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Top Marketing Ideas & Tips For Manufacturing Companies

Top 15 marketing ideas for manufacturing companies 

Key Takeaways
  • 43% of manufacturers struggle to keep up with the new marketing techniques, a significant roadblock to their success.
  • Demand Gen's survey reveals that customers give more credence to user-generated or similar content.
  • 91% of businesses consider video an effective marketing technique to share information and drive engagement.
  • Account-based marketing is an effective strategy for manufacturing marketers.

91% of manufacturing businesses acknowledge the importance of marketing, but 43% struggle to keep up with new marketing techniques. 

Your marketing efforts should be innovative and align with the manufacturing marketing trends to stay on top.

Discover the top 15 marketing ideas for manufacturing companies to grow your business faster!

15 Best marketing ideas for manufacturing companies 

These 15 marketing ideas focus on the latest manufacturing marketing trends, such as digital marketing tactics, buyer’s journey-focused content creation, data-driven marketing approach, etc.

1. Update your website and leverage digital marketing strategies 

Whether you want to build your brand, drive leads, build relationships, or present exceptional experience, digital marketing can get you all. 

Digital or online marketing is a must-adopt trend for every manufacturing business as your buyers search for you online nowadays.

As per the 2022 Manufacturing marketing research report by Brandpoint, the top digital marketing channels to generate sales leads: 

Top sales leads generating digital marketing channels

So, you must implement winning digital marketing lead generation strategies to achieve your desired goal. 

Moreover, an updated website is a digital asset to bring the desired results with your digital marketing practices.  

You can be on the top in organic searches with an up-to-date website. 

Here are the ways to enhance your website page experience: 

  • Mobile responsiveness: Optimize your website for mobile devices, as over 53% of global internet traffic comes from mobile phones.
  • Page loading speed: Optimize your manufacturing website loading time for a better user experience. 
  • Engaging content: Provide high-quality and engaging content. 
  • Image optimization: Compress your web images and use descriptive alt tags.  
  • Intuitive navigation: Create a user-friendly menu and content organization for your website visitors. 
  • Clear Call-to-Action (CTA): Use noticeable and persuasive CTAs to guide or persuade visitors to take necessary actions. 
  • Site security: Implement HTTPS encryption for data security. 

2. Create a user-generated content campaign to boost your brand value  

As per Demand Gen’s survey, 65% of respondents stated that customers give more credence to user-generated or similar content. 

The content created and shared by your customers showing their experience with a brand’s product is known as user-generated content (UGC). 

You’re missing the most fueling marketing asset without leveraging user-generated content.

It can quickly build trust and credibility among your potential customers. These can be any praising social media post, testimonial, or praiseworthy content your buyer shares. 

It also contributes to building a loyal community and provides valuable feedback to improve. 

You need to make efforts to get such user-generated content; here are some tips: 

  • Be active on your key social media marketing channels and interact with customers to foster engagement. 
  • Conduct interesting campaigns, contests, or challenges to inspire prospects’ participation. 
  • Include the best possible hashtags to make it easy for prospects to discover you.
  • Request for customer testimonials and feedback to build trust and credibility. 
  • Host webinars or events where customers can share their experiences. 
  • Collaborate with leading influencers or industry experts to encourage UGC generation. 
  • Cross-promote UGC with other businesses to reach a wider audience. 

Most importantly, ensure GDPR compliance when collecting user-generated content with personal data, as it builds trust among your audience. 

3. Invest in video marketing to showcase the value of your product

91% of businesses have been using video as a marketing tool in 2023.

Demonstrating product value is a top manufacturing marketing challenge that can be easily overcome by creating informational and creative videos. 

Videos are easy to educate your target audience about your products. Thus, they deliver a great experience in terms of product value demonstration.

Moreover, it helps you attract more leads and boost brand awareness.

As per a 2021 survey by CMI, the top-performing manufacturing video formats are: 

Top manufacturing video formats

Video marketing is a highly effective technique for industrial manufacturing firms to drive engagement. 

You can pick the best formats and begin your video marketing to boost your brand success and drive leads. 

4. Develop industry reports and whitepapers   

The B2B manufacturing businesses target intelligent audiences who are habitual in consuming insightful content to understand the product value better.

So, developing industry reports and whitepapers drives engagement as these resources serve high value to your customers.  

They provide industry insights, market analysis, and innovative solutions. Further, creating such resources lets you position your manufacturing brand as a thought leader and gain credibility.  

These industry reports can become your powerful resource to generate leads as they include high-value data that keeps them updated with their industry trends.

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5. Offer interactive product configurators   

Offering interactive product configurators lets customers have real-time modifications to their products. It enhances their engagement and personalizes their buying experience.  

You can offer the configuration of various tools and features. This builds customer trust and boosts conversions.  

