Tripit

iOS | Android

Does your job demand you to travel on a frequent basis? Take the pain out of your journey and ameliorate your travel experience using Tripit.

With Tripit’s master itinerary you can streamline all your travel plans in one place. It groups all the necessary information you need to effortlessly manage your hotel reservations, flights and car booking making everything convenient and simple for you.

5. Grammarly keyboard

iOS | Android

Send clear and mistake-free messages to your clients by downloading Grammarly Keyboard on your smartphone. Now you do not need to worry about grammatical errors or typos while typing an important email or commenting on anything with this advanced personal editor.

6. Badger Maps

iOS | Android

Save your time with Badger Maps that shows you the quickest route to reach your clients. Within seconds you can receive the routes to the client you intend to meet for the day with recommended driving directions.

To help you in better managing your meetings, it even supports integration with CRM, Google Maps, Calendar and various GPS systems. Badger maps also act as a lead generation tool and acquaint you with new opportunities by showing prospect in the filtered map.

7. Dragon


Are you tight on time for taking notes? Fright not, with Dragon mobile app you don’t need to spend several hours typing a content. With this high-end app, you can effortlessly convert voice memos into content.

Be a dictator to your phone and easily create word documents, draft emails and create notes of any length or format without writing or typing a word.

8. Expensify

iOS | Android

Get rid of the receipts and go paperless with Expensify mobile app that helps you in keeping track over your travel expenses without having to maintain a bundle of paper slips.

With Expensify, you can-

  • Instantly fill in the travel expense details of a sales trip
  • Scan your receipts
  • Maintain records of your expenses on your phone

Using this app, you can create informative reports mentioning each detail of the trip to present clear accounts of your sales trip to the management.

9. Square

iOS | Android

Get paid quickly with Square, a smart mobile app that supports wireless mobile payment. With Square, you can quickly create and send invoices to the client from any location at any hour of the day.

You can swipe customers credits cards as well as notify the clients of due payments. It is an easy, quick, secure and convenient way to receive instant payments from your clients.

10. Hellosign

iOS | Android

Getting signature on a contract gets easier with Hellosign that allows you to take digital signs instantly. It seamlessly connects with various apps like Evernote, Google Doc and Gmail so that you can easily get a document signed in a specific app.

Through timely notifications, it keeps you alert about the documents that are pending for signatures to ensure you do not miss an opportunity.

11. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

iOS | Android

As a professional, you must be conversant with LinkedIn. However, with sales being your core, you need to have this sale specific version of LinkedIn on your smartphone for exploring new leads.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for mobile eases social selling with real-time sales updates and helps you in connecting with the right target audience to fill your sales pipeline with more deals.

12. Keynote


Presentations are a critical part of a meeting because they are that medium through which you leave a lasting impression on your client. With Keynote on your phone, you can quickly create powerful presentations on-the-go.

Moreover, with its latest features, working with teammates gets easier than before as it allows you to collaborate and share information to work together for creating an impressive presentation.

13. Google Docs

iOS | Android

Access your files remotely and make changes instantly with Google docs in your phones. This smart app allows you to-

  • Create docs
  • Integrate with apps
  • Backup your precious data
  • Share large files, photos, and videos with your clients or colleagues.

It boosts collaborative productivity as multiple users can work on a single file at the same time and gain access to the most updated version of the document.

14. Doc Scan


Running short of time and need to scan a document? Well, in this case, Doc Scan would be a perfect portable scanner that allows you to scan documents using your phone’s camera and even gives the option to convert it into a high-resolution PDF/ JPG for sharing it quickly.

It is the faster and smarter way to get your docs scanned without much hassle.

15. Feedly

iOS | Android

Get quick access to the latest news of your industry with Feedly. With this knowledge-based app, you can stay abreast of the current industrial trends, global happenings and informative updates about the marketplace. It amasses news feed from diverse sources to keep you enlightened and up-to-date with vital information.

16. Pocket

iOS | Android

With high sales target and too many accounts to handle it might seems difficult to spare time for reading a long article. Well, with Pocket you can easily bookmark the article that appears interesting and later during the weekends read and mull over it in tranquility.

17. Handshake


Bid goodbye to paper order forms by downloading Handshake in your phones. It helps you in saving several hours that you spend in writing orders and creating catalogs.

With this app, you can-

  • Instantly take orders
  • Showcase catalogs
  • Display your inventories using the high-resolution image
  • Scan information using a barcode scanner

Selling gets easier when all the necessary information you need about the customer, product, and inventory is in front of your eyes.

