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Just Launched! Use product module to track and manage your products and services

Salesmate is delighted to announce that we have added one more excellent feature ‘Product Module’ for making crucial product information easily accessible. Our consultative approach to understand and address demands and requirements of our users has led us to this big launch.

While selling a wide number of products, doesn’t it become difficult to recall product information related to each deal? The more products you have the complicated it gets to find the information.

Now, bring all your products inside Salesmate CRM and manage them without any hassle with our new launch. View your deals and products on a unified dashboard. The new feature allows you to track and maintain records of everything that you are selling.

Add more context to your deals

Now, add products and services that your business offers and manage them seamlessly inside Salesmate CRM. Let’s get some more details on how it will help your business grow.

1. Stay on track by associating the product with deals

Managing the sales of a product gets more easier when the complete details of the products are available with the deals. With our new product module, you can directly add one or multiple products to the deals and set ownership for each product. It allows you to add and delete mass products at the same time.

Stay on track by associating the product with deals@2x


2. All details related to your products or services at a glance

Whether you need to know about the price or any specific feature of any product, everything is neatly organized in one place. Describe your product in detail to avoid any difficulty while selling. Easily add descriptions, SKU codes, multiple variations, and images and documents for each product to view them when you need it.

All details related to your products or services at a glance

3. Plan your pricing and discounts to close more deals


Calculating discount is a crucial part of sales. However, finding the selling price for each product can get tedious. Thankfully, the product module allows you to calculate the best discount price for making more profits. Find out the markup in seconds and set the right selling price for your product. Add variants for each product in Salesmate CRM and calculate the price for each variant.

Plan your pricing and discounts to close more deals@2x

4. Sell globally by efficiently handling multiple currencies

Targeting buyers from different countries? Change your preferences instantly and view product price in different currencies. With the new product module, effortlessly change the deal currency and price your product in various currencies.

Sell globally by efficiently handling multiple currencies@2x

5. Instantly find whatever you need

Finding a product and related information becomes difficult when you are selling too many products. Salesmate allows you to add tags to sort and find whatever you need quickly. Whether you need to know the price of a specific product or see the progress of the deal associated with it. You can find it out with just a few clicks.

Instantly find whatever you need@2x

6. Sell for from your mobile apps

Mobile CRM Product

The biggest challenging task for any field sales rep is to update the CRM with all their selling activities including the number of sales. It’s equally challenging for sales managers to keep track of their sales team’s activities. The Salesmate mobile app (Android and iOS) now allows you to add, and track your products, associate them with deals and keep you updated with all the activities.

Find out more on how this product module feature works in the support article.


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