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3 Real estate automations that make agents more efficient

3 real estate automations that make agents more efficient

6 Min read

The real estate industry has witnessed a major change in the last decade. According to NAR, almost 51% of the buyers have found their brand new homes from online platforms like Zillow, Trulia, Airbnb, and HotPads.

But, there’s a constant that hasn’t moved from the last 50 years in the real estate industry – Agents.

A real estate agent is the true bridge that connects a buyer and a seller. Even though 51% of the buyers found their perfect space from online platforms, 88 out of 100 still seek real estate agents for the process.

Because there’s a lot more to this business than glancing properties. Real estate agents are the gems who check properties from head to toe. They’re the ones who make sure if the property is right for the new owners.

We totally understand, as a real estate agent, you have a lot on your plate. And we also know, by automating your real estate business, you can make your life a little bit easier.

This article is all about automation in the real estate industry to help you focus more on important tasks like presenting properties, legal documentation, and winning more profits. Instead of feeding data and sending emails manually, you can put all these tasks on autopilot and spare more time on valuable tasks.

Let’s start.

1. Fetch leads automatically

As a real estate agent, you must be dependent on 3rd party platforms like Zillow, Trulia, Airbnb, HotPads, and many more. Let’s admit, gathering all the leads from these platforms and manually feeding them into a common system is a tedious task.

Instead, you can simply integrate your real estate CRM software with these platforms and bring all the leads with no efforts. Many real estate CRMs provide native integrations with these platforms or you can simply rely on platforms like Zapier.

With all the leads in one place, you can manage all the deals effectively in your sales pipeline. You can also create multiple pipelines for various kinds of properties like Homes, Condos, Industrial, etc.

With such an automated system, you can also identify the most successful source of leads. Like; Zillow is giving you more deals for family homes, and Airbnb is providing more leads for studio apartments. Based on such data, you can mindfully invest your time on such platforms.

Integrate CRM with all your favorite platforms.

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2. Send personalized emails using sequences

A sales sequence is the second benefit of automation in real estate. You can actually design a series of emails that help you close more deals.

The process of sending out a perfect email sequence starts with contact lists. As you know, you have tons of inquiries with specific requirements like locality, area, neighborhood, and Subway availability. People even ask for nearby Starbucks!

You can simply enroll all the people with such requirements, and use it to send automated emails.

For example; you have many inquiries where buyers are looking for a house with Swimming Pool in Ontario. At the same time, you already know about a dozen properties that have a fancy pool. You can simply add a tag to such contacts with “Swimming Pool”.

Using an automated sales sequence, you can send emails to only those people where you can show a dozen properties with a swimming pool. It’s a perfect example of customer targeting.

Send automated sales emails that convert!

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Once you get a response from any of such leads, you can choose to send further emails manually or make a call right from the system!

Sequences are very useful to take follow-ups as well. Let’s say, you suggest various properties to prospects using a series of emails. The first email is a welcome email and the next three shows relevant properties.

Sequences let you decide when to hit the follow-up email. So when days pass, but prospects don’t respond; you can send an automated follow-up email.

You can simply set up a condition like; Send a follow-up email after 14 days of inactivity.

3. Automated workflows

Automated workflows let you take a certain action when a specific trigger is pressed. All you have to do is design a standardized process and set the right triggers. After each trigger, you have to set up a follow-up action.

Let’s understand this with an example:

Adam is a real estate agent running a small business with James as his executive. Adam gets so many news leads that he has to create a streamlined process to save him some time for the actual agent tasks like – open houses or deal closing.

This is a workflow he designs:

  1. When a new lead enters into the CRM, assign a tag called “New Lead”.
  2. Send an automated welcome email to new leads asking about their preferences with a predefined template.
  3. When the prospects respond to his email, he needs James to make a call for a detailed conversation.
  4. When James adds a tag of “Premium” to this contact, the task/deal will be assigned to Adam.

As a real estate agent, Adam would naturally find more time if such workflow is already set. He can actually shift his focus to finding more details about their prospects and their preferences. And he can definitely pick better properties for their prospects.

Let your real estate business flow naturally.

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We all know the dynamics of the real estate business, your credibility is everything. When clients find the best properties, they will choose you again and refer to their colleagues as well! In fact, 74% of the buyers use their real estate agents again or recommend to others.

Real estate automation makes time-consuming tasks easier and you can spare more time on building your brand. Of course, you will be needing tools that offer automation to your real estate business.

Salesmate is one such CRM that specializes in real estate automation features like sequences, workflow automation, email automation, and data entry automation. There are other useful features like built-in calling, team inbox, goal tracking, pipeline management, and many more!

Take our 15-days free trial to explore every bit of Salesmate. After that, you can choose from two simple pricing plans.

Kashyap Trivedi is working with an awesome marketing team at Salesmate CRM. He is deeply interested in learning digital marketing trends and try them out! When he’s not working, you’ll find him reading a good book or meditating.

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