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Using SNAP Selling for winning more deals successfully

Using SNAP Selling for winning more deals successfully

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In our 7 tried and tested sales methodologies post, we highlighted the importance of each sales methodology for your sales process. In this article, we will share insights on SNAP sales methodology.

Now talking about SNAP sales methodology, it aims at helping your sales team understand the decision-making process of your customers. Let’s help you learn SNAP selling.

What is SNAP selling?

What is SNAP selling

As the image above depicts, the SNAP selling technique includes these four basic components.

Keep it Simple

Whatever information the modern buyer requires for choosing a solution, the internet is the place for them. It is like a brochure market. With an abundance of information, these buyers avoid anything that is too complex to understand. The buyers have developed a habit of avoiding these complexities and opt for a business that can attract them with concise information.

Sales professionals must remember this and help prospects change their current habits. Only then will they be able to attract these prospects.

  • Make your solution look less complex
  • Keep the communication to-the-point
  • Persuade the prospect to hear you out

Be iNvaluable

Modern buyers get overwhelmed with an abundance of information. Your sales reps must become unique experts, showcase your product’s value and stand out from the crowd.

  • Make consumer trust you
  • Showcase the product’s value
  • Stand out to secure the sale

Always Align

If you want to sell your product to the modern buyer, you must align business objectives with core beliefs. Your prospect must be willing to work with you, not the competition. Your message must showcase that your product will help in meeting their goals faster.

  • Be aligned with your customers
  • Understand their needs
  • Find out their concerns
  • Align your solution with their organization goals

Raise Priorities

Frazzled buyers (more on them coming right up) have their list of priorities.

  • Focus on the prospect’s priorities.
  • Align your product with them.
  • Put your solution as the tool for achieving the priorities.

Busy people don’t like to be interrupted by information or products that they perceive to be of no use.

The SNAP Factors

Frazzled prospects have these questions in their mind while you are explaining your solution to them.

  1. Is this solution simple, will it be too complex to implement?
  2. Is this person adding value to my time?
  3. Is this solution aligning with our priorities?
  4. Is the implementation or purchase of this solution a priority or it can wait?

The four basic components of SNAP selling we explained above will help your sales team get into the client’s head. Using SNAP Selling, you can deal with their current habits and make them more receptive to your approach.

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Understand how Frazzled customers think

The modern buyer has busy schedules.

They are always looking for methods of fitting more activities into a smaller timeframe. This has positive effects on productivity, but it also makes them frazzled buyers.

Your prospects have these characteristics when they are frazzled.


The bottom line is in the prospect’s mind. They want to reach it and decide if your product or service is worth their time.


Prospects will be distracted as they are not just dealing with you.

Resistant to complexity

It must never seem complex, risky, or time-consuming. This will push the prospects away from you and make them quickly move to your competitors.


You must be well versed in your solution. Frazzled buyers often seem under pressure to get out of the meeting or conversation. This self-imposed pressure makes them demanding on various occasions where they ask too many questions about your solutions. If you fail to answer them, they will not deal with you next time.

Keep yourself calm and patient. Take your time in understanding the various ways of bypassing these barriers and successfully close a deal.

Conclusion: Implement a SNAP selling plan the following way

“Sales is an outcome, not a goal. It’s a function of doing numerous things right, starting from the moment you target a potential prospect until you finalize the deal. Consciously or not, today’s prospects evaluate you on these four criteria in every single sales transaction you have with them.” – Jill Konrath

Let’s get a brief of what SNAP selling can help you accomplish.

When presenting your solution to the prospect, always align the talking points to their business objectives. Do this and your sales rep will capture their interest and help build trust in the relationship.

You must ask your sales professionals to emphasize on personal value and technical expertise. If the prospect values the information and expertise, it will guarantee their loyalty to your solution.

Keep the flow of information incremental so that you do not overwhelm your prospect.

Your prospect’s priorities must become your priorities. This will allow both of you to be on the same page and help you deliver what the prospect wants in time.

A simple CRM can be of a great help when executing a SNAP Selling practice.

You can keep all your communication simple, well planned and thorough features like built-in calling, emails, and texts.

You can send out useful and educational material about your product using Sequences.

To make sure every one of your teammates understands the prospect’s priorities, you can use features like activities, notes, and team inbox.

A feature-rich CRM like Salesmate can offer a great value to your selling process. It has everything to help you with each stage of sales and build a stronger connection with your prospects. Salesmate is one of the best CRM for small and medium businesses with excellent features and affordable rates.

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