It also reduces the product return numbers as the customers first understand the value and then buy with conviction, so apparently, they buy what they want.  

All of these result in high customer satisfaction. One of the best examples of this marketing technique is Tesla

Marketing technique of Tesla

Tesla pushes boundaries for offering customized products. You can customize their cars your way. For instance, you can modify your car model, exterior, interior, and autopilot.  

Moreover, they offer colors, autopilot options, and delivery and payment mode options to give you a seamless experience.  

Presenting customization options capability is a powerful marketing idea for industrial manufacturers as they target individual customer preferences.

Moreover, it fosters stronger brand loyalty and differentiates your brand in a limited competitive market.

Hence, if your manufacturing product has scope for customization, you must adopt this marketing idea.

6. Use account-based marketing to target high-value potential clients

Account-based marketing is another way to engage smartly with the potential decision-makers of your target organization.   

With data drive marketing taking over traditional manufacturing marketing, this is the idea you must implement.

You can conduct account-based marketing for your manufacturing business with the 4-step simple framework: 

ABM framework for manufacturers

This helps you to concentrate on high value interested accounts and craft a personalized campaign that resonates with them.

Further, having a tailored approach will result in more impactful results. All of these increase the likelihood of client engagement and attract high-value customers.

Moreover, the ABM marketing strategy facilitates better alignment between sales and marketing teams.

Win big with ABM!

Win big with ABM!

Use ABM (Account-based marketing) and automation to hit your revenue targets by focusing on high-value accounts.

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7. Launch a product sampling program 

Launching a product sampling program is the best way to do so. It gives your customers a taste test of your offerings.  

It significantly impacts your target audience, increases the popularity of that product, and naturally promotes your product.

This lets your customers have a first-hand experience of your product and develop a perception. It also eases their decision-making process and increases the likelihood of conversions. 

Product sampling is an effective marketing idea manufacturer who wants to showcase the value and quality of your offerings.

8. Launch a limited-time promotion or flash sale to create urgency and drive sales 

Creating a sense of urgency is a great marketing element to persuade your prospects to compel them to take immediate action.  

You can offer time-sensitive discounts or exclusive deals in your marketing campaigns to attract new customers, generate leads, or stimulate demand. 

Using persuasive language, you can highlight the time-sensitive nature of the offer and emphasize the benefits of acting promptly. 

Here are some email marketing tips for building a winning email campaign: 

  • Segmentation: Segment your list to build a targeted campaign that drives engagement and boosts response rates. 
  • Personalization: Customize the email content based on the recipient’s behavior or preferences to tailor the marketing message. 
  • Compelling subject lines: Craft attention-grabbing subject lines that convey urgency and prompt recipients to open the email. 
  • Limited-time offers: Include time-sensitive promotions and exclusive deals that create a sense of urgency for immediate action. 
  • Clear call-to-action: Use compelling CTAs encouraging recipients to act fast, like “Limited Stock, Order Today!” 
  • Test and optimize: A/B tests different urgency tactics to identify the most effective strategies for your audience and continually optimize your email campaigns. 
Email marketing made easier!

Email marketing made easier!

Build targeted email campaigns, automate, and track the progress with Smart Emails.

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9. Host webinars and virtual events  

Hosting webinars and virtual events is a new marketing trend adopted by the manufacturing industry.

These events are unique opportunities to connect with a global audience, showcase products, and establish thought leadership. 

It eliminates geographical constraints, time, and costs to a greater extent. Further, publishing recordings allow you to invite more viewers and ensures everyone can access the events. 

This allows manufacturers to reach a wider audience. You can impart your industry expertise, discuss your product, showcase your clientele, etc. 

Using Meeting Scheduler, you can save a lot of time by automating sending invites and reminders, handling time zone management, and integrating with your calendar.

10. Establish a customer rewards program based on purchase volume or frequency 

98% of leading manufacturing firms consider reward programs crucial for a competitive edge. 

Establishing a customer rewards program based on purchase volume or frequency has several benefits: 

  1. It fosters customer loyalty by incentivizing repeat purchases, increasing customer retention.
  2. The program attracts new customers motivated to engage with the brand to earn valuable rewards. 
  3. It provides valuable data on customer behavior, enabling manufacturers to refine their marketing strategies and enhance customer satisfaction. 

Best tips to win more customers with customer loyalty programs: 

  • Define a clear reward structure based on purchase volume or frequency, offering enticing incentives.
  • Implement an efficient tracking system to track customer purchases and automatically offer rewards once they reach specific milestones. 
  • Promote your upcoming program widely through social media channels and the company’s website to create awareness.

Moreover, you must leverage every opportunity to motivate your customers to refer others to the program through referral bonuses.

