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Top 10 sales management books every sales manager must read

It is enticing to play the role of a manager in a sales team. However, with power comes great responsibility. Along with your own quota, you even need to ensure that your sales team performs well and achieves its sales quota. Ronald Reagan once said, “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does great things. He is the one that gets the people to the greatest things.” 

The real key to building a winning sales team is effective sales management

Are you wondering how to manage a sales team effectively?

Well, you can get many tips, tactics, and strategies from various sales management books.

Best sales management books you must read

I invest some time reading some best sales management books and getting actionable takeaways to amp up your sales team’s performance. 

Here are some of the best sales management books that you should consider reading:

1. Sales management simplified 

Published – October 2015 

Author – Mike Weinberg 

Sales management simplified - Mike Weinberg

Mike covers three crucial areas of sales leadership with real-life examples, ethnicity, and honesty- leading, managing, and coaching in this excellent sales management book. He provides you with the concepts and tools you’ll need to be effective and proficient in each of these areas. 

Sales management simplified get you upfront and personal with the undeniable fact that your job as a leader is to create a healthy, result-focused culture where your salespeople can develop their skills, leverage their talents, and thrive.  

The book is nicely laid out. The first half highlights the underlying problems and mindset needed to fix it. The second half offers a simple model for sales leadership as well as some effective and practical advice on sales management that you can start implementing immediately.  
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2. The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness

 Published- March 2017 

Author-  Kevin F. Davis

The Sales Managers Guide to Greatness

This book is written by Kevin F. Davis, who has coached around 250 salespeople and even managed various sales teams as well as sales managers. He wrote this book to address the problems encountered by sales managers and has provided practical advice, strategies, and tools they can use to take their team to the top. 

It is an informative book that will help you improve your sales team’s productivity and performance. 

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3. Sales Manager Survival Guide

 Published – May 2016 

Author – David Brock 

Sales Manager Survival Guide - David Brock

This one if the best sales management book. Every chapter is filled with helpful instructions for handling virtually every situation you face as a sales leader. From what you need to do in your first 90 days to recruiting, coaching, building culture, strategizing, and the list goes on. 

This book is a conglomeration of insights, examples, and exercise. It guides you through every step of front line sales management, keeping your clear of the pitfalls while giving you the tools and tips you need to become a great sales leader. 

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4. The Sales Boss

Published –  June 2016

Author – Jonathan Whistman 

The Sales Boss - Jonathan Whistman

Do you want to build a winning sales team? Then you must read this sales management book where Jonathan Whitman has done a tremendous job by breaking down all processes associated with building a winning sales team. 

This book shows you how to find the right people you need, bring them together, and empower them to achieve more than you thought possible. You learn what drives performance and how to avoid things that disrupt it. 

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5. The sales development playbook 

Published –  January 2016

Author – Trish Bertuzzi 

The sales development playbook - Trish Bertuzzi

Trish Bertuzzi is one of the world’s leading experts on sales training and development. She provides a proven sales playbook that the sales team can use to build a repeatable pipeline effectively. 

The sales development playbook presents six elements for building a new pipeline and accelerating revenue growth inside sales.

They are:





5. Execution

6. Leadership

There a lot to learn about quota setting, measuring what matters, and acceleration technologies. We encourage you to read this informative book to soak up the incredible insights that Trish Bertuzzi has garnered in her illustrious 30-year career, building high-velocity sales teams. 

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6. Race to Amazing

Published – August 2018 

Author – Krista Moore

Race to Amazing - Krista Moore

Krista Moore has experience of being a sales leader for multi-million dollar- start-up and fortune 500 companies. Through the bool “Race to Amazing,” she offers the information required to build a winning sales strategy, creating a sales management system, and developing your leadership style.

She shares real-life experiences and stories from other sales managers who’ve battled challenging situations. She provides practical advice on how to gain some clarity into your talents and how to make the most of it be a better sales manager.

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7. The Sales Leader’s Problem Solver 

Published – November 2016

Author – Suzanne Paling

The Sales Leader's Problem Solver - Suzanne Paling

This book helps you solve the various problems and perplexing dilemmas you often face as a sales manager. 

It offers guidance on solving common but difficult issues with the salesperson who sells inconsistently, cheat on sales content, doesn’t enter data in the CRM, and doesn’t prospect for new business. 

This book helps you in developing a reputation of a fair, effective, and no-nonsense problem solver. 

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8. The Coaching Habit

Published – April 2016 

Author- Michael Bungay Stanier

The Coaching Habit - Michael Bungay Stanier

Sales coaching is very crucial. Your ability to coach can make or break the success of your sales team. 

In the book “The Coaching Habit,” Michael Bungay Stanier explains why good coaching skills are critical to your team’s success and provides simple strategies to become a better coach. 

He gives seven essential coaching questions to demonstrate how, by saying less and asking more questions, you can develop coaching methods that produce successful results. 

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9. The Cadence of Excellence

Published-  September 2017 

Author – Matthew McDarby

The Cadence of Excellence - Matthew McDarby

The difference between being an excellent sales manager and being an average one depends on the choices you make with your time. 

Using real-life experiences from his extensive career as a sales leader and coach, Matthew McDarby provides ways to improve your skills as a sales manager. 

He shows you how to make better decisions about where to invest your time and effort. 

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10. Nuts and Bolts of Sales Management

Publish – March 2011

Author – John R. Treace 

Nuts and Bolts of Sales Management - John R. Treace

This book focuses on the chaotic and challenging aspects of the sales world and provides tips to deal with it. 

It guides you on what to do when your sales reps miss their quota, how to accurately forecast, how to design a compensation plan, and more. You’ll learn how to take your sales team to the next level by developing effective sales processes and promoting high morale and teamwork. 

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These books hold a wealth of information that can help you in managing your sales teams effectively. By spending a little time reading every day, you can enhance your knowledge and get tips to improve your sales team’s performance. Combine your knowledge with the best tool to boost your sales team’s growth. Using a CRM like Salesmate, you can efficiently manage your sales team. You can know where they are spending time and provide real-time feedback to improve their performance.


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