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Start Recording Your Sales Reps’ Calls to Improve Your Business

Start Recording Your Sales Reps’ Calls to Improve Your Business

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There are many ways that sales leaders can monitor their sales reps’ progress and sales activities. One way is by recording and reviewing sales calls that reps make. While CRM software that tracks activities and leads in the , there is sometimes nothing better than actually hearing your reps as they interact with their customers. It can yield valuable insight for you, your marketing department, and your reps themselves.

Call recording is often underutilized because sales leaders fear that it may alienate reps and violate prospects’ trust. But when it is done right, it can be a powerful tool that works to improve your sales reps’ performances as well as increasing your closed deals.

The following are some ways that recording calls can benefit both your sales and marketing teams’ performance.

Sales Training

How better to train your team than to let them hear real sales calls with real prospects? In the article, , from Entrepreneur Magazine online, the following point is made, ’’Plenty of generic sales-training programs feature video or audio of dramatized sales calls, in order to teach new reps the fundamentals of the process. Why rely on non-specific examples when you have a library of real-world experiences you can use to demonstrate both the best and worst ways to handle a client interaction?’’

Reviewing recorded calls allows you to personalize coaching for each member of your sales team. You are able to point out successes and areas for improvement that are specifically tailored to each individual’s strengths and style.

Sales Tactics

Listening to recorded calls allows you to create sales strategies that are based on your actual prospects and leads. It allows specific prospect questions and concerns to be addressed and whether there is a pattern to objections that are raised. This makes it easy for you to come up with the exact tactics needed for your pool of prospects.


There is often a disconnect between the marketing team and the sales team for businesses. The sales team may feel that the that marketers send them are not actually sales-ready, making it ineffective to talk to them at that time. When recorded sales calls are shared with the marketing team, they can gather useful information and insight into lead quality. That improves the effectiveness of both teams.

Not only can the quality of inbound leads be improved by listening to actual calls, but it also allows for improvement in the marketing team’s ability to identify lead objections and create a way to address them.

Audio Quality

You and your team may have the best sales strategies and messages to deliver to your prospects. But none of that will matter if the prospects aren’t able to understand them. With the use of headsets and speaker-phone, you never know what the quality of the audio on calls is if you don’t listen to it. If you record calls and play them back for review, it is guaranteed that you will recognize if something needs to be adjusted regarding your phone system.

Best Practices

Consistent training, reviewing, and updating is crucial in the sales industry. Even the best of strategies needs to be adjusted and updated from time to time. If you are regularly reviewing sales calls, you will be able to tell what is working and what isn’t, allowing you to create a list of best practices that is current and accurate.

Start Recording Sales Calls

Even if there is some push back from your reps, recording and reviewing sales calls is a useful and insightful strategy for improving closed sales. Your reps will come to recognize that in short order.

Recording, studying, critiquing and improving is how every top professional improves their craft, and it’s how you should be doing it as well. – in an

Make sure that you are informing prospects and leads that their calls are being recorded for quality. You won’t likely have any resistance from them about receiving great service.

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