11. Start an interesting podcast 

Starting a podcast has become a smart marketing strategy in the manufacturing industry.

It becomes your unique platform to discuss industry trends, interview experts, and showcase products or case studies.  

For instance, Steel Stories by U.S. Steel is one of the most famous podcasts focusing on the steel industry:

Steel stories by U.S. steel example

It allows you to share industry expertise, insights, and thought leadership while building a loyal audience.

You can create a podcast by selecting a theme and format and identifying target listeners.  

Further, you need to use quality recording equipment and editing software to ensure professional sound production.  

Not to forget, consistency is key to building a successful podcast channel. Plus, attract more listeners by promoting it through your social channels.

12. Involve in community events to connect with local prospects 

Manufacturing companies are fond of traditional marketing and believe in building personal relationships.

So, engaging in such industry events is a powerful strategy to get leads interested in your business niche.

You can establish a strong brand reputation by actively participating in or hosting such events. This will help you gain the trust of local, national, and international companies seeking reliable manufacturing partners.  

Beyond offline advantages, you must promote your involvement through your social media profiles and extend your reach.   

Connect with potential buyers and industry experts on social channels to create more business opportunities. Also, look closely for all the upcoming industry events that you can leverage.

13. Use influencer marketing to reach new audiences  

Influencer marketing is a strong marketing strategy nowadays to reach and engage with the audience. And, it is projected to reach $21.1 billion.

You need to identify leading influencers who align with your target demographics and buyer personas.

Then, you can pitch them to collaborate through sponsored content, product reviews, or endorsements. 

By partnering with your industry experts turned influencers, you can always gain the trust of your target audience and increase brand awareness.

Here, I’ve linked an insightful resource on how influencer marketing works for manufacturers.

14. Develop a referral program 

Developing a referral program to promote your manufacturing business is a smart idea.

So, incentivize your happy customers and ask them to refer your business to people interested in your manufactured products.

For a successful referral program, you need to identify your goals and plan well about the rewards that can encourage your customers to become your promoters.

Also, you must establish a seamless referral process, utilizing marketing tools and a robust CRM platform to manage customer data and build relationships. 

A well-defined referral program lets you experience improved customer loyalty, increased customer acquisition, and boosted brand advocacy. 

15. Sponsor an event or create one 

One of the unique ways to build customer trust and brand awareness is by sponsoring industry-relevant events.  

You can select and approach the right event by offering a mutually beneficial proposal. Further, negotiate to get the best sponsorship deal. 

These events can be hosted physically or virtually, depending on your budget.

Launch a business award event to honor industry leaders and boost brand awareness. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to network and establish the company’s presence. 

Here’s an example of a manufacturing award function held every November.  

Manufacturing award function

You can sponsor or organize an event like this to achieve your marketing goals. 


You must include unique and impactful marketing activities to ensure a successful marketing strategy.

Moreover, you can achieve your business goals by implementing these powerful manufacturer marketing ideas with a comprehensive digital marketing approach.

These ideas are powerful enough to boost brand recognition, website traffic, lead generation, and sustainable growth in today’s competitive landscape.

Frequently asked questions 

Why is marketing for manufacturing companies different?

Manufacturers have marketing challenges such as product complexity, B2B focus, and longer sales cycles. So, overcoming such issues is what makes marketing different for manufacturers.

How to do marketing for manufacturing?

Marketing for manufacturing aims to promote business, generate high-quality leads, and boost brand awareness to build a continuous flow of leads. Nowadays, manufacturers are leveraging top digital marketing strategies to boost their business.

Why should manufacturers invest in digital marketing? 

Buyers these days are searching for products online before making any purchasing decision. So, investing in a powerful digital marketing strategy is beneficial for them.

How do you market a manufacturing company?

You can market a manufacturing company through an industrial marketing strategy. Here are the 6 simple steps:

Step 1: Conduct an in-depth market research to identify your target audience

Step 2: Conduct product analysis and propose value propositions

Step 3: Discover potential offline and online marketing channels to connect with your target prospects

Step 4: Create educational content to demonstrate your product value

Step 5: Implement ABM strategy to target high-ticket prospects

Step 6: Measure your marketing success and optimize

What are the best content marketing ideas for a manufacturing company?

These best content marketing ideas for manufacturing companies include blogs, short articles, videos, webinars, etc.

What are the best manufacturer marketing strategies to leverage?

1. Showcase your high product value through user-generated content like case studies and testimonials.

2. Build a powerful manufacturing website and update time to time.

3. Create relevant content that solves your prospect’s challenges and pain points.

4. Implement search engine optimization tactics to improve your website visibility on search engines.

5. Build personalized email campaigns to drive more business opportunities.

6. Leverage social media platforms to target and connect with your potential audience.

7. Invest in paid advertising such as PPC, display, and social media ads.

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