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A small update that makes a big impact💥 on email delivery

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Every interaction with a customer or prospect contributes towards establishing your brand. Majority of companies run email campaigns, and to analyze its performance, they opt for tracking of email clicks and opens. So, you get a clear picture of how your emails are being delivered and performing. 

Now, with Salesmate’s exclusive update, you get to create a custom domain tracking URL for tracking your outgoing emails. So, how does the custom tracking domain help your company? Generally, Salesmate uses a default domain for tracking email clicks and opens, and although it fetches the same results, there are certain additional benefits of using a custom domain.

By using a custom domain, the servers recognize your company domain, and the email stands out among others. You can easily set up your custom domain and use email tracking features such as “email opens,” and “email clicks” to build credibility or plan your follow-ups among your prospects.  

First, let’s get insight into how email tracking for opens and clicks work. 

Open tracking 

Open tracking comes into play when the prospect clicks on any email they receive. While running campaigns, you need to know how many emails were opened by the users, and this functionality enables you to get information for the same. 

Right when the user clicks on an email, an almost invisible, 1-pixel image linked to the Html version gets downloaded, and that’s how you gain insight into every email opened.  

With open tracking feature, you can analyze how your emails are doing and map out your strategy based on that. Moreover, when you use a custom domain for email tracking, the image that gets downloaded will reflect your name, which boosts credibility. 

Click tracking 

custom tracking domain

Click tracking follows a similar structure; it collects information on how many users clicked on the link in the email. Tracking email clicks is highly beneficial as it helps you track every time a prospect clicks on the link in the email.  So, let’s find out how the click tracking functionality works. 

When a prospect clicks on the tracked link in your email, it redirects them to the destination domain, and during that process, the click is counted to derive insights on your email campaign. The entire process is executed within seconds, therefore it’s practically unnoticeable by anyone. So, when you track the clicks with your customized domain, your domain name will reflect in the link. 

Your users can easily see the tracking domain by hovering over the link, and the name of your website on the URL certainly adds a personalized touch. 

What are the benefits of getting custom domain for email tracking? 

While everyone is using the default domain for tracking emails, having your own customized URL adds value to the services you provide. Here’s why custom domains for tracking are advantageous for every company –  

Use custom domain to combat spams 

When running email campaigns and tracking emails, white labeling has become a necessity. You don’t want your emails to land into customers’ spam folders. Therefore, when the tracking URL is of the same name as your company, the servers recognize it as reliable and helps you reach directly to your prospect’s inbox. 

Developing trustworthiness among prospects 

Prospects believe in a thorough knowledge of the company they plan to associate with. Therefore, they might even take a glance at the tracking URL that’s at the bottom of the window. So, when your own URL is used in the link, your prospect will know that they can trust you for all the links sent through your domain. 

Add value to your brand

By using your own URL, you create a brand image that leaves a lasting impression on your prospects. Your customers will know that their interaction with your company and emails is 100% secured. 

Improve and keep your sending reputation consistent 

When every email is sent through your own personal domain, it will be more consistent and reliable to track. A default domain is used by multiple users; hence it can hamper your sending reputation. Therefore, use a personal domain to improve sending reputation and receive better delivery rates. 

Salesmate aims to provide exceptional services to its users. This addition of a custom domain for tracking opens and clicks is just another feature that helps you excel at email marketing. 

In fact, you can also get multiple domains verified. Yes, you read that right! Like we said earlier, we only have the best solutions for you. 

The open tracking is done via SSL based images so you can rest assured about the safety. 

So, what are you waiting for? Set up your custom domain now! Find out how you can set up your personal domain for email tracking here

Not a Salesmate user? Try it for free now to avail these features and much more!

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