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February Product Updates 2023

🚀 Salesmate Experience Updates: Changes in Automation Journeys & Reporting Widgets

Automation Journeys and Reports are among the essential features for our customers. 

So, February is about important additions to them. 

See what’s new in Salesmate for this February. 

Keep track of your Automation Journeys with version history

Are you a person who keeps changing the automation journeys frequently, and you don’t remember which changes were made or why a particular step was executed for a customer? 

We’ve all been through this. From today, Stop guessing; Version History is here. 

Now you can see all the versions of an Automation Journey, starting from the first version you Published. 

Automation Journeys Version History

You’ll find this new option under Actions when you open a specific journey. 

You can start by choosing a date range or users who might have made the changes in the journey over time. You can view the previously published versions, but you can also compare the version with the one previously published to understand the changes between the two publish points.  

Highlights are shown in three ways: 

1. Added: New Trigger, Condition, or Action added compared to the past version. It’s highlighted with a blue background. 

2. Edited: Trigger, Condition, or Action edited compared to the past version. It’s highlighted with a yellow background. 

3. Deleted: Trigger, Condition, or Action removed compared to the past version. It’s highlighted with a red background. 

Version history is beneficial when multiple users manage common journeys. It keeps you on track with the changes occurring over time.  

It’s handy if you made changes to the journey and it’s not giving the expected results. You can always refer to the older version and improve it. 

Learn about Version History 

Save time associating Activities with Deals

Activity Deal Association

Are you using calendar sync, meeting scheduler, or any third-party integration which posts new activities over your Salesmate instance? If yes, then you don’t have to associate such activities with ongoing deals manually.  

Our new action, “Activity Deal Association,” within automation journeys will automatically find the most suitable open deal based on associated contacts or companies with the activity or the automation flow it’s flowing through and associate the deal accordingly. 

Reduce the manual work and focus on selling 😊 

Learn about Activity Deal Association 

Track Conversational trends with Tag Reports 

The conversation tags help us to segregate the conversations and understand the trends over time. If you have been tagging your conversations, then from now onwards, you will be able to see the number of conversations happening with a particular tag and add the conversation tag widget to your favorite dashboard.

Conversation Tags Reports

The report is straightforward and gives you what you need: 

1. All the Tags associated with conversations in a specific period 

2. Number of conversations associated with Tags in a specific period 

3. % Change compared to the previous period 

The report is extremely useful for seeing where your CX agents spend most of their time. 

It’s super-useful to identify the latest trends. For example, your customers are mentioning a new competitor more often. Of course, it’ll be handy in tracking feature requests, bugs, complaints, etc. 

Learn more about Conversation Tags Report 

Get a real-time view of your sales funnel 

The Sales funnel report can show how many leads you are generating, what deals are being negotiated, what contracts are being finalized, and so on.

In short, it is a progression through the sales pipeline. This report was part of Report 1.0, but we have also made it available within Report 2.0. 

Sales Funnel Report

The report shows you the Deal progressions count for each funnel stage.  

You can see the deals highlighted in three colors. 

1. Current: No. of deals created during the time period, shown in Blue 

2. Progressed: No. of deals that progressed to the next stage are shown in Green 

3. Lost: No. of deals that got lost from any stage are shown in Red 

Read more about Sales Funnel Report 

Navigate between records easily

Record - Next & Previous

Do you create a segment or records and go through them one by one to perform the required tasks? Our Next & Previous navigation options allow you to move between records without manually jumping back and forth between list and detail view. 

This works for all the modules – Contacts, Companies, Activities, Deals, and Product list views.  

Learn more about Navigation between Records 

That’s all, folks! 

We’ll see you with some exciting updates next month.  

Kashyap Trivedi

Kashyap Trivedi is working with an awesome marketing team at Salesmate CRM. He is deeply interested in learning digital marketing trends and try them out! When he’s not working, you’ll find him reading a good book or meditating.

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