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Must-Have Sales Management Reports for Successful Sales Process

Managing a sales team is like navigating a ship. Just like the nautical chart aids the navigator in navigation, reports help the sales honcho in tracking all the past sales activities and performance of the team. Till you don’t delve into the past, you cannot improve and prepare yourself for the future. So, you need to maintain a set of sales management report template to track the performance, progress, and problems of your sales team. Through report templates, you can identify the strengths and drawbacks of your sales process and plan the further strategies to keep your sales flow smooth.

What kind of reports will make a difference?

Below are four must-have sales management reports that will help you in proliferating your conversion rate:

Sales funnel report

Sale funnel report has been the backbone of sales professionals. It is a simplified image bifurcated in different deal stages through which team managers can instantly identify the leaks and bottleneck in their sales process. This information gives an idea about the prospect’s thought and actions at each stage. The report displays precise figures that allow you to spot problems in the sales pipeline and act immediately on that specific stage to resolve the issue.

Won and lost deal analysis

Sometimes we are so engrossed in celebrating a deal we closed, that we tend to ignore the deal we lost and accept that loss. The loss has affected the figure of deals won which could have been much higher, so we need to do an analysis of the lost and won deals to find the root cause of losing a deal. You need to dig deeper to find out the reasons for both winning and losing a deal. Only when you know the reasons, you can find a solution to progress.

Calculate the churn rate

Churn rate is tantamount to success. It is a critical metric for a sales team. The sales leader needs to calculate it every quarterly by dividing the number of prospects the team lost with the number of prospects they commenced with last quarter. Through this, you will get to know how many potential prospects broke the tie with your company in a quarter. This knowledge will help you in creating strategies to retain your prospects and increase your conversion rate from your churn rate.

Calls report

As the leader of a sales team, you must keep a track on your team’s daily calls to know how many calls they make in a day and out of that how many are productive calls. Calls without results are like working without an agenda. You don’t need to work hard in this sales market; you just need to work smart. Analyze the company and dial the right contacts. Being the head, you need to know where your team is investing their time; this report will give you the perfect insight.

The final words

Reports aren’t only a sheet of information, but they are a tool to plan the next step to success. So, maintain your reports to ameliorate your team’s performance and close more deals.

To ease your task, we have developed Salesmate that will help you in creating easy-to-use high visual reports. It is an actionable sales intelligence that gives you instant access to every sales insight you require. Check out Sales Reporting Software from Salesmate for customized and smart sales report management.

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