18. Profit Story


Play smart while estimating your sales digits using the Profit Story app. It helps you in calculating important metrics for pricing purposes. With this advanced app, you can calculate profit margin as well as compare current cost, selling price and gross cost with proposed values.

It also helps in determining if changing one measure affects others value. Profit story is the perfect app to take well-informed pricing decisions.

19. Chorus


Pondering over what was discussed in the meeting is necessary to deal with objections for convincing a client to invest in your solution. Chorus helps you in recording, transcribing and analyzing a meeting in real time to understand the client needs for building strategies to close a deal quickly.

By mulling over the recorded meeting, you can identify your strengths as well as weaknesses and work on self-improvement to make the next meeting successful.

20. Basecamp

iOS | Android

Track what’s done, what is pending and where do you need to increase your speed to meet the deadline with Basecamp, a project management tool that helps you in managing your task more effectively.

Basecamp also allows you to collaborate with your colleagues to discuss the project and maintain transparency within the team.

21. Dropbox

iOS | Android

Don’t allow hindrance in your work while you are out for a sales meeting. Download Dropbox in your phone and easily share large files with your prospects or teammates.

With Dropbox, you can share not only large files in minutes but also centralize crucial information for easy access, scan documents and securely backup crucial data.

22. Sales Tracking Calendar


Know how many deals are in your pipeline, which accounts are pending for approval, when do you need to follow up next and get notified about the scheduled meetings with Sales Tracking Calendar.

It helps you in keeping track of all your sales activities. From scheduling meetings to creating reports, from measuring important metrics to knowing what’s happening in the sales pipeline, you can get detailed information with this smart app.

23. Parkopedia

iOS | Android

Finding a space for parking when you are late for a meeting can be an exasperating task. Well, Parkopedia can be of great help in such circumstances as it provides parking information to instantly find a spot in the nearby vicinity to safely park your vehicle without wasting much time.

24. Uber

iOS | Android

If you need to meet clients frequently and don’t own a vehicle, then your phone must have Uber app. Instead of spending time in waiting for a taxi or an auto-rickshaw, you can quickly get a ride with Uber that will drop you at the exact meeting location without the hassle of finding a route to reach there.

Moreover, it also supports cashless payment, so you don’t need to dig for cash in your wallet.

25. Slack

iOS | Android

Communicating with a remote sales team gets easier when you have Slack on your phone. Slack is the best messaging app that helps in maintaining transparency within the team by centralizing all the communication at one place and allows you to share all kinds of files needed for discussions.

Moreover, Slack integration with CRM keeps the team updated with the deal activities eliminating the need of toggling between two applications.

26. Close the sales


Closing the deal is the most crucial stage of a sales process and most of the time it is at this stage that the deal can slips out of the sales pipeline.

With ’’Close the sales’, you can get tips to tackle the issues you face while closing a deal. It assists you in dealing with customer objections as well as negotiations and difficulties in sales to quickly convert prospects into real customers.

27. Circleback


Expand your networks and bolster professional relationships with Circleback, that frees you from the burden of maintaining contact cards after a seminar or business conference. With Circleback, you can click pictures of the business cards and sync the details directly with your CRM without taking the pain of manually updating your database.

Besides this, the contacts will automatically be updated in your database when the client makes any change in his contact information. You always have access to the most up-to-date information.

28. Zoom Cloud Meetings

iOS | Android

Communicate seamlessly with clients in different time zones or geographical locations with Zoom Cloud Meetings. Host, attend or schedule virtual meetings, video conferences and webinars from anywhere at any time. Instantly message or share ideas in a group chat. Moreover, it provides you the flexibility to record your meetings for later reference.

29. RingCentral

iOS | Android

With the RingCentral calling app, you can seamlessly call your global clients. RingCentral helps you engage in online meetings and video conferences without any additional expense. Moreover, by integrating RingCentral with CRM like Salesmate and other sales tools you can not only call from within your CRM but also log calls, schedule appointments, record calls and view records of your deals in the CRM.


Why put several hours in a task when you can do it in minimum time with these smart apps.

As it is rightly said ’’work smarter not harder’’.

We hope this directory of 29 essential apps will ease your selling and help you in achieving your sales goals. These apps can decrease your work and increase your productivity as a sales professional if you make the most of it. Sometimes we download an app but fail to use it regularly. To leverage the benefits of such useful mobile apps, it is necessary to make a part of your daily chores.