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10 Sales qualification questions to identify right prospects

Will I be able to help them? And will they be able to help me? – Every Sales Professional

What the above statement wants to portray is a selfless and selfish qualification process for finding your sales-ready prospects. The sales professionals who say yes to both these questions, never close a bad deal or lose it.

But how can sales professionals get the answers to these two questions? By simply asking the right questions! Sort out your sales-ready prospects and start moving them along the sales process towards a successful close without any sales-related bottlenecks.

Everyone likes a great ice-breaker; so do your prospects! – Anonymous

To help you with the prospect identification process, we are listing down some of the fundamental questions that you will need for qualifying them:

1. How is your average day at work and how this solution would impact it?

  • Knowing the personality of your prospect is a big time saver.
  • Listen to them, understand their daily schedule, and then allow them to settle in for listening to your points.
  • This way, you find out the role that your prospect plays in the daily work setting.
  • You can find out if your prospects are decision-makers if they have the responsibility and buying power, and whether they have made similar purchases in the past.
  • You need to know if the prospect is ready to be processed through your sales process, all the way to be closed.

2. What’s the business problem?

  • Bringing change to a well-versed system is tough and businesses generally avoid system overhauls because time is of crucial essence.
  • So, if you want a proper closure from your prospects, then ask them the business problem they are currently facing.
  • You will understand if they actually need the change or not.

If there is no genuine business pain point, there is no reason for change – Anonymous

3. Why go for the change, now?

Companies generally change go for the change for one of the below reasons:

  • Change in leadership
  • A shift in the market dynamics
  • A major development in the company

If you can determine the same with your sales qualifying questions then there is a chance of closing the deal.

4. What budget have you allocated for this shift? If not, when do you expect you will?

  • Ask for the overall budget that your prospect thinks will suffice the transformation.
  • The early you discuss this point, the easier it becomes for you at the later stage.
  • Sometimes, sales professionals lose their prospects because of disagreement over the budget.
  • You must understand that the price at which you are offering your solution matches the prospect’s budget.

We are the change we seek – Barrack Obama

5. What is the monetary impact of your current solution?

  • Never ask your prospect about their current solution provider’s name at the preliminary stages of the conversation.
  • Instead, ask them about the financial impact the solution is having on their business.
  • Why? Because this will provide their satisfaction level with their prevailing provider and help you understand if they are open to any change in their current budget or not.

6. Can our solution help you achieve your primary business goals?

  • Discovering your prospect’s primary goal for a new solution is the first step at aligning a direct line between your solution’s features and the prospect’s business goals.
  • Asking a direct question about your own product/service helps you establish a cue to start conversations that will make them understand the worth of your solution.
  • Help them see various methods and ways your solution will make a difference by accomplishing the said business goals.

It would be a lie if we say money isn’t everything in this modern era! – Anonymous

7. What other solutions are you evaluating?

  • Prospects are always in two minds when they need to decide to go for a vendor, as they do not want to keep switching their solution vendors.
  • Your job of helping them understand that difference becomes a bit tricky.
  • But, this a necessary step to evaluate the time you both will lose if the deal is not closed in the end.

8. What does solving this problem mean to you personally?

Asking your prospects about other vendors in a subtle manner helps you decide if they are going to say yes to your offer or not.

  • An internal sales superstar is more operative at holding the buying committee around a particular product or service.
  • Understanding the degree of seriousness the prospects have carried into the conversation will help you decide if they will make the deal or not.
  • Prospects often hide some facts regarding the problems they are facing in their business process.
  • Getting those reasons out will help you estimate how seriously they are looking for a change in the solution!

Finance is not merely about making money. It’s about achieving our deep goals and protecting the fruits of our labor. It’s about stewardship and, therefore, about achieving the good society. – Robert J. Shiller

9. Do you currently have a solution in place?

  • Ask them if they have a system currently in place.
  • Find out the points that suggest why they like or dislike the current solution.
  • This actually helps your sales strategy, and also helps in gathering intelligence related to competitors.

10. When do you need a new solution in place by?

  • Time is of essence and businesses and sales professionals realize this fact openly.
  • Asking your prospects about the downtime they can work with helps you understand the signing date so that you can make a successful close with your sales-ready prospects.


We hope this article will come in handy for you. These essential sales qualifications questions that we have mentioned above are a crucial part of your sales process.

They help sales professionals segregate the prospects so that you make progress with the ones who are interested to sign a deal with your solution. Our list of sales qualification questions will guide while creating your own set of questions.

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