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How to manage sales complexity in your business

With various funding available in the market for boosting startup growth, scaling up quickly is not difficult for startups. However, growth brings many complexities for a startup. If countermeasures are not planned in a proper manner it will lead to crashing and burning of the startup dream!

In this article, we will be talking about how you, as a startup owner, must tackle the complexity that comes while scaling your business and also evade the temptation of

  • reinventing features too frequently
  • compiling unnecessary sales tools
  • filling your startup with enhancements
  • keep inviting more people on the board
  • doing more partnerships
  • hiring the wrong “experienced” people

What causes sales complexity?

To create a remedy, you must first understand the cause or the source of the illness!

Here are a few points that create sales complexity for your product or service:

  • When customers find it tough to understand, configure or install your solution?
  • More than one decision-maker involved
  • Higher pricing of your solution
  • Not suitable for your target audience
  • Requires complex integration with other supporting software
  • Fewer customer references in the same category

The list will go on if you want to point out the sources. The other two reasons for sales complexity are:

  • When customer pain-point is low!
  • Where the sense of urgency is null!

One of the most crucial reasons for the modern-day sales complexity is the internet. Modern customers or millennials search for all the information they need using the various search engines, social media pages, and online customer forums. The monopoly of information, like in the good old days, has gone away from the salesperson.

We are sharing a few more factors that affect today’s sales complexity:

The complexity of pricing in the solution

Price complexity arises from

  • mass production of your products,
  • cost of acquiring development team for your SaaS solutions, and
  • the variety in your product or services.

Although it seems that having variety in your offerings makes it easier for the customers to select them, it gets complex in providing an apt solution to the apt audience in their budget.

  • Sales reps need to have a thorough knowledge of all your offerings, making it easier for them to provide the correct information to the prospects at the right time.
  • With the increase in the number of products and their prices, complexity in your sales process starts piling up.
  • Last but not least, availing the discounts on the right offerings makes it even more complex for the salesperson to close the deal.

Unjustified price increase

As we mentioned earlier, the internet is a haven for researching every minute detail of a product.

  • When you decide to hike prices on your offerings, even your current batch of loyal customers will get on the internet to dig up the pricing of your competition.
  • With people getting better deals on bunched products, the prices of standalone products or solutions are bound to grow, making it harder for your sales reps to justify the pricing and make the sale!

The complexity of your solution

Based on the distinguished needs of the modern customers, you have to compromise on the price of your solution because the general scenario of every business is to have lower CAC (cost of acquiring a customer) and higher LTV (lifetime value of a customer).

  • Product offerings and packaging complexity have also increased in the last decade.
  • In the B2B business scenario, sales reps sell a solution to a problem that is troubling the customers.
  • And these solutions have all the better features bunched together in a single offering, making it complex for the sales reps to sell standalone solutions.

Multiple influencers

  • With the increase in price altering the complexity of sale, an increased number of influencers and decision-makers also add on to it.
  • Sales reps are constantly trying to justify the pricing of your product’s model to multiple decision influencers.
  • Tailoring their pitches for each of these influencers is time-consuming which ultimately increases your sales complexity.

How to overcome your sales complexity?

The design of your offering needs to be user-friendly and must give them a different experience for reducing sales complexities.

Can you instill such properties in your solution so that it can help make sale faster?

Let’s take a SaaS example.

By deciding to move away from an on-premise solution to a SaaS model, a company can reduce the following sales complexities:

  • Eliminate IT support
  • Easy trial
  • No on-site equipment
  • No requirement of additional investment
  • Reduce initial expenditure
  • Ease of opting out and canceling payment in case the solution doesn’t work out for them.


As we have explained above, sales complexities can arise from various loopholes that are present in your sales process. Having a CRM software allows you to streamline your sales process and get your deals in the right places, without the chaos.

With the optimum use of various CRM features, users can personalize their prospect approach and cater to the tailored content to the audience using smart emails.

Salesmate CRM is the enabler of a sales environment that is free from the complexity of every sale with its user-friendly interface and quick setup time.

Enjoy a seamless sales routine without tiring yourself out with the regular manual labor that goes into carrying out the traditional sales activities.

Easily track your customers, deals and sales reps performance and use detailed analytics in the form charts and reports to know where your resources are getting used.

Signup with Salesmate CRM today and allow yourself to be free of any type of sales complexities.


A writer with an uncommon funny bone and a knack for perfection, Saptarshi loves to write about anything that can be of help to businesses, people, and dogs! A true human at heart, he likes to spend most of his time researching the internet to find ways technology is influencing our daily life (positively).

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