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Salesmate’s all-new powerful automation journeys to capture, engage, close, and repeat

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When your business starts growing, you need a streamlined process that enables you to seize every opportunity. So, to ensure that no deals fall through the cracks, you need to bring automation into the process and put all your manual tasks on autopilot.

With automation, you can turbocharge team efficiency, get rid of manual tasks that eat up your time, engage better with timely follow-ups, capture more leads and improve ROI.   

We are thrilled to launch a feature that will level up your entire marketing and sales process! Salesmate’s automation journeys is one of a kind that enables you to create automated flows for every process. 

How can a combination of marketing and sales automation within a CRM help achieve your goals? 

Marketing and sales automation within a robust CRM makes Salesmate an unmatchable cloud-based CRM software.

By automating your entire marketing process, you can acquire quality leads and nurture them with automated emails, introductory campaigns, track visitors’ and prospects’ behavior on-site, and run targeted campaigns to provide a personalized user experience.

Once you qualify the leads, your sales pipeline automation takes place. Many businesses often lose deals as they forget to follow up or get caught up in paperwork that hampers the work quality.

Therefore, you can create certain triggers in your sales pipeline with sales automation activated when a condition is met. So, if you want to schedule a call, just set up the automation journey, and you won’t have to worry about it! 

Marketing and sales automation 

Marketing + sales automation helps you stay connected with your customers at every touchpoint and nurture them to build lasting relationships. Every stage of your sales or marketing process can be automated using Salesmate CRM that offers it all! 

Are you not able to meet your marketing goals? Has your marketing strategy reached a dead-end? Well, a business without marketing automation is prone to face various challenges like losing potential customers, not being able to connect with the demographic, among other issues. 

In fact, 75% of marketers say that they use at least one type of marketing automation tool. Therefore, to gain a competitive edge and enhance user experience, it’s essential to adopt a marketing automation tool that provides simplified solutions to your every problem.

Capture high-intent leads 

Seize every opportunity and capture your prospect’s interest with relevant information. Run automated email drip campaigns to keep every prospect and visitor engaged with useful content. 

Behavior based engagement 

Know what your prospects want and deliver exactly that with personalized emails and messages. Track the customer journey and their behavior to provide an enhanced user experience with constant engagement. 

Increase retention 

Every prospect is a potential customer, so keep in touch with old customers and bring them back to your website by sharing the latest offers, news, and product launch. Moreover, you can also keep your prospects engaged by asking for their feedback and get their inputs in the decision-making process. 

Easily qualify more leads 

Set up automated reminders and activities that guide your SQLs through the sales process and convert them into customers. This approach of automated activities enables you to focus on the important leads while nurturing the existing ones. 

Save time with automated follow-ups 

Now, you have time to close more deals by putting your follow-ups on auto-pilot with Salesmate’s smart automation. You can run email sequences and send follow-up emails by setting a delay in between each email. 

Greetings to delight the customers 

Engage and delight your customers with personalized greetings on their special events such as birthdays or anniversaries. Use date match to set up a time and date for sending congratulatory emails on a specific date. 

Close deals faster 

By automating your sales pipeline, you can close more deals and build lasting relationships. With personalized outreach, timely follow-ups, automated nurturing campaigns, you can save a lot of time and close deals faster. 

Reporting and forecasting to track performance

Track your email campaigns to find out which ones are working out and plan better strategies for your email marketing campaigns. Also, you can track the performance of your team members by tracking their activities. 

Increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities 

Re-establish the connection with your old customers and offer them personalized deals with targeted messages to increase your revenue. 

Hassle-free automation process 

As a company, you want automation to simplify your tasks, not the other way around. Therefore, Salesmate’s marketing and sales automation is easy to set up using drag and drop journey builder. You can start creating the journey by using the triggers, conditions, and actions you want to implement. 

Salesmate’s marketing and sales automation feature provide a frictionless customer experience with its advanced set of conditions and activities. All you need to do is create a journey that you want to execute, and you never have to worry about it! 

Automation isn’t just about reducing the manual work; it also enhances customer relationships; helps you capture quality leads, and increases your ROI. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start using marketing and sales automation journeys with Salesmate CRM and boost your revenue.  

Not a Salesmate user yet? Try it free for 15 days now! 

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