Salesmate enriches mobile app experience with new feature enhancements

As your customer base expands, you’ll require better functionalities to handle them efficiently. Salesmate understands this and to make your on-the-go sales faster and better we have upgraded our mobile app.

What’s there in new update:

  1. Sort and easily find any information
  2. Send HTML emails templates without any hassle
  3. Email threading
  4. Smart insights

1. Sort and easily find any information

Sorting in mobile crm - Salesmate

It doesn’t make sense to dig through the entire contact database to find a single detail when you are already running out of time. To ease your work, Salesmate has added sorting options in the mobile CRM app so that you can search whatever you need with just a few clicks. Struggle no more, seamlessly sort contacts and deals from your mobile app by name, company, title or by the date it was created.

2. Send HTML emails templates without any hassle

HTML support - Salesmate mobile CRM

Most of the time you spend hours in creating compelling HTML email templates to boost the response rate but unfortunately some of the systems and mobile apps don’t support it.

Well, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. You can easily use the templates created on your web app and send it through Salesmate mobile app with or without editing it. Rest assured that your images, graphics, and links will reach your client’s inbox in the same format in which you had created it.

3. Email threading

Email threading in mobile app - Salesmate

Salesmate’s new update brings email threading to your smartphone. Get full context of your past conversations with your prospect or client at your fingertip.  The original topic and the related messages are just a few touch away.

4. Smart insights

Smart email comm insights

Smart insights of the activities done towards deals and contacts are now available on your mobile app too. Enhance your salespeople’s on-the-go sales productivity without the need of accessing the data on desktop app. With our latest app feature update, they can simply go to the contact or deal timeline and see:

  • which mode of communication was used
  • when it was used, and
  • if there are any pending activities

These new updates are available on both iOS and Android platform.

By updating the app on the Play Store or App Store, Android, iPhone, and iPad users can sell better with the new feature enhancements.

Haven’t Used Salesmate Mobile App Yet?

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Mobile CRM - Salesmate

Salesmate Mobile CRM

Increase the pace of your sales, operate and track your activities from anywhere through Salesmate Mobile App

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